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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 93: New Word Magic Ability...and Title

Ok. So...sorry about the delay. It's been a little...hectic over here.

We've had publisized constructive criticism, new members joined, an informative discussion with our 'senpais' and, well, RL.

This is going to be a long spiel so...scroll down if you just want to read the chapter.

First things first, please welcome Pummels and Loliquent to the 'team'. *Applause*
While they've done chapters before, this is the first time that we've worked together, thus, the delay.

With that said, this open trans has been very enlightening. I have roughly gauged the skill levels of our 'new recruits'. I won't be specific, but they're better than I expected.

Now, I have been swamped by RL obigations and have thus decided to stop editing for a while. I will still translate from time to time, however, I will not be doing editing as it takes up too much of my time.

While unfortunate, editing (to me at least) has started to take its toll. I've started to look at it as an obligation as opposed to something fun to do on the side. Therefore, I'm taking a hiatus from editing. NB and Dal will (hopefully) take on my duties.

Now, I'm not sure what our take is with recruiting editors. I'm pretty sure NB has received applications before, idea what happened to them.

In my opinion, we are looking for an editor that has a good grasp of the English Language. I would also prefer it if the Editor was able to translate, even if a bit. Ideally, we would get someone who is good at Jap to edit, just to make sure the TL matches the RAW.

Also, Proof Reading and Editing are different. Proof Reading scans the TL for glaring consistency/grammatical issues. Editing ensures that the quality of the trans is consistent (I could probably do better on this account. My rough edits are essentially Proof Reading).

Now then. This chapter. Does Hiiro seem more OP? Probably...

Pummel's Chapter 92 is almost finished and will be posted soon (I'm pretty sure). Yorai's already down 94. He's just waiting for us slackers...(sorry, Yorai-sama)

By the way, Loli had sort of a...'field day' with this chapter. You'll see why.

Oh, I'll also be implementing the following stats below for every trans from now on (beccause some people seem to not understand that each TL has a different format).

Ok. Spiel over. Chapter Start

Chapter Stats:

Open Trans Contributers:
  • Pummels ~ 25%
  • LoliQ ~Dere Mode~(?) ~ 37.5 %
  • XCrossJ (Finally, I get to TL…) ~ 37.5 %


  • XJ (or not…)
  • Dal

Perspective: Third
Tense: Past
Format: XCrossJ

Edit 1 (29/04/2015): Fixed Error (Credit to Commentor: Zworden)
Edit 2 (29/04/2015): Fixed Note 11. (Brought to attention by Commentor: Adahn)
Edit 3 (30/04/2015): Fixed Errors (Credit to Commentor: Adahn, Charles the Reader)
Edit 3 (30/04/2015): Fixed Errors (many minor grammar edits spotted by me.)

Chapter 93: A New Word Magic Ability….and Title.

A variety of large and small rocks were lying around. Despite calling them small, they were still about the size of a person, the larger ones being close to ten meters tall.  Counting through them one by one would be an endless job, yet, the desert monster was lying somewhere among them.

Hiiro: (《Boulder desert》, huh… It’s exactly like that.)

While endless number of rocks kept appearing in the distance, Hiiro was thinking of the battle strategy.

Hiiro: (First, we need to find the monster itself… however, before that-)

Hiiro noticed that he had leveled up after he won the fight against Camus. Because of this, he was currently wondering about whether his 《Word Magic》 had gained a new ability.

Hiiro Okamura

Level 81

HP 1720/1725
MP 3000/3000

EXP 600976
NEXT 21707

ATX 504 (566)
DEF 405 (420)
AGL 637 (639)
HIT 356 (364)
INT 555 (559)

《Magic Attribute》 None

《Magic》 Word Magic ( | One Word Chain (Unlocked) | Air Writing (Unlocked) | Parallel Writing (Unlocked) | Two Word Chain (Unlocked) | Simultaneous Invocation (Unlocked) | Invocation Management (Unlocked) | Three Word Chain (Unlocked) |)

《Titles》 Innocent Bystander | World Traveller | Word Master | Awakened One | Ripper | The One Who Imagines | Killer of the Unique | Gourmet Bastard | One Who Follows His Own Path | Friend of the Fairies | Mikazuki’s Owner | Monster Slayer | Wanderer | Lightning Speed | Sage | Little Girl Killer(1) | One Who is Skilled in Magic |(2)

And so, as per expectations, Hiiro had gained new abilities. Hiiro chuckled to himself as he had determined that fighting Camus was the right choice.

However, there was a title that caught his attention. Putting aside the last one for the moment, the title 《Little Girl Killer》 was a bit concerning. For some reason, Hiiro felt irritated(3) about those words. It was Hiiro’s nature to confirm something that bothered him. And yet, at the same time, Hiiro felt that he would regret confirming the meaning behind those words.

Even so, he, almost unconsciously, clicked the words 《Little Girl Killer》with his finger.

《Little Girl Killer》(4)

You seem to be an existence that are blessed by, and attracts, little girls(5). In the eyes of little girls, your charm has suddenly increased(6). This is surely because you are also a Loli--(7)

With a snap, Hiiro canceled the explanation interface.

Hiiro was troubled. What is this? He thought that god was teasing him or something(8). If that really turned out to be the case, he swore in his mind to inflict punishment upon them with the word 「Curse」 | 『呪』.

However, as he had previously thought , Hiiro was now regretting confirming the title(9).

Hiiro sighed heavily. After he escaped from reality for a short period of time, he finally proceeded to address the main topic. Hiiro forcefully persuaded himself that this next part would be very enjoyable for him. Following this, the newly added 《Three-Word Chain》 of 《Word Magic》was clicked.

《Three-Word Chain》 MP Consumption: 600

It was now possible to write and connect three words. Similar to the two word skill, the effective range, influence, and versatility of the spell improves, although the effect duration still depends on the words written. When this ability has been unlocked, the restrictions placed on two word spells are lifted. Up until now, if you were to use a two word spell, the words installed using the 《Invocation Management》 skill would lose all of it’s effect. However, this restriction was now released. Instead, this limitation now applies to three word spells. Additionally, the abilities of 《Simultaneous Invocation》 & 《Invocation Management》 now apply to two word spells. However, the installation limit of setting 5 words doesn’t change for 《Invocation Management》. Furthermore, in regards to the 《Simultaneous Invocation》, please exercise caution for there are certain words that cannot be used.

Basically, the restrictions of the 《Two-Word Chain》 skill are now applied onto the 《Three-Word Chain》 skill. However, if the process of writing the words was interrupted, the 《Rebound》 would decrease all of his status fields by 30%. Furthermore, Hiiro would be rendered unable to use magic, as well as being inflicted with a random Abnormal Status Effect. The Abnormal Statuses that may be inflicted include: Severe Pain, Paralysis, Sleep, Blindness, and Confusion. This Abnormal Condition would last for duration of 1 hour, while the reduction in stats and inability to utilise Magic would last for a period of 6 hours.

This 《Rebound》 was quite typical, or so Hiiro had thought. He would be subjected to risk even if he attempted to use it. It wasn’t as if his status would simply be reduced, nor would he be rendered unable to use magic. The problem was the ‘Abnormal Condition’. In particular, the confusion and severe pain caused would leave him at a disastrously high risk for a 1 hour period.

Hiiro: (No, the possibility of it being paralysis or sleep exists, but...blindness....haa, no matter what it is, it’d probably mean certain death if I got it in the middle of a fight.)

Although he could probably endure pain, it was undeniably certain that his movements would be hindered. Even after the the affliction had dissipated, Hiiro would most likely be left fatigued and vulnerable. Either way, the necessity for Hiiro to experiment and experience this at least once remained. Rather than having a unknown abnormality, it would be more easier to prepare if he knew what the disorder was. That way, he would somewhat be able to calm his uncertainties.

Hiiro: (Even so, I’m grateful for the fact that I can now install two word spells.)

With this, Hiiro was now able to implement a large array of tactics, allowing him to display even further cheat-like behaviour. Furthermore, his installed words had expanded to encompass 《Multiple Words》. In other words, apart from the one word spell, the continuous writing skill had now become available to Hiiro.

Up until now, whenever Hiiro attempted to use a two word spell, he could not use any other words. No, although he could activate and use other words, the effects of the two word spell would be cancelled. However, this limitation had now been lifted.

Now, if, for example, he were to use the word 「Flight」 | 『飛翔』 to fly, he would still be able to activate words such as 「Explosion」 | 『爆』 or 「Speed」『速』. However, as there seemed to be words that would not have this ability, there was a necessity for Hiiro to perform many experiments.

However, the limitations of this seemed to be naturally obvious to Hiiro. If he were to approach an enemy using the word 「Transparent」|『透明』 before casting the spell 「Sleep」 | 『寝』, then he would be so invincible, it would simply be ridiculous. Of course, if his target was one of the magically sensitive 『Evila』, then they might be able to somehow deal with Hiiro’s tactic. Nevertheless, Hiiro deemed it to be too unfair.

