Progress Report


As I have dropped translating for now, this will no longer be updated. I don't know why you'd come here anymore, but I'll leave it here for now.


Disclaimer: This is mainly a report I made on my own. I have no say in the legitimacy, accuracy, or timeliness of this report. To any and all persons who may have complaints about this project report, all I can say is that I am not omnipotent. I am not god. I am a person with a huge workload.

...and frankly, if you really, really want to read the next chapter, stop hounding us and just translate it yourself. You're smart...I believe in you...maybe.

Main Project - Konjiki no Moji Tsukai

Last Updated: June 25, 2015

XCrossJ (Translator, Editor, Proof Reader):
Completed Proofreading Chapter 132 (Post Pending)
Completed Proofreading Chapter 136 (Post Pending)
Completed Translating Chapter 138 (Will Edit)
Completed Editing Chapter 139 (Awaiting Fixes)
Completed Editing Chapter 140 (Awaiting Fixes)
Will Edit Chapter 158 (XJ: In the far, distant future....)

NetBlazer (Translator, Editor):

Yoraikun (Translator):
Will Translate Chapter 137
Active once a week (I think?)

CapsUsingShift (Translator, Editor):
Currently Translating Chapter 142

Dalmenius (Translator, Editor):
Busy due to RL

ELYSION (Translator, Proof Reader?):
Acting as a Proofreader for now...

Pummel (Translator):

Loliquent (Translator):
Completed Translating Chapter 135
Completed Translating Chapter 148
Completed Translating Chapter 149
Completed Translating Chapter 150
Completed Translating Chapter 153
Currently Translating Chapter 143
For more up-to-date info on LoliQ's activites: Loli-Updates

Pork Supreme (Editor, Translator):

Insignia Pierce (Translator)
Completed Translating 131

Kiriko (Translator)
Completed Translating Chapter 132
Completed Translating Chapter 136
Completed Translating Chapter 139
Completed Translating Chapter 140
Completed Translating Chapter 158
Currently Translating Chapter 141
Reserved Translating Chapter 159
Reserved Translating Chapter 160

Night Racoon (Translator? Editor?)
Completed Editing Chapter 102

Nick (Translator/Editor)
Completed Translating Chapter 110
Current Status Unknown...

Leo (Proofreader)
Completed Proofreading Chapter 124

Sac (Editor)
Completed Editing Chapter 129
Currently Editing Chapter 131

Open Translation Chapter ??
Current Contributors:
  • ??
Quality Control:
Chapter 131 (IP, Pork, Sac) (In editing...)
Chapter 132 (Kiri, XJ) (Post Pending...)
Chapter 135 (LoliQ, ??) (Awaiting Edit)
Chapter 136 (Kiri, XJ) (Post Pending...)
Chapter 138 (XJ) (Will Edit...)
Chapter 139 (Kiri, XJ) (Awaiting TL Fixes)
Chapter 140 (Kiri, XJ) (Awaiting TL Fixes)
Chapter 158 (Kiri, XJ) (???) (XJ: Kiriko...I don't even...)

Sub Project - Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de

Do not follow this. Not updating since 29/4/2015
ELYSION (Translator):
Break? Due to circumstances.

XCrossJ (Translator, Editor):
Completed Translating Chapter 4


Currently Working on:

XJAM: Shirushi (Finalising)
Saxophone Quintet: ??? (We'll see...)


  1. Ooh, that's nice, that's nice..

  2. I'm In college and we just finished w/ finals last week. I believe the majority of you are in high school, so when does the examination period end for you guys? Even if you guys are to busy IRL I wouldn't mind hearing whats going on.

    1. Alright, so I'm not sure how it is with other universities in other countries so I'll just put this out there now.
      Not all of us have been occupied due to exams. I, for one, do not start my exams until 2 weeks from now. ELYSION still has another month before his exams. Not sure about Yorai cause I have no idea what APs are...NetBlazer, to my understanding, is preoccupied with work.
      I can say that I will probably be completely...actually, scratch that. My 'exam period' will end in about a month (and a half). The reason I've been preoccupied is due to an assignment overload. I've just finished 4 assignments in 4 days. Thus, I couldn't spend much time on KnW.
      Also, I'm, I'm fairly sure the majority of us have already graduated from high school (don't quote me. You're better off asking them yourselves).

