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Update: How should I say this? should I say this?

I know that it's a difficult time right now as LoliQ's site has been compromised and she's on the run(?).

I know that you guys were expecting a bulk release to finish off the 3rd Arc of Konjiki no Wordmaster.

I know that we've suddenly got a lot of new recruits coming into the project...

...but...I'm leaving the Konjiki no Wordmaster Translation Project.

I'm sorry, but RL has started to take it's toll on me. For the mean time, I am applying for a Leave of Absence from KnW.

I plan on coming back in about 3-4 months, but for now, I will be saying farewell.

By the way, this doesn't mean I'm abandoning the internet. I'm just taking a break from translations. I'll still be keeping my other projects alive (hopefully). In case you weren't aware of them:

Myriad of Shades:

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In any case, what does this mean?


  1. I won't be Translating anymore (until I come back)
  2. I may or may not be helping (sometimes) with the editing
  3. I will still be on the internet
  4. After Arc 3, my KnW page will no longer be updated.
  5. Progress Report is no longer being updated

I think that's about it.

It's been fun. I'd like to thank both Yoraikun and NetBlazer for letting me tag along on this project as I'm just a newbie Translator doing whatever he can to produce works that will not shame the author of this series.

Konjiki no Moji Tsukai: Chapter 161 - Arnold and Muir, Duel Participation Confirmed!

Alright. I know I've been inactive recently. I'll explain in an update that I'll post later.

Here's the chapter.

Chapter Stats:


Translator - XCrossJ
Editor - XCrossJ
Proof Reader - Kiriko
Perspective - Third Person
Tense - Past
Format - XCrossJ
Expressions - Jap
Nicknames - Jap

Edit 1 (23/07/2015): Fixed Error (Credit to Commentor: hej)

Chapter 161: Arnold and Muir, Duel Participation Confirmed!

Arnold: 「Shit! Mind telling me how it came to this again?」

Currently, Arnold was desperately dodging the sword slash that Beast Kind Leowald had unleashed. Although he has been barely evading it since earlier, if Leowald were to land a decent blow on him, it would undoubtedly become fatal.

Leowald: 「Hora hora(1), what’s wrong Arnold?! If that’s all you got then I can’t bring you along, you know?!」

Without moving an inch from his spot, Leowald swung down a giant sword, worthy of his stature, as he aimed for the Arnold, the one who was right before his eyes.


Accompanied by a noise that sounded like the air had been cut and torn apart, the pressure generated by the sword came flying towards Arnold, as if it was a blade of wind.

Arnold: 「Uooo-!」

Rarashik: 「If all you do is evade, you won’t be able to defeat the enemy!」

Arnold: 「E-Even if you tell me tha~a~a~t-!」

While Arnold was fending off Leowald’s attacks with full force, he began to resent Rarashik’s remarks internally.

At that time, Rarashik mentioned that she would participate in the duel with the 『Evila』 under the condition that she could bring Arnold and Muir. It went without saying that it wasn’t merely the two who were mentioned that were surprised. Leowald, Mimiru, and even the all the soldiers present had expressed astonishment.

However, in the midst of this, Rarashik simply spoke the following with a grin.

Rarashik: 『How do I say this, I’m fairly certain that you know that these guys are my disciples. This will probably be a good experience for them.』

Of course, Arnold refused. He mainly expressed his distaste due to Muir’s participation. He didn’t really mind if he himself had been elected. As he had fought his way up to this point, he was confident that he had grown stronger thanks to the training that he had received.

Although he would be participating, as the opponent’s side would obviously have the 《Cruel》, his chances of winning would be considerably low. Yet, even so, if it was for the sake of his country, he would not hesitate to fight.

However, Muir was different. She had yet to fight a full-fledged battle besides her encounters with monsters and Rarashik. Furthermore, she had yet to experience a fight where one would have to risk their life.

It was precisely because of this that this duel was important for her, or so Rarashik had said. However, from Arnold’s perspective, it was still too early for her to participate in such battles.

It was needless to say that Arnold was aware that Muir was working hard in order to become stronger. In fact, Arnold thought that Muir had indeed become stronger. Yet, in spite of this, he was still not convinced that he should allow her to participate in such a war.

