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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!

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Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!

On that day, due to reading a book until the break of dawn, Hiiro had been deprived of sleep. Thus, Okamura Hiiro had decided to pass the entire day simply sleeping, telling his colleagues his intentions before heading to his room. Concerning this room in the inn, ever since Hiiro had arrived in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, he had been in its care for quite a while.

Although it could be said that Hiiro had been taken care of quite considerably, it had only been barely a week since Hiiro had arrived in this country. Up until then, however, Hiiro had seen plenty of the sights of the Demon World, going around to many places as he fully enjoyed the experience.

Various 『Evila』 settlements. Mountains and seas. Monster dens that have been specified as danger zones. Hiiro had visited a variety of places in the past 6 months. Of course, Hiiro had not yet explored every inch of the continent. As his travelling companions had told Hiiro that they were heading to the the 【Demon Capital】 in order to take care of some errand, Hiiro had simply ended up in the capital.

If he were to look back on it now, it seemed that Hiiro had single-mindedly been moving about without rest. As his travelling companions had suddenly awakened to monster hunting, they would often offer to go help people, going out whenever they pleased. As such, Hiiro, who had been completely at their mercy, had been sent into an everyday life of performing exhaustive labour.

However, the one thing that Hiiro did not feel was boredom. Delicious food and rare books. Thanks to such hard labour, Hiiro was able to come across many things. Furthermore, during the times where Hiiro had accompanied his companions during monster hunting, his own level had increased quite significantly. His level was now so high that, should one compare it to his level when he was summoned, they would doubt their own eyes in the face of such a growth rate.

Thus, even though Hiiro held thoughts of annoyance due to being forced to follow such companions, as he would stand to gain many things, he was unable to completely deny their requests, causing Hiiro to continue to associate himself with them.

And thus, this time, Hiiro had arrived at the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】 in this manner. As they were already here, for the purpose of Hiiro’s goal of viewing the material in the 《Grand Fortuna Library’s》 《Basement 5》, the floor that required permission from Royalty to enter, Hiiro had asked for entry permission from one of his travelling companions.

As he had arrived here according to his companion’s instructions, it was necessary for them to provide him with the means to enter 《Basement 5》 as originally planned. However, throughout this one week period, he had not received any news from his colleague. As such, it was possible that they were considerably struggling to provide such means.

Although this problem had actually been resolved mid-way, Hiiro had yet to transmit this information to his currently absent companion. ‘Well, it should be fine if we talk about it once she comes back’. Thinking such thoughts, Hiiro did not pay the issue any mind.

Even today, Hiiro contemplated whether or not there would be any news from them as he rested in his bed. Yet, as he did so, he heard something noisy coming from outside. Actually, even from within the inn, the sound of people hurriedly running away with a *batabata*(1) could also be heard. It was as if they were trying to flee from something.

No, this level of volume could not be merely described as noisy. It was a roar. The sounds of buildings collapsing and cutlery being chafed against each other. Sounds of explosions and other noises. Hiiro’s irritation gradually began to accumulate.

Hiiro: (The hell’s going on today… there a festival going on or something?)

As he was still lying in his bed, Hiiro’s pleasant sleepiness had been brutally purged as his displeasure began to increase.

Hiiro: (That bastard……what the hell are they doing?)

As he was continually frustrated, he recalled that, before he had gone to bed, he had left the strict order of 「Don’t you dare wake me up」 to one of his companions. Even though he included the implied message of ‘You know what will happen if you cause a commotion, right?’, Hiiro was still doubtful as to whether they had understood such implications. However, Hiiro also recalled them tensely saluting with a pale face.

Even though that individual was an idiot, as they would abide by Hiiro’s orders, Hiiro had come to more or less trust them. However, it had apparently turned into an uproar that this individual could not control, or so it would seem.

The reason for this assessment was because of a faint but familiar voice that had entered Hiiro’s ears.

???: 「Hey you! Can’t you be a little bit quieter!? Shishou will wake up, you know!?」

It was that bastard’s voice. As they had apparently stepped out in order to try and calm the uproar, Hiiro decided to leave it to them as he closed his eyelids once again, indulging in indolence.

???: 「A~mou(2)! If you make this much noise then-! Do you know how bad it is to disturb Shishou’s sleep!? Before this, even though I had apologized for slightly waking him up, he made me into his magic training partner desu zoo(3)!」

As if Hiiro was saying that bastard’s voice was slightly too tense, his eyebrows moved with a *pikuri*(4) as Hiiro rolled over.