Hiiro: (Kuku(10), this is really a Unique Cheat, huh.)

Even with such a restriction applied, Hiiro couldn’t help but involuntarily grin at the tremendous versatility of his own magic. Although there were many methods of execution that would deliver a harsh 《Rebound》 should they be improperly handled, as long as one cautiously used it, the effects that it supplies are quite significant.

Yet, there was an important point that needed careful attention. This point addressed MP Consumption. The new title that Hiiro had just obtained, the one called 《One who is Skilled in Magic》, seemed to apply adjustments to his MP. Even though it appeared to further increase his MP, even after he had levelled up, Hiiro could still not afford to use his 《Word Magic》 frequently.

The reason for this was because, from the very beginning, 《Word Magic’s》 MP consumption was significantly high. Even though he possessed several MP recovery items, it Hiiro would still be required to create time to be able use them during combat...

Hiiro: (Wait, I guess I could use the word 「Protect」 | 『防』 while taking the recovery items...)

Such issue was easily resolved. Yet, even so, the fact that Hiiro had a large MP Consumption Rate would not change. If he wasn’t constantly paying attention, there was always the possibility of Hiiro having a depleted MP gauge when he let his guard down. As it seemed that there might not be enough MP to utilise during important times, it may prove fatal in this world.

Furthermore, although this time he was now able to cast three word spells, the MP consumed was 600. No matter how one thought about it, it could not be considered normal. If Hiiro were to use 《Air Writing》 in conjunction with this skill, the MP cost would be 600 + 100 = 700 MP. This meant that he could only use this combination of skills 4 times if his MP was completely full.

Hiiro: (I guess this is what they call the price of power(11), huh.)

As Hiiro had a limited supply of MP recovery agents, he determined that he must make effective use of them. Even so, it would not change the fact that his ability was a cheat.

Hiiro: (Now then….this time, I guess I’ll be experimenting against the Desert Monster, huh….)

As Hiiro’s party arrived at the 《Boulder Desert》 area, they stopped as they arranged themselves, seemingly without spirit.

Camus:「Everyone… move as planned.」

The 『Ashura Tribe』 nodded at Camus’ order and moved out from that spot. They swiftly headed to their positions. The only ones that remained were Hiiro, Liliyn, Silva, Shamoe, Camus and Sivan. Only these six.

They surveyed the desert, yet, the desert monster could not be be seen. It may be hiding among the large boulders. Meanwhile, Liliyn called out to Hiiro.

Liliyn:「 Oi(12), kozou(13). Are you planning on slaying the monster? 」

Hiiro:「 No, I’m merely assisting them.」

Liliyn:「Then, that fellow will deal the finishing blow…huh? 」

As she spoke those words, she turned her glance towards Camus.

Hiiro:「That’s right.  This is the 『Ashura Tribe’s』 problem. Then this problem, should be resolved by the 『Ashura Tribe’s』 Chief himself. 」

Liliyn:「Hou(14). But can that guy really kill it? Even though his father is dead, from what we’ve heard, it appears to have taken on his father’s appearance.」

Hiiro:「 It seems so. 」

Liliyn:「 But this fellow values the tribe above all else. Wouldn’t it be quite a difficult opponent for him? 」

Hiiro:「 … Who knows. However, this would be the so-called turning point 」

Liliyn:「 The turning point? 」

She knitted her eyebrows as she looked up at Hiiro.

Hiiro:「 Aa(15). If he turned away here, that means he would continue to live while being unable to kill his father 」

Liliyn:「 However, in that scenario, the tribe would spend everyday frightened by the monster. If they allowed the monster to run wild again, it was possible that they would be annihilated 」

Hiiro:「 Aa. If they choose to fight now, it will no longer be possible for them to turn back. Though I asked those fellows, it seems the barrier is made of that guy’s father’s life. Seems to be already reaching its limit. If we provoke the monster this time, even if they ran away, it would be sure to follow in pursuit. 」

If that were to happen, their oasis would be found, placing the tribe in danger. The children would also be helplessly killed.

Hiiro:「 Even if you advance by one step from here, the only road left to you is to defeat the monster. If they moved back from here, they would only gain a brief period of peace. However, even if they did advance, the only options left before them would be whether they defeat the monster or not.」

Liliyn:「 So it’s either Heaven or Hell...huh? 」

Hiiro:「 So it seems….. apparently that guy’s already made his choice. 」

Upon seeing Camus’ eyes, there was no hesitation present. Hiiro slowly approached him.

Hiiro:「 It seems like you’ve got your resolve, huh? 」

Camus:「Nn(16)… I have. I….will defeat it. 」

Jin-u:「 Chief, even though I’m inferior, I shall also assist you! 」

Camus nodded slightly in response to Jin-u’s words as he stared ahead.

Camus:「 ….Let’s go! 」


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ TL Notes:
    • LQ: Little Girl Killer? Loli Killer? I’m ur worst nightmare! I’m Loliquent!
    • XJ: Lol. Loli, watch out. I think he’s coming to get you.
  2. ^ E Notes:
    • Dal: Tempted to make a stat growth chart for each character.
    • XJ: Why not? Do it if you want to.
  3. ^ TL Notes:
    • LQ: WHY?! You should be proud of it!!! Kuso...what a waste...if u don’t accept such once in a lifetime blessing.
    • XJ: Calm down. Just calm down.
  4. ^ TL Notes:
    • LQ: I don’t know why, but I like this title haha
    • XJ: Put it in your about page. It’d be pretty hilarious if people thought a loli was conquering lolis.
  5. ^ TL Notes:
    • LQ: How envious! Ufufufu!
    • XJ: Down, LoliQ. Down.
  6. ^ TL LQ: Nandato?! I want this!
  7. ^ TL LQ: It should be ‘Lolicon’ but Hiiro cut it off. I was tempted to write Loliquent, haha. (Paraphrased by XJ)
  8. ^ TL LQ: They are not teasing you but blessing you! Argh…
  9. ^ TL LQ: Ah...I suddenly lost motivation all of a sudden haha
  10. ^ TL Notes
    • XJ: ...he’s turning into Liliyn...
    • LQ: Agreed haha
  11. ^ TL Note: Clunky trans, I know. The RAW is Bannousa no tsuke | 万能さのツケ. My interpretation is Bannousa (almighty) no (indicates possession) tsuke (price). Any suggestions/corrections welcome.
  12. ^ Oi: ‘Hey’
  13. ^ Kozou: Informal/Rude way of addressing a younger male. Often thought of as an Archaic expression. Alt Trans: Boy | Brat | Lad
  14. ^ Hou: A Japanese expression denoting interest. Think ‘Hmm~’.
  15. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Think ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’.
  16. ^ Nn: A Japanese expression denoting affirmation (in this context).

Sub Notes

XJ: What's the difference between Loli Mode and Dere Mode? Actually, are you, like, a Lolidere? Like a Tsundere but Loli?
LQ: Loli ~dere~ haha
XJ: Right...

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XJAM: Shirushi (Test)

Q: What happens when you don't touch a saxophone for 3 weeks?

A: Your fingers get stiff, your embouchure gets slack, you start squeaking, and you can't play in tune...

...I want to punch myself...
Anyway, let me give some context.

I have a gig coming up and I decided to play the song Shirushi for it(yes, I know. SAO song again. Lay off me. I haven't had the chance to look up other songs cause I'm busy.).
Instead of playing it as a rock ballad, I chose to perform it in a jazz/funk/ballad fusion style.

Honestly, this is more of a 'proof of concept' if anything...(thus, 'test')
Why do I say this? Cause it's shoddy...very shoddy...

I'll probably post it again once I've finalized it...

Sheet Music: Shirushi - Standard Sheet

XJAM Stats:

Arrangement Time: 10 Minutes (on the train ride home)
Record Time: 4 Hours
Edit Time: 1 Hour
Upload Time: ...>10 Hours

Time Wasted Re-learning the Saxophone: 3 Hours...(it was more. Too embarassed to post actual time taken...)

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My apologies?

This is in response to the following post:

The reason I'm answering with a post is because I'm actually quite busy right now, yet, I thought this was something that needed to be addressed quite quickly. Also, I don't have a reddit account...

I understand that this may have caused outrage, for whatever reason. I'm aware that there are several things that need to be fixed with our approach to this translation project. After all, it would probably be disrespectful to the original author if we did not do this right.

Now, let me just clarify a few things.


NetBlazer decided to use Kamui as the translation. Our reference sheet does say Camus, yet, NB felt that this did not suit well with him, thus the current Camus/Kamui confusion. I did mention to NB that the rest of us have used Camus. It was up to him in the end to use Kamui.