Muir: 『But, if I go there, then I’ll be able to meet Hiiro-san(3), right?』

In the face of Muir’s words, Rarashik nodded. And then-

Rarashik: 『Don’t you want to show him how strong you’ve become?」

At those words, Muir’s resolve had been determined. Seeing her firm expression, Arnold’s shoulders drooped. He did not expect that things would turn out in such a manner.

However, it was not Leowald, but the one who was near him, Barid, who gave a voice of complaint. The contents of such complaint was regarding doubts about Arnold and Muir’s strength.

Even if they were Rarashik’s disciples, the opponent had requested this confrontation while practically demanding that the Gabranth prepare their best forces. If they were to present half-baked individuals in this duel, the one who would be shamed would be the king himself.

It is precisely because of this that Barid doubted the two’s ability. Rarashik and Leowald had also thought that this was natural.

Therefore, Leowald issued a certain condition. He said that he would consider it if they could cause a scratch on his body, even if the wound was a mere scrape.

Following this, as everyone headed towards the square where the soldiers were training, it was suddenly decided that they would hold a sparring match there. Furthermore, the setup was that it would be both Arnold and Muir against Leowald.

Arnold: 「Muir! I’ll try to somehow block the next blow so you go on the offensive!」

Muir: 「U-Un!」(4)

Although both Muir and Leowald’s offensive power was tremendous, even after they had been fighting for a long time, the fact that he had not moved from his starting position since the beginning of the match was a tribute to the king’s strength. Muir, filled with awe towards such a king, spoke in a voice that attempted to dispel such feelings.

Muir: 「Please take care as well, Oji-san!」(5)

Arnold: 「Aa!」(6)

Watching these two, Leowald happily laughed.

Leowald: 「Hohou(7), you’re going to try something? Then I guess I should bring my strength up a level, huh?」

Saying this, the large sword that he was holding began to release a fine vibration as it gradually reddened, as if it were being tinged with heat.

Leowald: 「Now, how will you respond to this, you two!? 《Flame Fang》-!」

As he swung down the large sword that he had raised high in the sky, this time, as if it was wearing flames, a bright red sword blast came flying towards the two.

Arnold: 「Ku-! It’s coming-!」

Arnold also began to concentrate power into his large sword. As he did so, the wind began to converge onto the sword.


A sound that shook the atmosphere could be heard coming from Arnold’s sword. Following this, he simply turned towards the sword blast and began to assault it.

Arnold: 「Nuoooooooooooo-!」

Arnold received Leowald’s flying sword blast head on.

*Gigigigigigigigigigigi-!* (9)

Almost as if two knives had been rubbed together, the noise of impact roared.

Arnold: 「Nugu……ku-! Uwoo-!」

In order to protect Muir who was behind him, Arnold, who was slightly losing his ground, stood firm so as to ensure that he wasn’t blown away.

Leowald: 「Hou, not bad.」

Witnessing Arnold block a blow that he had place a reasonable amount of force into, Leowald narrowed his eyes due to Arnold’s unexpected power.

Arnold: 「Doon’t……come…………closeeeeeeeeeeer-!」

As Arnold had swung his sword with all his might, he was able to successfully tear through and pulverise the sword blast.

Arnold: 「Now, Mui~~~r-!」

Behind Arnold, Muir was present, her lovely set of Kemono-mimi twitching with a *pikopiko*(10). Every time that those ears moved, the crackling resembling a discharge phenomenon occurred.

Muir: 「Go! 《Fangs of Lightning》-!」

Muir vigorously shook her hands one by one, from bottom to top. As she did so, like how Leowald had launched his sword blasts earlier, a pillar of lightning had been emitted from her hand.

As she had two hands, two columns of thunder had been created. As if to avoid Arnold, the pillars split off to the left and right before rushing towards Leowald, who was in front of him.

Leowald: 「Mu-!?」

As Leowald had instantly understood that Muir was a user of 《Binding》 that possessed the element of lightning, although his thoughts had halted for a split second, his expression soon reverted to normal as he wielded his large sword in an attempt to mow down the incoming thunder pillars.


Although it was thought that he had completely captured the columns of lightning, strangely, as if they had a will of their own, the pillars completely evaded the sword’s attack. Following this, a pincer attack came from both sides and-

*Bachi bachi bachi bachi bachi bachi bachi bachiiiiii-!* (12)

-splendidly landed a direct hit on Leowald.