???: 「If Shishou wakes up grumpy, I want you to take responsibility desu zoooooo~!」

Hiiro’s eyebrows once again moved with a *pikuri*. They were screaming so loudly that their voice could be clearly heard even from here. Honestly, Hiiro found it noisy(5).

Although the tone of the voice had soon diminished, one could still hear the sounds of talking. As Hiiro thought ‘do it somewhere else,’ he once again rolled his body over.

???: 「No no no no no desu zoooooo-! That is absolu~tely bad desu zooooooo-!」


This time, a vein appeared on his forehead. Hiiro slowly opened his eyes, silently getting up as he draped his red robe onto his back. Following this, he grabbed a nearby book with one hand, its large magnitude suitable for throwing. His footsteps, teething with rage, headed towards the window with a *Don Don Don Don*(7).


As Hiiro faced the enemy that had fully roused him from his sleep, Hiiro vigorously pelted his book at them. As it had splendidly hit its mark, the enemy suffered from the inflicted damage as they rolled on the ground in agony. In response to such an idiotic enemy, Hiiro displayed his 100% disgruntled face(8) as he spoke thus.


Upon looking, one could see that the outside had been transformed into an illustration of hell. Although Hiiro had involuntarily made a blank expression, he began to ponder as to why the 【Evila Continent】, that had been peaceful up until this morning, had been reduced to such a state.

As he surveyed his surroundings, various scenes had been reflected in Hiiro’s eyes. A large number of 『Gabranth』, as well as 『Humas』 that were thought to be soldiers could be seen. The party that they were attacking, the 『Evila』.

As he scratched his head, Hiiro began to slightly nod several times.

Hiiro: (I see...)

Following this, as Hiiro slowly redirected his gaze back down, he could see the idiot, who was struggling with the pain caused by the book Hiiro had thrown earlier, and a Gabranth that was standing to face said idiot. From what Hiiro’s eyes could tell, the individual’s face completely resembled that of a wolf. Thus, Hiiro could determine that his analysis was not mistaken.

Hiiro: (............Nn(9)?)

Following this, what had entered Hiiro’s field of view were a group of four people that were sat on the ground. They seemed to be 『Humas』, yet, for some reason, their faces were devoid of blood, shaded with the the color of fear.

Hiiro: (Huh? I’ve think I’ve seen these guys somewhere…………or not.)

Although Hiiro thought that he had seen those faces somewhere before, no matter how much he searched his memory, he wasn’t able to draw out an immediate answer. As trying to recall it would be too much of a pain, Hiiro simply determined that he didn’t know them.

Hiiro: (More importantly than that, this is............)

Since Hiiro thought that using the stairs every single time he wanted to descend from the second floor was a pain in the ass, he carried his katana that was leaning on the wall nearby and simply leaped out of the window as is.

As Hiiro landed on the ground with a *suta-*(10), he approached the child who was nearby, still crouched down while holding their head. Hiiro poked their head with a *pokan*(11).

???: 「Nowa-!(12) S-Shishou!?」

As the child had finally become aware to Hiiro’s presence, they hastily stood up.

Hiiro: 「Oi(13), Baka-Deshi(14). Today-」

Baka-Deshi: 「A-aaa t-t-t-the thing is, Shishou! No, I(15) also tried to stop them desu zo! I requested them to ‘please don’t make a racket’! P-Please, at least recognize only this effort at the very least-」

The child was once again poked with a *Pokan*.

Baka-Deshi: 「Nowa-! I-it hurts desu zo, Shishou!」

The child looked up at Hiiro while only turning up their watery eyes. However, Hiiro simply spoke with a sullen expression.

Hiiro: 「Listen to me when I talk to you.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Ah, y-yes desu zo!」

They stood upright as this single phrase escaped their lips, concluding their speech. They began to patiently wait for Hiiro’s words.

Hiiro: 「What’s the date today?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Hai(16)! Today is the 10th day of Guviris(17) desu zo!」

Guviris meant that this world was currently in April. In other words, today was April 10. As Hiiro had heard thus, he softly murmured「Shit……I forgot about it, didn’t I?」 as he slightly frowned.

Baka-Deshi: 「S-Shishou?」

As they had their doubts about Hiiro’s current appearance, the child quietly asked thus.