Chapter 86:

I'm sorry, but this may have been my fault. I am currently very busy this week and I did not think I would complete 86 in time, thus, I did 87. Following this, Caps reserved 86 so I went ahead to 89. Then, 86 became an open translation so, at the moment, it's only been NB and I working on it. NB can only work on the project 2 hours at a time, and I'm currently on my way to a week full of assignments...

New Additions:

We've got new members that just asked recently to come on board the translation project. I have had no interaction with them prior to today.

Chapter Gap (AKA Chapter 114 + 115):

This is my hypothesis. Not gospel. If you want more details, you're better off asking the actual person.

Loliquent wanted to translate some chapters as a test of their skill. Thus, they reserved a chapter far, far ahead thinking that we wouldn't get up to it by the time they finished translating. Undoubtedly, this was done so they could contribute to the project without being redundant (double chapter).
This was done before they asked to join the project without our knowledge. Thus, it has not gone through quality control, nor was it actually reserved beforehand.

I'm not particularly blaming Loliquent. I just want you to understand that we are not omnipotent. You cannot expect us to be psychic, nor can we expect people to follow our 'weird' procedures.

The 'Team'

We call ourselves a team, but I think of it more as a collaboration of people who do whatever we want. I've been told that Editors of a trans team are usually the Team Leader. However, I consider NB the leader cause he got onto the project before I did (and Yoraikun kind of deferred leadership to NB as he's working on Tate no Yuusha). With that said, we don't really work together. We just reserve our own chapter and release it. Yes, they pass it to me for editing, yet, not all of the decisions I make go into the final post (see Camus/Kamui above).

With all that said, I apologize for the confusion. I am trying to see if I can influence a change in the team's 'method of operations' but I cannot promise.

Remember, I am a human being that takes some of his free time and puts it into this translation project. Please understand that I have other commitments. I really don't want to quit this project as I'm enjoying it so far...

Update 1 (25/4/2015):

After a certain conversation, I felt that my points haven't been made quite clear. There are also additional points I'd like to make, thus the update. (Though I doubt anyone'll read this...)

  • We have been using Google Drive from the very start. We are well aware of it's benefits.
  • We are not a formal team. We do not have a proper leader. We are just a bunch of people.
  • We have little influence over each other's translation style/format/motivations
  • Loliquent was an unrelated third party when they translated chapters 114-115
  • Blazing Translations is the blog to follow if you want to be properly notified of posts in Chronological Order.
    • If you read the other chapters ahead of time, it is no-one's fault but your own
  • ELYSION may be offering donations but it is not compulsory. You can talk to him about costs/prices and release schedules but, in the end, he will still release chapters for free (regardless of quality).
    • English is not ELYSION's first language.
    • ELYSION often places an 'UNEDITED' label at the top of his trans.
      • If you have issues with the quality, either don't read them or do something about it. Actions speak louder than words. (Kind of Ironic considering we're doing KnW)
  • Yoraikun's blog is updated infrequently as he is busy with Tate no Yuusha. I suggest not following it if you want to be updated the instant a chapter comes out.
    • I'm not encouraging you to stop going to Yoraikun. I just wish you'd respect that his blog is behind as he does not update it frequently. You shouldn't really blame him for it.
  • We 'reserve' chapters before hand. I, at least, translate line by line, not chapter by chapter. We are not MTLs (at least, not purely).
    • I am a Machine Assisted Translator FYI (it's stated in the FAQ). I do not rely on it, I use it to help me with my Kanji reading. Still, I try and output my trans with a certain degree of quality.
    • I'm not sure about the others, though. Go ask them yourself?
  • I know that we still have much to learn, but we're a new group...I myself have only been translating for barely 2 months...
    • I have a lot on my plate being the team editor (along with Dal). I can try and fix up the quality as long as the TLs let me.
  • Rei_Hunter, I know you're trying to be helpful. I just believe there is a better way of going about it. I appreciate the input, although I can't guarantee that anything will change.
    • Yes, I realize that, at the moment, this post is probably no better than Rei's. Still, I'm trying to clear up some confusion while clearly stating the current situation.

This is not meant to be a rage post. This is meant to inform the readers of the project's current status.

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 89: Hiiro vs Camus

Guess what? Another one. Once again, I'm rushing somewhere so I'll edit it later...


Update 1 (23/4/2015):

Sorry, but the edit is going to be delayed. The game known as RL has given me a limited time offer quest and I've got to take care of it ASAP (AKA I'm busy).

I'll just give a summary of what's going on.

So, the reason I translated this chapter and not 86 that everyone's so patiently waiting for is because...well, it's more interesting?

Actually, there was some issue with the reservation of Chapter 86. Seems like it's become open trans so I'll contribute when I have time (unlikely but we'll see).

In any case, I suggest you don't read this till ELYSION finishes his chapter (90). Cause, well...cliff hanger?

Update 2 (24/4/2015):

Squeezed some time to do the edit. Enjoy.

Chapter 89: Hiiro vs Camus

The first one to move was Hiiro. As he was able to predict his opponent’s attacks to some extent, Hiiro acted in order to obtain the first move.

As Hiiro’s right hand was already holding onto his 『Thorn Sword - Piercer』, he had instantly reduced the time required to attack. However, Camus had clearly captured Hiiro’s movements in his field of view. Although he had acted slower than Hiiro, as he held his katana in a similar fashion, Camus gripped it with great force as he had also instantly drawn his weapon.


As the two blades clashed, sparks began to fly. However, the colliding swords were only one on each side. Camus still had a single sword left in his other hand. While maintaining the blade deadlock, Camus moved in an attempt to pierce Hiiro with his other sword.

As Hiiro had predicted this attack, he immediately jumped back as he took distance from his opponent. Following this, Hiiro promptly applied force onto his foot in attempt to strike again. However, his right foot became buried into the sand with a *zubo*.

Hiiro: 「Tch-!」

A battle atop of unfamiliar sand, as opposed to one on firm ground, was far more difficult than Hiiro had anticipated. Should his application of force be improper, his foot would be consumed by the sand.

Camus: 「The sand is...alive.」

As Camus faintly spoke, this time it was he who had instantaneously moved from that spot. However, unlike Hiiro, there was no wasted movement. His speed was so great, it would make one forget that they were not fighting on top of sand.

As Camus was approaching Hiiro’s chest, he instantly held up his sword in order to defend against the attack. However, Camus swung both swords with brute force. Although Hiiro had successfully deflected the attack, whether it was caused by his lack of a good foot hold or his inability to take the full brunt of the attack, Hiiro was sent flying, rolling across the ground.

Hiiro immediately got up and faced forwards, yet, Camus was no longer there. All he could see was a shadow swiftly approaching him.

Hiiro: (What in the hell...above!?)

Sure enough, Camus had jumped up into the sky, falling towards Hiiro while trying to pierce him with his katana. He applied great force into his foot in an attempt to move away from his current location, yet, he once again felt his feet become buried in the sand.

Hiiro: (Damn! It’s difficult to move!)

At this rate, I’ll be skewered, or so Hiiro thought. As he had no choice, Hiiro activated one of the previously installed words, 「Protect」 | 『防』. Immediately, a pale magic wall was born, covering Hiiro.


As Camus’ sword was deflected by the wall, his body was blown away, as if it was repelled. While shocked, Camus rotated his body round and round while in midair before making a superb landing.

Sivan: 「J-just now…!?」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(3).」

As Sivan was startled by Hiiro’s method of defense, Liliyn emitted a beaming smile. The two’s responses contrasted greatly(4).

Sivan: 「Was that magic just now? No, there were no signs of any magical which case...」

Sivan recalled that Jin-u received something that seemed to be magic. As he remembered, he realised that even at that time, there was no presence of any sort of magical attribute.

Sivan: 「In other words, it has no attribute...right?」

Liliyn: 「Kuku, as expected, you noticed it Sivan.」

Sivan: 「I knew that you wouldn’t go on a journey with just any ordinary fellow. Even so, to think you’d be travelling with a Unique Magic user is quite a shock.」

Liliyn: 「The fun part has still yet to come.」

Although he raised his eyebrows in reaction to Liliyn’s suggestive words, as she was unlikely to answer anymore questions due to the current atmosphere, Sivan simply decided to look ahead.

Camus glared at the pale barrier covering Hiiro with a dubious look. As he was confused at his own attack being so outrightly deflected, Camus took some distance.

Hiiro: (Fuu(5), that was dangerous. This fight is more difficult than I had anticipated. To think I’d be made to use the word 「Protect」 | 『防』 so soon.)

Although he was able to prevent incoming attacks for one minute, as he was also unable to participate in close combat, it was a risk. The defensive wall repels any opponents that get close to it. Well, if his purpose was to perform a body blow, then it would be sufficient.