Leowald: 「Mumu-!」

He involuntarily scowled. Muir, who had saw this, smiled with pleasure as she thought that her attack had hit it’s mark. However-

Leowald: 「Nuo-!」


As Leowald placed all his strength into his entire body, his muscles began to inflate. At the same time, the lightning that had wrapped around his body was blown away.

Leowald: 「Gahaha! I was slightly surprised, but you won’t be able to make a scratch on me with just this?」

Certainly, Leowald had not suffered a single wound due to Muir’s attack. However, Muir-

Muir: 「No, just this much is fine!」

Leowald: 「What?」

It was then that Leowald had noticed Arnold’s imperceptible disappearance.

Leowald: 「Mu? Where did he go?」

As he spoke, he felt a presence in the sky above him. There, the figure of Arnold was present, his large sword being cloaked in wind like what had happened earlier that fight.

Arnold: 「How’s this-!? 《Wind Faaaaaang》-!」

Leowald: 「That lightning was just a distraction! However, I won’t let you!」

Leowald also readied his sword by reflex. As the two swords collided, sparks began to fly. Furthermore, due to the two’s powers colliding, a small explosion occurred.

Arnold: 「Guwaaaaaa-!?」

Having been blown away by the shock wave, Arnold rolled up to where Muir was standing.

Muir: 「Oji-san!」

Muir rushed over in a split second.

Arnold: 「Itete……」(14)

While painfully rubbing his butt that had received a nasty blow, Arnold waited for the smoke before his eyes to dissipate. Following this, a large shadow appeared.

Leowald: 「Fumu(15)……Gahahahaha!」

Leowald was laughing with his large sword slung over his shoulder.

Leowald: 「I guess I slightly underestimated you! You two aren’t bad at all!」

It was then that Arnold and Muir both understood why he was laughing.

Leowald: 「Gahaha! To think, not only did you scratch me, but you launched me all the way over here!」

Indeed. From where he was earlier, it was clear that his position had been displaced further backwards. Furthermore, when Arnold and Leowald’s swords collided, as his attack had become a fine blade of wind, he was able to make a scratch on his body.

Of course, if you were looking at it in terms of damage, it would almost be nil. However, it was true that the fine sword had engraved a number of wounds on Leowald’s body.

Leowald: 「Furthermore, you only used the elementary 《Fangs》. This is……they’ve been honed quite well, Rara.」

While saying this with an elated grin, Leowald shifted his gaze towards Rarashik.

Rarashik: 「Eeh(16), that’s because I showed these guys hell everyday. If they weren’t able to do this, I would have made them start their training from the beginning.」

At these words, the two’s faces grew pale as they felt a chill creeping up their spines. It appeared that their bodies had remembered the contents of their training as they began to tremble.

Leowald: 「Gahaha! Certainly, there are still doubts as to their individual abilities but…I see. We should make sure to properly bring those that shine! That is the the 『Gabranth』 way! Gahahahaha!」

At this, Leowald turned his face towards Barid.

Leowald: 「How’s that, Barid? I felt that these individuals had a good amount of resolve, but?」

Barid: 「…………very well. With this, it would not pose a problem if we were to bring them to the duel.」

Leowald: 「-is what he said. However, there is still one week before the duel. Until then, I myself shall train you.」

Rarashik: 「Hou~. So it’s been decided, yes?」

Towards Rarashik’s question, Leowald nodded vigorously.

Leowald: 「Aa, let’s achieve victory together! Arnold! Muir!」

Seeing him once again fearlessly laugh, Arnold and Muir’s cheeks twitched.

Arnold: 「T-This turned into something unbelievable, huh……」

Muir: 「U-un……but with this, I’ll be able to meet him……right?」

Arnold: 「……seems so.」

Muir: 「……although I don’t like the enemy’s side.」

Arnold: 「That guy doesn’t care about stuff like that, right?」

Muir: 「Ahaha, you might be right.」

Arnold: 「Besides, Leowald-sama also said something about bringing Hiiro over to this side, you know?」

Muir: 「F-For some reason, Hiiro-san has become liked by a really amazing person, huh?」

Arnold: 「Seems so. It was kinda unexpected that he was thinking of making Mimiru-sama’s son-in-law……Hii-!」

As Arnold suddenly saw a Hannya(17) behind Muir, he raised a scream. Although the person herself was smiling, for some reason, it was a smile that reeked of lies.