  3. Yeah i just found out from my brother that his school doesn't let out till another 3 weeks, which surprised me because I thought it was only like a week or two max. AP's are presumably AP tests. I didn't find out about them until it was really late in my high school years, but it goes something like this. You take a standardized test for a specific class and if you do well you get credit for that class. This is how you get credit for college classes before you even start college. High school usually offers AP courses (to teach for the AP test) but most ppl just thought they were a smarter version of the regular classes. The more you know!

    Thanks for the response. even if there isn't a chapter update It still feels nice to get a general update. It helps me at least get a feel of whats going on, so I know what I can expect.

  4. the editing is slow i wonder why

    1. It's not easy to edit 7 chapters, do 8 assignments, prepare for exams and take care of the new translators, you know...

    2. i know you are buy i'm talking about the others

    3. No idea? Probably RL obligations?
      I know NB is at Otafest. He just came back, though.

  5. I was surfing randomly when I came across KnW LN's official page.
    Proof of how far back is still the LN version can be found in the fact that Hiiro is still Lv.23.
    Proof of changes made for the LN version can be found in the appearance of a new character for the second volume with unknown status called something like Vincar Jio.
    Proof of weird things you notice when checking the original is the fact that Muir's name is written MYUA (something I never realized as English is not my first language).
    And finally, proof of a baffling fact is that Arnold seems to have human ears (also, blue hair; I thought it was brown), which makes me think: does every Gabranth have two sets of ears, one human and one animal, do Gabranth grow human ears when their animal ones are cut off or WTH?

  6. Are you accepting proofreaders?

  7. Are you accepting proofreaders/editors? I wanna help, but the most i can do is edit translated stuff, so i'd leave translating to you guys. But I'm confident on my english

    1. Yeah, we're taking whoever we can get?
      If you want to apply, either go ask NetBlazer or message me here:

      Also include your experience with English/Japanese.
      It's just so I have something to tell NetBlazer.

  8. I have 2 suggestions for this page to make it more readable (at least for me):
    -Add date of last change to this page.
    -Bold or italicize or change font color the changes from the previous report.
    That's only if it is not much of nuisance and thanks.

    1. I agree with the first. The second would have me constantly changing fonts/styles as this page is more or less updated daily.
      Thanks for the suggestions.

  9. I just noticed CapsUsingShift has signed up to do chapter 110. Since I'm about 90% done with a rough script for the chapter it might be best for him to hold off until mine has been examined for usability.

    I would've warned you guys sooner but I started last night and at the time didn't see a name on the chapter. I figured I would have it done before the situation changed. I was "Nick" on Loliquent's Update page so you already have my email.

    1. Caps here.
      Saves me the trouble of doing it lol
      I don't know what the plan is since I'm not the one calling the shots, but if you finish it and can get it to me, either through LoliQ or other means, I'll edit it if necessary.

      Partially my fault. I've started adding material onto my own blog recently but since I'm still working on it I haven't posted links to it anywhere, so no one can really see my progress apart from people that are in the team.

  10. I think I'm going to wait until you guys release all chapters up to 116. So see you "in the future".

  11. Mmmmm
    About the qualifications needed to be
    1- translator
    2- editor
    3- proofreader

    Also I would like to inquire about the regular process of doing these things

    1. Not too sure about qualifications as I don't approve the applications. These questions are better directed at NetBlazer.
      From what I understand, TL's need to be able to read Japanese and convert the text to English. Editors ideally should possess the same skills as TLs except with better English. Anyone can proofread really as long as they have good English...

      When you ask about regular process, what are you refferring to? Regular process of Translation/Editing/Proofreading? Or Regular Process of chapter reservations? Or perhaps regular process of posting?

  12. About regular process of Translation/Editing/Proofreading
    Like first I do this then that then poof
    a ready chapter

    1. Let's see. Basically, it's like this:

      Step 1: TL

      Step 2: Edit and Check with TL

      Step 3: Repeat Step 2 Until both Editor and Translator are satisfied

      Step 4: PF. Proofreader notifies Editor and Translator of conerns. Repeat step 2.

      Step 5: Repeat step 4 until PF is satisfied

      Step 6: Done

    2. The current way we do things is:
      Translation -> Editing -> Proofreading -> Chemical X -> Publish

      Editing is correcting grammatical mistakes and improving sentence structure. Proofreading is making sure that the translations are more or less correct. The editing and proofreading process take as long as it needs to until the end product is something we are satisfied with and the readers can enjoy.