Hiiro: (There doesn’t seem to be too much damage...)

However, there are many things one can do within the time limit of one minute. Hiiro concentrated magic in his fingertip in an attempt to write words. Noticing these actions, Camus’ eyebrows twitched as he grew wary.

Camus: 「What you are trying to do…...I won’t let you.」

As he returned his twin katanas into their sheaths, Camus held his hand towards the ground.

Camus: 「Sand Needle.」

In doing so, the sand near his feet began to form multiple needles, all aimed at Hiiro. If one were to take such an attack directly, it would be no different than trying to hug a huge cactus.

Hiiro: (As I thought, he’s an earth, no, a sand user...)

However, Hiiro did not move. The reason for this being-

*Bashin Bashin Bashiiiin!* (6)

As the effect of the 「Protect」 | 『防』 word was still fresh and strong, Hiiro used it to protect his body from the onslaught of sand needles. As the approaching needles returned to their original smoothness, they simply dispersed.

Camus: 「Nn...hard.」

As Camus viewed the scene, he voiced his impressions as if he were muttering.

Camus: 「Then how about...this.」

Camus made an underarm throw, moving his right arm with large movements. It looked as if he were trying to scoop something up. As he did so, the sand in front of him bulged upwards, hanging high in the air as if it were a tsunami attempting to assault Hiiro.

Camus: 「......Sand Wave.」

Hiiro: (Indeed, this is beyond him just having the geographical advantage.)

As the waves of sand came pouring down before his eyes, Hiiro turned towards the tsunami and started running towards it.

Camus watched on behind the wave as he was convinced that it would inflict a large amount of damage. However, at this time, a hole in the shape of a circle burst out of the central portion of the sand wave. Hiiro jumped out of said hole.

Camis: 「Wha-!?」

As Camus had not expected Hiiro to avoid the wave of sand, much less penetrate it, he was stunned.

Hiiro: 「5, 4, 3, minute.」

As he said thus, the defensive wall that enveloped Hiiro began to disappear. As he had counted to a minute after the activation time, even though it disappeared, Hiiro was unperturbed. Rather, Hiiro used the time limit to repel his opponents attack while approaching him, causing Camus to grow agitated.

While he poised his 『Thorn Sword - Piercer』, Hiiro rushed forward, unleashing a thrust. As the defensive wall had disappeared, Hiiro was now capable of attacking.

Hiiro: 「Gotcha!」

Hiiro launched an attack that seemed as if it would penetrate Camus’ lowered guard. However, at that time-


Hiiro’s katana was completely unable to penetrate it’s designated target. What it had pierced through was simply air.

Hiiro: (It failed-!? Where’d he go?)

In that instance, sand began to dance in midair with a *parapara*(8). As it appeared in Hiiro’s line of sight, he looked up, thinking that his opponent had jumped up in the air. However, his eyes saw no-one.

Hiiro: 「」

As he felt a chill run down his spine, Hiiro detected a presence behind him.

Camus: 「 thought I jumped?」

This time, it was Hiiro who was caught completely off guard.

Hiiro: (Shit!)

Immediately activating the previously installed word, 「Speed」 | 『速』 and escaped from his current location. As he jumped without concern for his posture, Hiiro tumbled to the ground, rolling around with a *gorogoro*(9).

However, as he had avoided Camus’ sword strike from behind, Hiiro deemed it to be a satisfactory result.

Camus: 「 faster?」

As Hiiro’s speed became equivalent to his own, Camus was startled. Not understanding how his speed had suddenly increased, Camus was wary as to not approach Hiiro carelessly.

As Hiiro was Hiiro, thinking that he might have been slashed caused unpleasant perspiration to form on his back.

Hiiro: (Fuu, that was pretty dangerous just now, huh. However, that bastard...)

Hiiro wondered why Camus wasn’t above him when he had thought he had taken to skies. Hiiro reasoned that Camus had probably bent down quickly, thrown sand towards the sky, and jumped towards the side all at the same time.

As Hiiro saw the sand soaring into the sky, he presumed that it was the sand produced from Camus’ soles when he jumped. However, it was a ploy derived by Camus in order to make Hiiro lower his guard.

Hiiro: 「Seems that you’ve got a pretty sharp brain, Nitouryuu(10).」

Camus: 「If I can use sand…...I am strong.」

While tensing his chest, Camus boasted. However, it was as he had indicated. As Hiiro had faced many predicaments because of it, he could only tense his body.

Hiiro: (Guess it’s about time for me to start, huh......)

Thinking thus, Hiiro returned his katana to its scabbard, gathering magic into his fingertip as he began to write words. Following this, he fired them straight into his feet.

Hiiro: (That’s number 2 is......)

Once again, Hiiro began to write words. This time, however, Hiiro pointed his finger towards Camus.

Camus: 「...?」

Camus, warned by Hiiro’s actions, became defensive. Following which, Hiiro leaped, moving to an area just above Camus. And then-

Hiiro: 「Take this!」

Hiiro unleashed the word on to Camus.

Camus: (This is......what he used on Jin-u?)

Camus remembered his comrade Jin-u having his movements stopped by Hiiro’s strange attack. Therefore, as he thought that he must absolutely not allow himself to get hit by it, Camus jumped backwards from his spot. The words stuck onto the spot where Camus was at previously.

Seeing this, Hiiro clicked his tongue audibly enough for Camus to hear as he descended onto the ground.

Hiiro: 「You’re not bad. It doesn’t seem like you’ll be hit by that.」

Camus: 「Nn(11)…..a little while ago, Jin-u…...had trouble.」

Hiiro: 「Fun(12). Guess that means you’re not an idiot.」

Following this, Camus sheathed his katana as he narrowed his eyes.

Camus: 「Next...interesting thing...I’ll show you.」

Hiiro: 「Nn?」

Camus placed his right hand on the ground.

Camus: 「......Sand Armor - Type - Gauntlet.」

Following this, the sand moved, enveloping Camus’ right hand. Camus was now wearing a gauntlet made of extremely hardened sand. As it was only his right hand that had become armed, it was swollen several times, to the point that it looked uncomfortable. It was as if the hand belonged to a golem or giant.

Camus: 「......Sand Needle」

Hiiro: 「Tch-!!」

Spikes of sand started flying towards Hiiro. Hiiro immediately jumped to the side. However, Camus suddenly headed to towards him in that direction. It seems that Hiiro had moved accordingly to Camus’ speculations.

Hiiro: 「Shi-...!?」

Camus: 「...this is the end!」


Hiiro: 「Gah-!?」

Hiiro was sent splendidly flying by the fist armed with sand. He received an impact that seemed to instantly blow his consciousness away. Bright red blood spewed out of his mouth. As if he were a stone skipping on water, Hiiro bounced up and down before hitting a big sand pile.


Hiiro: 「Gaha-!」

As he fell to the ground, a large amount of sand came raining down from above. Seeing that, Camus made a slight guts pose. The children started bouncing around in delight as they shared the same sentiment.

Liliyn faced the direction in which Hiiro was launched, wearing a sulky expression as she simply stared. Seeing such an expression, Sivan began to unleash words with a smile.

Sivan: 「Hoh hoh hoh(14). It looks like the match’s been decided.」

Presumably due to the fact that his friend had won, Sivan spoke his feelings with joy.

Shamoe: 「Feeeee~-!(15) Hiiro-samaa(16)!」

As Shamoe’s entire body trembled, she worried about Hiiro’s well-being. Yet, Silva and Liliyn simply stared in the direction that Hiiro had flown off in.

Silva: 「Ojou-sama(17).」

Liliyn: 「Aah, that bastard’s trying to do something.」

Sivan: 「Nn? Did you say something?」

Sivan asked thus.

Liliyn: 「Aah, the fun part’s coming up so look carefully.」

Sivan: 「......ha? The match is already-」

Liliyn: 「You’ve aged, Sivan. His fighting spirit has yet to waver. Rather...」


As the mound of sand vigorously burst apart, Hiiro appeared with ragged breathing, his face distorted in pain.

Liliyn: 「There, see? Although it was unlikely for him to give up against an attack of that degree, it’s good to see that he’s still plenty motivated.」

Sivan: 「Impossible...he received Camus’ blow head on...」

Liliyn: 「He instantly jumped back and escaped the full brunt of the attack. Even so, it looks like he received quite a considerable amount of damage. Kukuku.」

After heaving a large sigh, Liliyn stared at Hiiro, who had re-established his breathing.

Liliyn: (Now, show it to me. Show me what you were trying to do just then.)