Muir: 「Ahaha……I’m really looking forward to seeing him. Isn’t that right, Oji-san?」

Arnold: 「Ah……un. That’s right.」

As Arnold felt a bleak sensation emanating from Muir’s voice, he cowered. Although he had an idea about why her attitude had changed, if he was to pursue it, there was no doubt that sparks would fly. Therefore, he had restrained himself from doing so.

Arnold: (Daamn it! Hiiro, you bastard! You better remember this! But, it’s true that I’m looking forward to meeting again. Just you wait, Hiiro! I’ve already decided that I’m going to give your face one good punch!)

He looked up at the cloudless sky. Arnold’s thoughts held a strong resolve towards Hiiro, the one who was once his adventuring companion.


  1. ^ Hora: ‘Hey’.
  2. ^ *Shubaa*: The sound of wind tearing.
  3. ^ -san: A Japanese suffix used to denote distance and respect with the subject. Think of ‘Mr.’ or ‘Miss’.
  4. ^ Un: Not to be confused with ‘Uun’. A Japanese expression which denotes affirmation.
  5. ^ Oji-san: An affectionate way of referring to an elderly person. Sometimes translated as ‘Uncle’.
  6. ^ Aa: A Japanese expression which denotes affirmation. Often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people.
  7. ^ Hohou: An expression that denotes intrigue.
  8. ^ *Buuuun*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *buzz*.
  9. ^ *Gigigi*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *creaking*.
  10. ^ *Pikopiko*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *twitch*.
  11. ^ *Suka*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *swoosh*.
  12. ^ *Bachi bachi*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *crackle crackle*
  13. ^ *Bachin*: A Japanese onomatopoeia which means *bzz*. Described as the sound of electricity suddenly being turned off.
  14. ^ Itete: A Japanese expression that is often said when in pain. Think ‘Ouch’ or ‘Owie’.
  15. ^ Fumu: A Japanese expression that denotes affirmation.
  16. ^ Eeh: A Japanese expression that denotes affirmation.
  17. ^ Hannya:

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai: Chapter 144 - The Heroes and Teckil's Meeting

Alright. I'm assuming a lot of you want to know what's happening. It's been a while, and I've only TL'd one chapter.

Basically, I've got my hands full with other projects. In case you weren't aware or are interested, here they are:

Myriad of Shades:

Cross Gun:

I know it's not much of an excuse, but it's the reason why I haven't been as involved with the KnW project as I'd probably like to be.

That said, I'll still try and translate from time to time.

With that out of the way, it appears that you're gonna get another rush of chapters. Have fun with that...

Chapter Stats:


Translator - XCrossJ
Editor - XCrossJ & NetBlazer
Proofreader - Leo
Perspective - Third Person
Tense - Past
Format - XCrossJ
Expressions - Jap
Nicknames - Jap

Edit 1 (23/07/2015): Fixed Errors (Credit to Commentors: Zworden, xabove)

Chapter 144: The Heroes and Teckil’s Meeting

Hiiro: 「Why?」

Eveam: 「At that time, destroying the bridge was our immediate priority. Thus, I was able to make preparations in advance. Moreover, as the enemy didn’t think that I would try to destroy the bridge, they simply stood there, dumbfounded.」

Previously, in order to make the bridge collapse, Eveam used an enormous amount of magic power and a large quantity of blood in order to construct the ultimate magic. However, it appeared to be something that required a lot of preparation before use.

The magic at that time could only be used for the first time due to Eveam and Aquinas’ magic being synchronized. It could be said that they had practiced quite a bit for that purpose.

For the most part, it appeared that they would be capable of synchronizing better than the previous time. Yet, even so, it would still take time and, above all, the current situation was not one where the enemy would silently watch over them as they performed the ritual required for the utilisation of such a magic.

As soon as Eveam appeared, she would be, without question, the first one to be targeted. What’s more, she would be on the receiving end of a focused attack. Although not absolutely certain, one would be unable to cast a spell that requires such intensive concentration. They would definitely be interrupted.

Hiiro: 「Certainly, they aren’t such idiots as to repeat their previous mistakes.」

Eveam: 「Aa(1). Besides, the magic used at that time requires me to construct formulas before hand.」

Hiiro: 「Nn?(2) What do you mean by that?」

Eveam: 「What I’m trying to say is, the day before you want to use the spell, there is a need to assemble the formula and carve it onto the body as a crest.」

In actuality, last time, on her very own belly, the magic formula, aka the so-called magic circle, had been drawn onto it. Moreover, once the magic circle has been drawn, one cannot use any other magic until the large magic has been casted. A large amount of magic is needed to even draw the circle.