Hiiro: 「Nn? Aa, you remember I talked to you about the fact that a war might break out, right?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Ah, yes. It’s the matter concerning how Shishou had been called out to by a strange woman earlier, yes? 」

Hiiro: 「Aa(18).」

Baka-Deshi: 「That’s……ah, i-it couldn’t be……」

Hiiro: 「That’s exactly right.」

The child’s face began to rapidly twitch.

Hiiro: 「It seems like war’s gonna break out today.」

Baka-Deshi: 「What did you sa~~~~~~~~~~~y-!?」

Hiiro: 「You’re annoying(19)!」

Baka-Deshi: 「Nowa-!」

Hiiro once again smacked the child’s head with a *pokan*, silencing them. However, the child seemed to return the words as if to counter it.

Baka-Deshi: 「B-but Shishou desu zo!? Forgetting such a significant day is normally unthinkable desu zo! 」

Hiiro: 「Shut up. Even though I told you, you also forgot, didn’t you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Uu(20)……t-thats……」

As it was exactly as Hiiro had indicated, they could not refute it. However, at that time, Ornoth, who had been silently observing the duo, opened his mouth.

Ornoth: 「Would you mind if I asked you something?」

Hiiro and the child directed their line of sight towards Ornoth with a *chirari*.

Hiiro: 「What?」

Ornoth: 「Who are you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「B-before asking someone else for their name, isn’t it common sense to give your own first desu zo-!?」

As he looked at the child that was pointing their finger at him with a *bi-*(21), Ornoth was rendered dumbfounded. His breath leaked out with a *fu*(22).

Ornoth: 「That is so, I’ve been quite rude. In which case, I shall give you my name. I am the Cruel’s 《Rank 4》. My name is Ornoth.」

Hiiro: (Hou, this guy’s a part of the 《Cruel Brigade》, huh...)

Hiiro stared at Ornoth as if he were carefully observing him. As he had heard of the existence known as the 《Cruel》 before, he had some knowledge of them.

Hiiro: (So this guy’s one of the fellows that act as that woman’s escort, huh……I see. There’s definitely a certain atmosphere surrounding him.)

Ornoth’s appearance clearly conveyed that he was no ordinary individual. That was something that Hiiro was able to extract due to his sensitivity having been cultivated by the combat experience he had accumulated up until now.

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu~(23) Shishou, this thing called ‘Krual’(24), what do you think it is?」

As they tilted their head to the side with a *kokun*(25), the child posed a question.

Hiiro: 「Are you an idiot? Ah, wait. You’re Baka-Deshi, aren’t you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu~-! Treating me like an idiot all the time is terrible desu zo~!」

Hiiro: 「Shut up. That guy said it as well, didn’t they? They’re the convoy that guards the Demon Lord, or so they say.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu? You mean the woman that Shishou was talking about?」

Hiiro: 「So it seems.」

Expressing the sentiment of ‘I see’, the child nodded several times with an expression of comprehension. Following this, the child directed the front of their body to face Ornoth.

Baka-Deshi: 「Since they gave us their name, common sense dictates that we should also name ourselves! Isn’t that right, Shishou!?」

Hiiro: 「I’ve never heard of such common sense.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Naha-!?(26) B-but Shishou~」

Hiiro: 「Eei!(27) Stop clinging to me, you’re annoying!」

Hiiro forcefully peeled off the child that had suddenly clung onto him with teary eyes.

Hiiro: 「F-fine then. If you’re gonna name yourself then do it already, Baka-Deshi!」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mumu, I see then! *Gohon*(28)! FUHAHAHAHAHA!(29) YOU HAD BETTER LEND ME YOUR EARS DESU ZO! MY NAME IS GOHO-!?(30)

Hiiro: 「What Demon Lord are YOU trying to be!?(31)

The child had their head beaten once again as they were scolded.

Hiiro: 「You were influenced by books again, weren’t you? Although I’m always saying this, it’s fine to read a lot of books. However, stop imitating every little thing about the characters. I’m getting tired of it.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Y-yes desu zo……」

The child slumped over with a *shun*(32). Upon looking at the two, even Ornoth could only scratch his cheek.

Nikki: 「Let me revise! I am the number one disciple of Shishou, whom I have imposed upon greatly! My name is Nikki desu zo! If you want to refer to me affectionately, then Ni-cchan is fine desu zo!」

Ornoth: 「I-I see. I shall remember this.」

The one who was slightly relieved upon finally having heard their self-introduction was Ornoth.