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ *Kiiin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *plink*. Think of the sound that swords make when they clash.
  2. ^ *Bashin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *deflect*. It’s the sound of the force field repelling attacks.
  3. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s snicker.
  4. ^ TL Note: Japanese here is 対称的な二人. Literally means symmetrical people. However, it’s a phrase used to indicate that two people are asymmetrical. (I think? If anyone knows better, please tell me. I just learnt it from here:
  5. ^ Fuu: ‘Phew’
  6. ^ Refer to Note 2
  7. ^ *Shun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *shoom*. Think of the sound wind makes as it rushes past you (ie. someone running past you).
  8. ^ *Parapara*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *pitter-patter*. Similar to rain, I guess?
  9. ^ *Gorogoro*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *tumble*.
  10. ^ Nitouryuu: Hiiro’s nickname for Camus. Literally means ‘Dual Blade User’.
  11. ^ Nn: A Japanese expression denoting affirmation/confusion.
  12. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph.’
  13. ^ *Dogan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thump* (I think). Basically, the sound of a large impact.
  14. ^ Hoh hoh hoh: Sivan’s laugh.
  15. ^ Fee~: Shamoe’s expression of confusion. (For those that love to point this out, it is different to Rishia’s Fue. Rishia: ふえ | Shamoe: ふぇ.)
  16. ^ -sama: A suffix used to show respect to the one addressed. Very formal and used to address someone of higher position (eg. A maid addressing her Master).
  17. ^ Ojou-sama: A term used to refer to a female of high status. Alt Trans: ‘My Lady’ | ‘Mistress’.

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts

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Update 1 (22/4/2015):

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Also, I'm not sure with some of Sivan and Jin-u's dialogue. I haven't had a good grasp of their characters yet so I'll probably edit it if I feel that it needs to be changed.

Also, Jin-u's a terrible name. Any better suggestions? Jap: ジンウ

Edit 1(24/4/2015): Fixed Error (Sarcastically pointed out by Rei Hunter)

Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts

Sivan: 「Recently the barrier has had little effect. The Desert Tortoise turns violent with even the slightest stimuli. Once angered, its violence will not subside until some time has passed. Yet, if we left it alone, there is a possibility of it coming over here. Thus, those of us that can fight attempted to redirect it to another place, but...」

Hiiro: 「There were times where it failed, leading to this result...I guess that about sums it up.」

Upon hearing Sivan’s words, Hiiro spoke as he was somehow convinced. As if the monsters were unaware of their existence, they faced the other direction. Even though the 『Ashura Tribe』 seemed to be drawing the monster’s attention, the monsters that were asleep noticed they were under attack.

Sivan: 「Indeed. Even though I said that there were various reasons, the most important one is that we don’t want to leave Rigund. Everyone thinks as such.」

Hiiro: 「But if you think about the future of your brats, don’t you think this choice is wrong?」

As the man with the topknot(1) grew irritated at Hiiro’s words, he glared at him while clenching his teeth. Appearing in front of such a man, Camus opened his mouth instead.

Camus: 「 is as you say...I believe. is family.」

Hiiro: 「...then I’ll ask this. Your father was eaten by that Desert Tortoise, right? Although one of the Desert Tortoise’s characteristics is that it can take the form of your father. Even so, it just looks really similar to him. Can you really say that your father is alive?」

Camus: 「That’s...」

Camus drooped his head with downcast eyes.

Hiiro: 「Furthermore, didn’t your father say it as well? That he’d entrust the tribe to you. Yet, the one who exposed that tribe to such risks was non other than you, Chief of the 『Ashura Tribe』」

Topknot Man: 「What the hell would you know, bastard!?」

The man with the topknot unsheathed his Shamshir(2) as he approached Hiiro with tremendous velocity.

Hiiro: 「Shut up.」

As Hiiro said thus, he pointed his finger tip towards the man as something flew out of it. What had shot out was, of course, a word.

The topknot man’s movements instantly froze. Not knowing what had occurred, he was startled. Even if he poured all of his strength into his body, it remained immobile. It wasn’t paralysis. It was just that his body refused to move, as if it was completely frozen.

「Stop」 | 『止』

By using 《Word Magic》, Hiiro had robbed him of his movement. While the others had a blank expression, unsure of what Hiiro had done, Liliyn stared at him while hummed 「Hohou(3)」 with interest.

Although he would not normally use 《Word Magic》 in such circumstances, Hiiro was currently in a slightly foul mood. This became quite apparent after he had listened to their story. Thus, he took such action with little concern for the potential consequences.

The reason for this may have been because he did not care about the 『Ashura Tribe’s』 current circumstances. Even Hiiro himself was frustrated as he was unsure himself.

Hiiro: 「Oi, Nitouryuu(4).」

Hiiro called out to Camus.

Hiiro: 「Why don’t you quit it with this barren life-style? Unless you, no. Unless you guys can’t comprehend that the 『Ashura Tribe』 is gonna go extinct?」

Topknot Man: 「Y-you’re still saying that, Bastard!?」

As it seemed that only his voice was free, the topknot man screamed. Yet, Hiiro simply pointed to a certain location with his finger. Everyone shifted their gaze in that direction. What was in that direction were...collapsed children.

Hiiro: 「Do you still not understand that you, who was entrusted with the future of the tribe, is leading it to ruin? Or can you not comprehend at all that the children are all going to die?」

As it suddenly occurred to Camus, he looked at the sleeping children, their faces distorted in pain. Within their vicinity, a person that seemed to be a mother was desperately attending to them. As she was tenderly wiping off their sweat, she tried to give them a small amount of food. However, as the children could not eat well, they rejected to drink the soup-like food.

Yet, the mother continued to give them words of encouragement, telling them to not give up. As even the mother was fatigued and was deprived of sleep, the atmosphere was clearly heartbreaking. Yet, she continued to desperately smile in front of the children.

Hiiro: 「If he saw the you right now, what would your father think?」

Camus: 「...」

Hiiro: 「If it was me, I would say this. It was definitely a mistake to entrust the tribe to you.」

Camus: 「Ku-(5)...」

Camus’ expressionless face had distorted due to vexation. As the topknot man heard the children cry painfully, he could only remain silent. Liliyn called out to Hiiro in admiration.

Liliyn: 「I’m surprised, Kozou(6). I would never have thought that you’d be worried about brats that are complete strangers.」

Hiiro: 「Fun(7), that’s not it at all. I’m just annoyed. Annoyed at the degree of these guys’ poverty.」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(8), don’t say that, Kozou. Now then, that’s what my companion says. What do you think, Sivan?」

Liliyn raised a question to her old friend, Sivan. In doing so, he groaned as if it was difficult to say. He began to open his heavy mouth.

Sivan: 「, it is exactly as that young one has said. Yes, we may certainly be poor. However, this is something that everyone desires. This decision was not Camus’ alone.」

Hiiro: 「In that case, the entire 『Ashura Tribe』 are a bunch of fools.」

Topknot Man: 「I-I will no longer forgive you~~!」

As the one minute time limit of the 「Stop」 | 『止』 word’s effect had passed, the topknot man began to move, once again pouncing onto Hiiro with his Shamshir in hand. However-

Topknot Man: 「...what are you trying to do, chief!?」

As Camus inserted himself between Hiiro and the Topknot Man, his attack was interrupted. Hiiro was also suspicious of Camus’ actions as he stared at him.

Camus: 「The not insult them.」

Although it sounded like he spoke indifferently, Camus clearly wore a grim expression. Even though Hiiro’s words were irrefutably sound and logical, even Camus had things that he would not yield to. He displayed his intention that he would not allow his comrades to be mocked.

Hiiro: 「You can do whatever you want, but those that purposely take actions that will lead themselves to ruin, there is nothing more foolish than them. Even if you guys claim to have your reasons for doing such things, I can only see it as absolutely ridiculous.」

Camus: 「I will not...allow you to say more.」

His hands turned towards his back, pulling out a pair of katanas.

Hiiro: 「So you want to have a go? How about redirecting that enthusiasm to subduing monsters?」

Camus: 「...shut up.」

Hiiro: 「I guess I’ll just say it then? You guys simply don’t want to fight that monster.」

Camus: 「Shut up.」

Hiiro: 「Because it’s appearance is similar to your father...the original chief. That’s why you’re just hesitating.」

Camus: 「Shut up...」

Hiiro: 「Thinking that he will eventually be restored, that the chief will come back. While relying on such unfounded wishful thinking, you’ve been avoiding fights while pointlessly getting yourselves hurt.」

Camus: 「I’m telling you to...shut up.」

Hiiro: 「You guys are laying waste to the intentions of those that have put their lives on the line.」

Camus: 「Shut the fuck up!」

Disappearing instantly from that spot, Camus suddenly appeared in front of Hiiro’s eyes before he noticed. Holding a katanas in each hand, Camus held them in a cross as he tried to slash Hiiro.


Hiiro once again tried to parry the attack, unsheathing his 『Thorn Sword - Piercer』 as he met Camus’ blades.