The ‘prior preparations’ she was referring to was exactly that. Additionally, that magic circle required a total of three days to draw.

Eveam: 「Furthermore, if I were to use it, I would be rendered useless for a while. That’s because I’d become bedridden. In the current situation, I cannot afford to fall.」

Hiiro: 「…………」

Eveam: 「Moreover, there is a significant distance between us and the bridge. Right now, I am unable to leave the castle for long periods of time. That is something that also holds true for the 《Cruel》 here, but」

Eveam spoke while directing her line of sight towards Aquinas and the others.

Hiiro: 「I see. If there are such circumstances, it seems that you can’t afford to use such magic at a moment’s notice. In addition, if we head to the bridge, it would undoubtedly turn into a fight and might create casualties, huh?」

Eveam: 「Exactly. It goes without saying that there are many advantages to be gained from destroying the bridge. Of course, I genuinely do not wish to destroy it, but now that it’s come to this, we are left with no other choice.」

A sad, fleeting expression surfaced.

Eveam: 「However, due to the present situation, it has proven quite difficult to direct the necessary forces towards destroying the bridge. The enemy must have strengthened their defences in order to prevent the bridge from being broken. If we were to collide with them, it would turn into a battle of considerable magnitude.」

To the opposition, it was their lifeline. In order to not allow this chance to slip by them, they would most likely guard it desperately.

In all honesty, ambushing the incoming enemy was not a difficult task. This was because, if they took the rear posts, as long as the ability difference between them and their enemy was not too overwhelming, they would be able to continue to maintain their defence.

However, this time, it was the reverse. If they were trying to destroy the bridge, the subject of the opposition’s protection, then they would require a considerable amount of military might. Furthermore, a fight would undoubtedly result, bringing about further casualties.

Eveam: 「That’s why, even though I think that Hiiro’s judgement of destroying the bridge is correct, it is difficult to execute such a plan.」

Eveam shook her head side to side in an exhausted manner.

Hiiro: 「Then it’s fine if someone just goes alone, right?」

Eveam: 「………………eh?」

As Hiiro had issued such words in a natural manner, Eveam was caught off guard as her gaping mouth hardened.

Hiiro: 「Why are you spacing out? Were you listening to me?」

As Eveam didn’t return an answer to Hiiro’s words for quite a while, he scowled in displeasure. Eveam, who had suddenly returned to reality upon hearing those words-

Eveam: 「Eh, n-no, Hiiro? A-alone, you say……w-what do you mean by that? ……alone?」

The word ‘alone’ had most likely caught her attention as she had repeated it twice.

Hiiro: 「Aa, you don’t want to lose your war potential. If you say that you don’t want to dilute your defensive forces, wouldn’t it be fine if one were to go alone?」

Eveam: 「………ah, no, un(3), that’s right. It’s as Hiiro says, if we only sent one person, then it would not become an inconvenience. However, I should have also said earlier that the 《Cruel》 cannot move, yes?」

Hiiro: 「Since I’ve heard you say that a little while ago, I’m already aware of that. I didn’t say that we should mobilise these guys, you know?」

Eveam: 「Eh? …………y-you don’t mean?」

Eveam’s eyes blinked rapidly as she looked towards Hiiro.

Hiiro: 「If I go, then there won’t be any problems, right?」

As the atmosphere in that location grew silent, only Liliyn’s sigh could once again be heard.

As something chilly fell onto his cheeks, he suddenly opened his eyes as he realised his sudden predicament. Although he was asleep until now, even though it could not be confirmed whether he was fully awake or not, as he was unable to determine where he was, he wore a blank expression as he surveyed his surroundings.

And as he finally remembered what had happened to him, light dwelled in his eyes as he began to restlessly shift his line of sight about, as if he were looking for something.

Taishi: 「Chika-!」

As Chika was sleeping next to him in a similar manner, Taishi called out Chika’s name. Taishi then placed a hand on her cheek and became relieved as he could still feel warmth emanating from them, even if slightly cold.

Taishi: 「Thank god……Chika.」

Although she had yet to awaken, Taishi felt comfort due to the fact that it appeared that she had not yet passed away. Following this, Taishi once again checked his surroundings.

This place appeared to look like a limestone cave. If one were to look up, one could confirm several groups of rocks that resembled needles. In addition, water was dripping from said sharp rocks.