      Personally I think it should be TL -> PR -> Edit, but I don't want to mess with the flow

    3. Guess I should refresh the page before commenting lol

  13. Hi x-cross, I just wanted to give my opinion and ite not negative, its more constructive.. I know you guys are solo working on the same title, but I think it would be healthy for the project and even you guys to work together on chapters, I know there's a translator, an editor, a proofreader.. But im talking about working as a team on translating.. We'd potentially have a chapter a day out, there wouldn't be gaps in between chapters and even if RL gets in the way of 1 person, the chapters would still get done, it would also save time regarding making sure terms used on esch chapters are the same and what not.. Basically working as a team, not only for us, but for you guys.. Please do not be offensed by my comment.. I know i'm only a leecher, but it makes me sad to see chapters 30 away being translated when there's alot more to be done to get there... thanks again for everything and good luck on your exams!

    1. Sorry, when you say 'work as a team', would you mind explaining what you mean?

      If you suggest all of us working on the same chapter, chapter 95 explains why that approach didn't really go well. It's a large strain on both the TLs and the EDs.

      Proofreading and Editing is done to ensure that terms for each chapter are the same. We even have a reference sheet that has all the terms listed on it.

      I have no idea why some people are translating 30 chapters ahead. You're better off taking that topic up with them. While I do reserve chapters, I never take it too far in advance because I know that the rest of the team will be able to catch up to me within that time.

      Also, it's not just 1 person that RL is getting in the way with. Our entire editing team has been crippled.
      AKA we have no editor...

  14. Sorry for the grammatical errors and what not.. Was sent from my cellphone

  15. Are there going to be some chapters explaining what happen before they arrived at the demon capital, specially explaining when Hiiro picked up Nikki and what the hell happened with Mikazuki ?

  16. Hello..
    I really appreciate you guys' effort in translating this amazing story..
    I fell in love with it at first sight (first read?), and so I would like to lend a hand and apply as a proofreader (unfortunately my Japanese isn't good enough for reading a light novel...)
    So what should I do to apply?

  17. hey xj long time no see are you till with us?

  18. For anyone wondering about Nidoume, the current translator YoutsubaSilver was in an accident recently and is currently hospitalized.

  19. Do you guys still need an additional editor? i kept applying for it but no one is responding..

    1. Most people I've seen ask have been directed to netblazer to apply, so you might need to apply here: also going here might help:

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. are you busy in RL? the site hasn't updated for a while now

  22. Has something happened lately? Loliquent's site has been deleted and there seem to be lots of complainers. Please keep translating this series.

  23. Loliquent's site is dead. what is happening


  25. Hello, I've recently started this story, and have ran into an issue when I reached chapter 86. LoliQ's website has been deleted preventing access to said chapter. I've even checked the loliQ2 website which appeared to be a troll site, but even it didn't have the 86th chapter. So any news about when that chapter will be up would be greatly appreciated otherwise I cannot continue the story.

    1. Go to Blazers site he has all of the chapters there including LoliQ's

  26. Beggars aren’t choosers. So stop complaining about how high schoolers should have more time or some shit reason like that. Last time I checked, 11 year olds should be capable of considering the perspectives of others. Working for free is shitty when people complain, but pretty rewarding when people say thank you. Hiiro would be looking at the people that are complaining about free things with disgust. Because you look like monkeys throwing poop at their feeder.

    If you have a problem with slow translations, let the translators duke it out with one another, why add more fuel to the fire?

    btw I'm really thankful for all the translators. Please continue the great work. And for those that have stopped for now or forever, thank you for all that you've done. Arigato XCrossJ for your translations.

  27. Well as mentioned above loliquents site has been deleted so is any effort being made to obtain the chapters from Loliquent to be hosted on another site or possibly retranslating them all together since in word master the chapters by Loliquent are on pretty important points in the story and make it hard to just skip over especially when it's more then one chapter succession.

  28. Looks like I'm a bit behind at what's going on here. I like to start by saying thanks to the translators. You guys do a hell of a job translating web novels for us to enjoy. You have every right to take your time and post when you're ready. What happened with Loliquent was regrettable, but I hope you're all still willing to pull through with this project.