Hiiro: (Ku-......what power! Although I was able to defend against it cause I saw it before hand, this guy’s way too fast!?)

Even though Hiiro was able to read his angered opponent’s simplistic attack, he had barely managed to defend against it. The only reason for this was that was just how swift Camus’ movements were.

Sivan: 「Wait, Camus.」

Upon hearing those words, Camus created distance between him and Hiiro. Following this, he looked towards the owner of the voice, Sivan.

Sivan: 「Camus, are those the actions of a chief?」

Camus: 「......I will not...let you be insulted.」

Seeing Camus vexingly gritting his teeth as he answered, Sivan could only spit out a deep sigh.

Sivan: 「 can not be helped. They are guests.」

Camus: 「What?」

Sivan: 「You will not revise your thoughts, yes?」

Hiiro: 「Of course.」

Sivan: 「Fumu(10). Camus is the same, no?」

Camus: 「Un(11).」

Sivan once again spat out a sigh as he shrugged his shoulders.

Sivan: 「In which case, it’d be better if you went at it until you’re satisfied. However, let’s step outside.」

Hiiro: 「That’s fine with me.」

Camus: 「...I will win.」

Hiiro and Camus glared at each other. Yet, Jin-u made an appalled expression as they cried out.

Jin-u: 「Sivan-sama(12), is this acceptable!?」

Sivan: 「It cannot be helped. Not to mention, in times of dispute, it is better for them to clash with each other.」

Jin-u: 「B-but...」

Sivan: 「There are some things that can only be learned by colliding with fists. Is that not so, Liliyn?」

Liliyn: 「Fun, more importantly, if you’re gonna do it then do it already.」

Liliyn could not help but smirk as she was looking forward to it. Undoubtedly, she was happy that she could observe Hiiro’s battle. Looking at her, Sivan could only shake his head in grief.

Sivan: 「Jin-u, you’ll be the judge.」

Jin-u: 「Y-yes!」

As the topknot man, Jin-u, gave his reply, brought the two with him as they walked to the desert.

Sivan spoke to Liliyn who was nearby.

Sivan: 「That young one is just like you. Holding on to his own ideas and carrying them out, not to mention his brazen attitude. He wouldn’t happen to be your child, is he?」

Liliyn: 「Hohou, that’s quite a funny joke. It seems as if you want the remaining years of your short life to be scattered right here, yes?」

As she unpleasantly scowled, Liliyn’s thirst for blood strengthened. Sivan began to fret.

Sivan: 「It’s a joke!」

Liliyn: 「Fun, exactly how am I similar to that Kozou?」

Sivan: 「I-is that so...」

As sweat unpleasantly flowed down his forehead, Sivan spat out a sigh.

Liliyn: 「Now that you mention it, even that 『Ashura』 Kozou resembled you when you were young. That honesty and straightforwardness. Even the way that you both cherish your comrades is idiotic.」

Sivan: 「Hoh hoh hoh(13), well, he is still immature.」

Liliyn: 「Certainly, I’ve heard that those of the 『Ashura Tribe』 require 40 years before they become an adult. I see. So he’s basically still a brat.」

When those of the 『Ashura Tribe』 reach the age of 40, their appearances becomes the figure of humans in their twenties. Even though Camus has been alive for more than 3 decades, his appearance and mentality was still immature.

Sivan: 「Seeing as you have the figure of a brat, I don’t think you’re qualified to say that, though?」

Liliyn: 「Shut up! As if you can say that when you can’t see, you fucking straight-laced old man!(14)

Sivan: 「Like I’ve said countless times, even if I don’t see it, I can still feel it. You loli-baba bastard.(15)

As the two glared at each other with sparks flying through the air, Silva was simply amazed. Shamoe could only watch them as she was constantly flustered.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Topknot:
  2. ^ Shamshir:
  3. ^ Hohou: An expression denoting intrigue.
  4. ^ Nitouryuu: Literally Two Sword Style (If you’ve watched/read SAO, you know what this is).
  5. ^ Ku-: A grunt expressing frustration
  6. ^ Kozou: ‘Boy’. Often demeaning and sort of an archaic speech (I think).
  7. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph’.
  8. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s snicker.
  9. ^ *Kiiin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *plink*. Think of the sound swords will make when they clash.
  10. ^ Fumu: An expression of affirmation/agreement.
  11. ^ Un: An expression of affirmation/agreement.
  12. ^ -sama: A suffix used to show respect to the one addressed. Very formal and used to address someone of higher position (eg. A maid addressing her Master).
  13. ^ Hoh hoh hoh: Sivan’s laugh.
  14. ^ TL Note: Jap is Kuso Majime Jijii Me | くそ真面目ジジイめ. Kuso (Fucking/damn) |  Majime (Serious/straight-laced) | Jijii (Old man) | Me (bastard).
  15. ^ TL Note: Jap is Loli babaa me | ロリババアめ. Loli (Lolita) | Babaa (Hag) | Me (bastard).

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Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de - Chapter 4: It seems that I Immediately got into Trouble

Man. This is equivalent to one of Konjiki's longer chapters.
Either way, I'm liking this protag so far. We'll see how long it stays that way.


Chapter 4: It seems that I Immediately got into Trouble

Author Note: Although the setting of another world having two suns are used often...
Doesn't the idea of two light sources seem dazzling?

Renya: 「Ah, this is one of those, isn't it. Saying that ‘This is truly not your original world’, they provide me with a gimmick in order to make me understand it quickly and effectively. This might be one of those great things.」

After diving into the gate of light that appeared beside the little girl proclaiming herself as god, Renya, after practically no time lag, noticed himself standing somewhere in a forest, near a path that seemed to be well-tread on.

As the sides of the road became a deep forest, one could only see trees. However, above the road, the sky was clearly visible. Renya realized that where he was underneath that blue sky was a completely different place to the  94 years that he had spent his life in. This was instantly understood as two suns emitted a blinding light as they shone.

As the reality of there being two suns in the sky resulted in Renya receiving a large shock, as the color of the sky was the same blue color as the one from his memory, it simultaneously gave Renya a slight sense of relief.

As the color of the sky in a different world could equally have a chance of being, say, purple, either Renya would accept the reality before his eyes, or his spirit would become abnormal. Such an unwelcomed chicken race between which of the two would occur first may have been planted.

Thinking such thoughts, Renya began to survey his surroundings. Even though Renya was ignorant about tree species, he noticed that things such as the tree’s hue would not change so drastically with his original world.

It had been determined that to some extent, Renya’s common sense was still valid. Learning such was something significant for Renya.

Although his memory had been cleanly and refreshingly initialized, the experience ingrained into his body and his common sense was not so easily discarded.

On his body were short, clean white clothes and pants as well as modest shoes. He noticed that he was not wearing any kind of armaments.

Speaking of which, I didn't check how dangerous the designated world was.
While he thought thus, Renya contemplated whether it was quite dangerous for him to remain in his current attire in the middle of the woods. As he wondered thus, the word <Inventory> appeared before him.

As his line of sight selected it, a semi-transparent window, similar to the one with the world map shown to him by the little girl, opened before Renya’s eyes.

The window was partitioned by 15 squares both horizontally and vertically. Within the mass, images that resembled small icons were being displayed.
Among them, Renya touched a money-like icon with his fingertip, causing information to flow into his head.

<Currency: 10 Gold Coins>

It appeared to be as it seemed. It was money.

He somehow understood that this was a parting gift from God. Wondering what the other icons contained, Renya continued to check through each of them one by one.

Cycling through his inventory window, Renya discovered that he had 10 gold coins, 12 packages of portable food, 6 Basic Wound Medication, 3 rolls of bandages, 1 Shinai(1), 1 set of leather armor, and 1 canteen which he could fill with water.

Although I can understand the leather armor, why a Shinai?
Wondering thus, Renya touched the icon, causing the description to flow into his head.

<Shinai: Grade 10 Artifact | Indestructible Attribute>

Wondering what in the world an artifact was, Renya tilted his neck.

An answer immediately came.

<INFO: Help Initiated. An Artifact is a lost handicraft. It refers to something whose quality cannot be intentionally created by the hand of man. All artifacts have their classification become Grade 10>

Renya admired his body as it had become so convenient.

Apparently, such a mere Shinai boasted performance that would make it seem as if belonged to the realm of the gods.

Wondering whether the leather armor was the same, he tried to touch it.

<Leather Armor: Grade 2 | Commercially Available>

As far as he could tell, this was a very ordinary item.

It would've been nice if it had the indestructible attribute. Then I’d be invincible.
As Renya thought thus disappointedly, he lightly double tapped the inventory icon. As the item retrieval dialogue box emerged, Renya unhesitatingly chose the two equipment items.

As the Leather Armor icon disappeared from the inventory, Renya’s body slightly began to glow.