Ornoth: 「And, the one over there?」

Hiiro: 「Why should I tell you? In the first place, just because you’ve named yourself doesn’t mean-」

Nikki: 「Hiiro Okamura-Shishou desu zo!」


The scene involuntarily hardened. Hiiro’s precious point had simply crumbled. And the individual that had caused it was proudly puffing their chest out as if they were gloating. It was the Baka-Deshi right next to Hiiro.


Nikki: 「Nyau-!(34)

This time, Hiiro had dropped his fist with a considerable amount of strength.

Nikki: 「O-Ow-! It hurts desu zo, Shishou!」

Hiiro: 「This fucking Baka-Deshi. Don’t go giving out people’s names without their permission!」

Nikki: 「Uu~ My apologies desu zo~」

Ornoth: 「W-well, in anycase, isn’t it fine since we’ve both established a mutual acquaintanceship?」

For some reason, Ornoth began to string words together, as if he were trying to arbitrate the situation. It was most likely due to feeling pity for Nikki who had been repetitively hit with a *poka poka*(35).

Hiiro had displayed an even more displeased expression as he folded his arms. However, as he did so-

??? 「Okamura…?」

A murmur that appeared to be seeking confirmation could be heard.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ *Batabata*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *clatter*.
  2. ^ TL Note: Japanese equivalent of 「Argh, geez.」.
  3. ^ Desu zo: A speech quirk.
  4. ^ *Pikuri*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *twitch*.
  5. ^ TL Note: RAW is urusai | うるさい. This is usually translated as ‘loud’ but can also mean annoying/bothersome/noisy.
  6. ^ *Piki*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *vein pop*.
  7. ^ *Don*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thud*.
  8. ^ TL Note: This is actually in the RAW. 不愉快面百パーセント. 不愉快 = Unpleasant/Moody/Disgruntled. 面 = Face. 百パーセント = 100%.
  9. ^ Nn: Japanese expression denoting interest/confusion.
  10. ^ *Suta-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *land*. Think of the sound your feet make after you fall to the ground.
  11. ^ *Pokan*: A variant of the Japanese onomatopoeia *Poka* meaning *impact*.
  12. ^ Nowa: A grunt of pain.
  13. ^ Oi: ‘Hey’.
  14. ^ Baka-Deshi: Baka-Deshi | バカ弟子 means Idiot (Baka) Disciple (Deshi).
  15. ^ TL Note: Nikki uses Boku | 僕, a variant of I that is often used by effeminate/passive males or tomboy-ish/aggressive females.
  16. ^ TL Note: Hai | はい = Yes. I’ve left this expression in Japanese because, in this context, the expression is used similarly to how a soldier would respond to their commanding officer. Yes, I’m aware that there are other variants that describe such a response better (eg. Renjya- | レンジャー). However, I believe that this should be expressed with the Jap as it fits the context better than just 「Yes!」.
  17. ^ TL Note: We are following Unlimited Novel Failures’ translation.
  18. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Think ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’.
  19. ^ TL Note: RAW is yakamashii | やかましい. Can be interpreted as loud/annoying/noisy.
  20. ^ Uu: A groan of some sort.
  21. ^ *Bi-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *surprise*? I’m not convinced, but here:
  22. ^ *Fu-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *exhale*.
  23. ^ Mu: A Japanese expression denoting irritation/frustration.
  24. ^ TL Note: The RAW is written in Hiragana. The use of Hiragana instead of Kanji/Katakana often signifies lack of understanding. In this case, I have portrayed this by misspelling ‘Cruel’ as ‘Krual’.
  25. ^ *Kokun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *tilt*.
  26. ^ Naha-: A groan of some sort.
  27. ^ Eei: A Japanese expression denoting irritation.
  28. ^ *Gohon*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *ahem*.
  29. ^ TL Note: Diabolical Laughter.
  30. ^ Goho-: The sound of someone coughing/choking.
  31. ^ TL Note: RAW is お前はどこの魔王だ!. Literally translates to “What place’s Demon Lord are you?”. As this left much to be desired, I was a little bit more liberal with the trans.
  32. ^ *Shun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *droop*.
  33. ^ *Boko-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *bash*.
  34. ^ Nyau: A groan of pain.
  35. ^ *Poka Poka*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *pow pow*.


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