It appeared that Taishi had been roused from his sleep due to said droplets landing onto his cheek. The falling water had most likely been caused by the moisture in the air condensing due to the cold, or so Taishi had thought.

The reason for this was because the chill within the cave’s interior was quite dominating. For the time being, they had been given blankets, yet, even though they had wrapped their bodies with the blanket, it was still cold.

In this situation, Chika’s safety was Taishi’s salvation. If he was alone in this situation, he might have gone mad.

???: 「You’ve finally woken up, huh su?(4)

At that moment, a voice could be heard coming from within the darkness. As he winced at the sudden voice, Taishi’s body stiffened as he turned around and squinted towards the darkness.

*peta peta*(5) The sound of someone walking could be heard. Following this, a shadow shaped as a person began to surface from the darkness.

???: 「To think that we’d be reunited in a place like this, it’s real surprising, huh Hero-kun(6)? 」

Taishi’s eyes opened wide. Of course, that was to be expected. The reason for this was because the one before him was somebody that Taishi was familiar with.

Taishi: 「……f-from that time……the painter?」

Taishi had remembered. He was certain that he had met this individual at the 【Victorias】 palace, during the time when they attended the Birth Festival of King Rudolf and the first princess Lilith.

Accepting Lilith’s explanation that he was a famous painter of sorts, Taishi had exchanged words with him. If he were to express his thoughts of him, although Taishi thought that he was an unusual individual, as he felt that he possessed the atmosphere of a good person, Taishi remembered that he had a favourable impression of him.

Taishi: 「I-It was……Nazaar, right?.」

Taishi was unable to comprehend why Nazaar was in such a place, nor why he had his hands restrained by handcuffs.

Nazaar: 「Oo~(7), it looks like you remember me su.」

Nazaar’s eyes narrowed happily as they peeked out from his annoying, unkempt hair that covered half of his face.

Taishi: 「W-Why are you…?」

Obviously, Taishi was not aware of why he was here. Moreover, even though he was handcuffed and trapped in here, it was a fact that Nazaar had, like himself, been captured.

Yet, Taishi could feel a eeriness from this entity. Without thinking, Taishi stood up, as if he were trying to protect Chika. Looking at such a Taishi, Nazaar, in a humbled, yet troubled manner-

Nazaar: 「It’s alright su. I don’t really have any intention of doing anything to you guys su」

Taishi: 「……I don’t believe you.」

Nazaar: 「Well, that’s to be expected su. In that case, I won’t move from here so I’d appreciate it if you were to calm down su」

As he expressed his intention of not moving, Nazaar dropped his waist down onto that spot. Although it wasn’t clear as to whether Taishi had believed him or not, while not diverting his gaze, Taishi sat down in a similar manner.

Nazaar: 「First things first, I guess I should perform a self introduction su.」

Taishi: 「Self Introduction? Aren’t you Nazaar?」

Nazaar: 「Nn~ That’s just an alias su」

Taishi: 「Ha? Alias? Eh, why?」

Taishi couldn’t comprehend the meaning behind why the famous painter was claiming that his name was merely an alias.

Taishi: 「Ah, I see. An ‘Art Name’(8) or something like that, right?」

Taishi thought that it was something similar to a Mangaka’s pen name or the net world’s handle name.

Nazaar: 「Nn~ I guess so su…if an artist were to make such a claim, then that would be correct, without a doubt. However, because of this situation, allow me to once again introduce myself with my real name su.」

Taishi: 「O-oo.」

Teckil: 「I’m called Teckil Shizaa su. Even though I look like this, I hold the position of the Cruel’s 《Rank 3》 su.」

Taishi: 「Na-!?」


  1. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Think of ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’.
  2. ^ Nn: An expression of intrigue.
  3. ^ Un: Not to be confused with ‘uun’. An expression of affirmation.
  4. ^ Su: Nazaar/Teckil’s speech quirk.
  5. ^ *Peta Peta*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *step step*. Sound of footsteps.
  6. ^ -kun: A suffix often attached to male names. Can be used to address people of any hierarchy.
  7. ^ Oo: A lengthened ‘o’ sound, not an ‘oo’ sound. An expression of affirmation.
  8. ^ TL Note: Artist Name is the RAW. This was the best English alt I could think of. I didn’t use pseudonym as that works for several other occupations.