When the light settled, armor that protected the body appeared above his clothes. In addition, gloves that covered his arm from his elbow to his wrists were equipped onto Renya’s body.

This seems to be a set.

Although Renya was dissatisfied due to his head and lower being unprotected, he convinced himself that, since it was something given to him, he could not expect too much as he began to equip the Shinai.

There was no spin on this one. This was without a doubt the Shinai that existed in Renya’s knowledge.

It was 3 foot 8 inches(2) long, this length being referred to as Sanpachi. Although it was a size that was usually used by large people, the Shinai was considerably longer than average. Even so, it was light and could be swung around easily enough. Renya thought that it would probably be more useful if it was longer.

Even so, as Renya held it, he felt unsatisfied with the explanation for some reason. Following this, another message flowed into his head.

<INFO: Help Initiated. Although I was supposed to give you a bladed weapon, as the weapons attributes were all Grade 10, the Angels rejected every single one. As you had experience with Kendo when you were alive, I thought you’d skilled at it, thus it was decided that the Shinai is something that would be passed to you. From God >

Rather than a Help function, isn't this just a normal mail?(3)
Although Renya suspected thus, after reading it again, he somehow consented that it was a description due to the wording.

In the first place, the question of why there was a Shinai in the kingdom of God still remained.

As Renya knew he would not receive an answer right away, he pushed it out of his mind. In exchange, his mind plunged into the matter of what he should do from now.

The Little Girl, that is to say God, gave him a request, which he was supposed to fulfill as he was sent to this time in another world.

Although he wasn't sure why, he was apparently granted a body in order to leisurely spend about a few decades wandering around, spreading things that would become resources in order to clear his mission.

As such, it was necessary for him to gather important items in order for him to live the next several decades as fun and as carefree as possible.

Renya: 「First things first, unless I find some human habitat, I won’t be able to get started.」

Although he was shown a map of the world before he was sent, Renya was forcibly sent to this location. The person in question had no idea where he was. For the time being, however, as there was a road, Renya determined that no matter which way he followed it, he would undoubtedly be lead to civilization if he single-mindedly advanced.

If there was a problem, it would be the point of which way should he advance in order to reach civilization sooner.

Looking at his inventory, even if Renya minimized his consumption, he believed that he would barely last a few days.

Above all, as his water supply was only one bottle, it was quite severe.

If he restricted this water for drinking only, then he would be unable to use the water for other purposes. For example, there would be no water for him to wash his hands and face or wipe his body.

For Renya who was inherently Japanese, this was an extremely dire predicament.

Renya: 「I guess there’s no choice but to put up with it. I kinda wanted to be dropped in a more convenient place. She’s completely thoughtless, the Loli bitch...」

It was probable that he was dropped down in a remote location due to concerns about witnesses. Although this was easily imaginable, Renya still couldn't stop curses coming out of his mouth.

After cursing at the little girl for a while, Renya decided that it couldn't be helped as he regained self control. Following this, he picked up an appropriate twig on the ground and stood it upright on the road.

Renya: 「I’ll entrust it Bootaoshi(4), although this is a pretty overused saying, huh.」

As he would be walking in the direction the stick fell in, his fate would be decided by the gods.

However, as Renya had just recently witnessed the little girl that claimed to be god, he suddenly became very reluctant to hand his fate over to said gods as he began to reconsider his actions.

Renya: 「Now then, I wonder which way it will fall.」

As Renya tried to remove his hand from the stick, it happened.

Within the silence of the surroundings, Renya’s ears captured the faint voices of people.

While he braced himself, he turned towards the sound. The stick that his hand released fell in the opposite direction that Renya was facing.

It was the road that Renya had chosen. Between the two, the result was that he was to go in the opposite direction of the voices.

Renya: 「What are the chances…(5)

If he were to act upon his initial decision, he would begin to walk in the direction that the stick had fallen in.

Yet, the sound that Renya’s ears caught was almost undoubtedly the scream of people.

Although heading to see what had happened would not cause him to lose much time, Renya still hesitated.

The fact that he heard screams meant that there was trouble in that direction.

If he were to ignore this completely and walk off in the other direction, Renya thought that this would be synonymous with running away.

However, as Renya had just came to this world, he did not have any sort of relationships. He had no reason, nor duty to take action in response to such screams.

Even so, after a short while, Renya started to run towards the direction the scream was raised.

If asked why he took such action, even Renya himself had no answer. However, should he be forced to give an explanation, rather than it being a question of good and bad, it was because the scream was proof that someone was there

If there was someone there, he would be able to ask them for directions to the nearest city.

If worst comes to worst, he would just shut his eyes to what had occurred at that spot.

As he thought to this extent, Renya decided to head towards the direction of the voice.

Upon his decision, the time for him to transfer his intention into action was quite fast.

As he armed his Shinai in his left hand, Renya took off with light feet as he focused his eyes.

Regardless of him having no memory, and regardless of his body being rejuvenated thanks to the little girl, Renya was a soul that was largely content with his death at the age of 94.

From the remaining information implanted somewhere in his memory, Renya was told that he has never run so lightly and quickly in his lifetime.

Even being able to experience this, Renya contemplated whether or not there was some meaning in answering God’s request.

As he was thankful towards his body that did not run out of breath, Renya ran as he was able to immediately discern the current situation that caused the scream he had heard.

Upon viewing the scene from a long distance, he saw several men with dark skin in leather armor. He saw a woman with blonde hair wearing a priest’s(6) outfit. Behind said woman was a female protecting her back while brandishing a long sword. The female had long black hair, done up in a ponytail. She also had metal plates covering key body parts. The female was dressed in an attire referred to as partial armor(7).

Upon seeing the situation, Renya revised his thoughts immediately.

This is not a scene where I can just avert my eyes.

If he were to truthfully state it, he could not remain on the sidelines when faced with such a situation. Of course, Renya didn't voice this.

Who cares about them?
Such thoughts crossed Renya’s mind. At such a rarely seen situation, no one would be in a position to blame him if he were to carefully observe. Such thoughts naturally came to him.

As Renya himself had died at age 94, he thought that it would be alright to just walk between life and death just a little longer.

The figure of Renya approaching at a considerable velocity seemed to be immediately noticed by the people on the site.

Although the surrounding men grew slightly wary, their expressions immediately became slack as they scoffed.

The surrounded women had slightly smiled, yet, their expressions immediately turned to those of disappointment.

Although Renya headed towards the site, it suddenly turned into a pity-fest for Renya. However, as it was too late to change direction, Renya continued running.

Renya could understand their expressions to some extent.

Concerning the men, they were vigilant for a moment as they thought their enemies may have increased. Yet, upon seeing Renya, they soon determined that he was not enough of a threat.

On the other hand, the women saw a sign of help. However, upon seeing Renya, they presumed that the chance of them being saved was low.

As he was in poor leather armor and held a sword made of bamboo, Renya comforted himself by saying that such thoughts were unavoidable.

Renya noticed that there were more pressing issues than such a thing. He came to a halt a short distance from the men and women, lightly clearing his throat as he raised his voice.

Renya: 「E-e~to(8). Can this be resolved by discussion, huh?」

Man in Black (Armor): 「What d’ya want? Dressed like that, are ya a fugitive soldier that fled from the battlefield?」

To Renya, who had spoken in a nervous voice, one of the men answered.

What Renya had been worried about, was whether or not conversation in another world could be established.

Among the various skills that Renya obtained from the little girl, he remembered that Another World’s Language was one of them. Even so, he was still anxious as the fact that he had yet to actually use it remained.

In the event that he couldn't use another world’s language, as Renya did not know a single otherworldly word, it would look like he would be unable to establish conversations in this world. Thus, he spoke quite nervously. However, to his surprise, the meaning of Renya’s words seemed to have reached them.

This was because the words that came out of his mouth, were words that Renya had never heard before.

Even so, as he was able to learn and use the language, he was able to discern and understand what the other person was saying.

In contrast, as Renya attempted to pronounce words from his previous world, he was surprised as he realized they wouldn't come out of his mouth.

It seems that this effect was most likely caused by the skill Another World’s Language.

Whether this was convenient or not, Renya could not properly judge at this time. Yet, for the time being, as he did not have to concern himself with his word use, he felt that this was a good result.

Man: 「Oi(9), the hell? Shutting up like that, did ya wet your pants?」

Renya had silently sank into deep thought after he had burst in with tremendous momentum. The men, determining that Renya had become intimidated by the surrounding situation, all raised rowdy laughter.

Renya: 「Ah~, well~, about that. Wait a bit.」

Not giving a damn about such laughter, Renya began to observe the women who were surrounded.

Both were women of peerless beauty that would never be seen in his original world.

The woman in the priest outfit had gently wavy hair with large, green eyes that emitted a slightly droopy feeling.

What covered her whole body was an outfit based on black, very similar to the clothing worn by those with the occupation of Sisters in Renya’s original world. However, as the clothes had no adornments, it felt like gentlemen’s desires were stuffed into it. The expression of ‘hour-glass body’(10) came straight to mind when looking at her body, and the interior of the clothes seemed to strain the body as it was quite tight.

No matter how you look at that, isn't it about one or two sizes off?
Renya couldn't help but think as such.

The woman who protected the ‘sister’ from behind was also a beauty.

Her sharp eyes were slightly angled with black pupils. She wore her jet black, long hair on a high position atop of her head.

Compared to the figure of the beauty behind her, she was inferior in terms of volume. Yet, she possessed features that richly stood out, even if a bit rough. She wore a something similar to a red hakama(11) with a black shirt. She was also dressed in iron-like shoulder pads and chest armor, along with her gloves.

His line of sight shifted towards the men.

However, Renya immediately stopped observing.

Looking at these men is boring.
Renya muttered thus under his breath. Either way, the men uniformly had dark skin and, although they had a better build compared to Renya, he confirmed that they only equipped leather armor similar to his own.

Yet, oddly enough, Renya did not feel that they were armed.

All of them were barehanded.

Although they’re six of them, wouldn't the armed, black-haired woman be able to do something about this?
Although Renya had thought thus, the following words from the woman served to deepen Renya’s concerns.

Hakama Woman: 「I don’t know who you are, but run away! These guys are uncontrollable!」

Renya: 「Eh, is that so?」

Hakama Woman: 「These guys are soldiers of the Mercenary Kingdom! Don’t worry about us! Run away!」

Although such an explanation obviously made sense to the woman, as Renya had no grasp on this world’s common sense, he could not follow such reasoning at all.

Man: 「Oi, you. We’re busy. As there’d be no meaning in taking those pitiful clothes off your back, if you just turn around now, I’ll pretend you were never here.」

Renya: 「Nn~(12), although that’d be fine, do you really think that I’d be such a person who’d just turn away from here right now?」

To help complete strangers without understanding their circumstances. Although it seemed that he resembled a protagonist from a story, Renya thought that this conduct was more synonymous with a dim-witted Hero.

Renya: 「Ah~, right. I guess you guys’d be fools with lewd minds.」

Man: 「The hell’s this guy saying? You’re jealous so you’re trying to mingle? If you want, I’ll give you a shot?」

As the men frivolously laughed, the women averted their gaze.

It’d be a pain if they looked over this way.
As Renya thought such, he spoke the fatal words towards the men.

Renya: 「What do you think you can do with such broken rods? Won’t they break the moment you touch them?(13)

Man: 「Ah!?」

Oh dear, what should I do?
Renya’s previous expression that seemed to express thus, completely changed as it was replaced with a shade of murderous intent.

Although Renya would claim that he spoke such words on impulse, in actuality, he emitted those words as they had uttered something that he could not forgive.

Man: 「I dare you to say that again!」

Renya: 「What’s your problem…? Wouldn't such pitiful rods break after a single touch?」

Suddenly, Renya’s voice had chilled. Although the men dominated him in numbers, Renya simply repeated the words he had previously spoken.

Renya gripped his Shinai in silence as he pointed it towards the man.

Man: 「The hell’s this, you bastard!?」

Renya: 「I’ll let grab it. I’ll thoroughly beat you to a pulp afterwards so prepare yourself.」

As Renya fired of those words coldly, the men answered in laughter.

Man: 「Are you a fucking idiot!? As if that stick would be a match for us!? And you said that you’ll let us grab it? Do you really think you can beat us up after we’re done with you?」

(Another) Man: 「Has this guy lost it?」

Man: 「Being stupid is amusing! Alright, I’ll grab it so start regretting your stupidity.」

The man the tip of the Shinai was pointing to clasped it casually with his right hand.

Man: 「There you go, I grabbed it!」

Perhaps the man was going to forcefully pull the Shinai he was holding in order to launch an attack on Renya.

However, Renya’s actions exceeded the man’s expectations.

The moment the Shinai was grasped, Renya quickly twisted the handle with both hands.

In the first place, the handle of the Shinai is thicker than its tip.

Renya and the man were holding the thick and thin side of the Shinai respectively. Even if both sides exerted force strongly onto the Shinai, it was natural that the advantage would belong to the one of the thicker side.

As long as there was no compelling difference in force, the Shinai would continue to rotate.

As the Shinai began to rotate within the man’s hand, Renya immediately pulled it backwards.

What Renya had performed was simply twisting and pulling the Shinai at the same time. However, that was enough to be able to rip the Shinai from the man’s grasp.

Man: 「Eh?」

It was likely that the man had considerable confidence in his strength.

Yet, as he had the Shinai easily taken away from him, he could not comprehend the spectacle that had occurred before his eyes.

Renya was not such a kind person as to wait for the man’s understanding to catch up with reality.

As he withdrew the Shinai, Renya sharply and thoroughly thrust the Shinai towards the man’s throat.

The tip of the Shinai rushed forward as it possessed the weight force of one person. As the man stood stunned, the Shinai pierced the man’s throat, sending him flying backwards.

As the surrounding onlookers could only stare without comprehending what had just occurred, Renya remained wary as he poised his stance. His low voice resonated.

Renya: 「This is a sword, not a stick. It doesn't matter what it’s made out of.」

Man: 「Bastard, this...」

The man who kept calling Renya bastard was clutching his stomach and choking on his drool while rolling on the ground.

They had not understood at all.

The fact was, they were within Renya’s killing range.

Renya rushed towards the remaining, immobile men that were taken aback.

As he counterattacked, Renya’s Shinai tore through space at a speed that did not even give them a chance to defend. Between the eyebrows, the throat, the solar plexus, the bottom of the nose. As he pierced these vital points cleanly and quickly, it did not take much time for all of the men’s eyes to be covered in white.

Renya: 「I’m not sure if you can even hear me now.」

As he maintained unrelaxed alertness, Renya spoke as he placed the Shinai neatly on his left hip.

Renya: 「Even though it looks like this, it is a weapon. This has the proper capabilities to kill. The reason the thrust techniques is prohibited up until a certain age is not just for show.」

Whether it was in fencing or Kendo, the move possessing the most killing power is the thrust technique.

Even though Japanese swords would have their sharpness grow dull after slicing several people, the thrust was so powerful that it could kill dozens of people without its power falling.

Even if such power was translated to a Shinai, it still had the hidden potential to kill a man during a match.

Renya: 「For the most part, I was wondering how you guys were gonna try and hit me but, to think there were actually idiots who would fight barehanded against someone with a light, non-bladed weapon. Before belittling people, you guys would be better off if you just thought a little.」

As Renya thought they would not hear him, he spat out these words.

Renya’s thrusts were not of the average technique. As he thrust, he slightly twisted the Shinai, increasing the feeling of penetration force.

In addition, although Renya was unaware, he was targeting vital points of the opponent that were capable of being destroyed. When hit with the Shinai, which possessed the indestructible attribute, no matter how much the opponent trained, it would be worthless as the Shinai possessed the power to unilaterally destroy anything that was breakable.

I wonder how many died?
As Renya noticed he might have committed the act of murder, he noticed that his feelings were completely undisturbed.

Renya: 「...I might just wither up in a place like this.」

Without even batting an eye, Renya overlooked the six men. Renya simply shrugged his shoulders as he thought his way of thinking was amusing.

Author Note:
The paragraph about the Shinai was knowledge learnt a long time ago when I learned Kendo.
If the tip of the Shinai had a splinter when doing this, the palm would be covered in blood...

The Thrust Technique is really dangerous.
It’s so dangerous that one is prohibited to use it until high school.

Although there are brutes that gleefully pick up the technique as soon as they become a high school student...the reality is, they use it in places without armor, though…


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Shinai:
  2. ^ TL Note: Why? I use the metric system so why are you doing this to me? Doesn’t Japan use the metric system?
  3. ^ TL Note: Mail here is in katakana. This use of mail in Japanese often denotes an email or text message. I left it as is because the others don’t really fit the context well (not that mail does either).
  4. ^ Baotaoshi: Literally means Pole Collapse.
  5. ^ TL Note: The phrase used here is Yori ni mo yotte | よりにもよって.
  6. ^ TL Note: This is misleading. The Japanese used for Priest Clothes is Sofuku | 僧服.
  7. ^ TL Note: Literally Partitioned Armor | 部分鎧. Any better translations are welcome. 
  8. ^ Eto: ‘Um’
  9. ^ Oi: ‘Hey’
  10. ^ TL Note: The Phrase used here is bonkyubon | ぼんきゅぼん.
  11. ^ Hakama:
  12. ^ Nn: ‘Hmm’
  13. ^ TL Note: No. You are not misreading it. He is actually talking about the subject of their ‘performance’.