Sunday, 13 December 2015

Update: So...I'm back

Well, it's been a while, people of the internet. It's XCrossJ.

So I know I said I'd be coming back in 5 months, but I think I've already gone slightly past that supposed time period. I apologize, but I've been wrestling with RL, etc. etc. etc.

The important thing is, I'm back. (Whether that can be considered good or bad, I'll leave it up to your discretion.)

In any case, since I've been slightly out of the loop, I've got quite some catching up to do.

First thing's first, for those of you who have come from my channel and have been desperately searching for my Merry Christmas Medley music sheet, I've had it up on this site for quite a while.

Here's the link:

Next, with regards to translations......well, this might get a bit sticky but try and bear with it.

As I might have stated previously, I've sort of grown a bit distant from KnW, making it hard for me to muster up the motivation to actually translate/edit any of the chapters. While I doubt that I'd experience the same stagnation now, I thought I'd get some input from the internet (great idea, I know) about my dilemma.

Basically, should I continue to translate KnW? Or should I pick up another series?

If possible, could you take the time to answer the poll below? You're free to answer whatever you'd like, and I'd also appreciate it if you could suggest other series that might interest me.

With regards to Isekai Mahou, the only reason I'm suggesting it is due to the following:

  1. I'm a fan of the series and I want to continue reading it
  2. The current translator appears to be MIA
If there is any news from the current translator with regards to activity of Isekai, then I'd gladly step down and allow them to continue their work.

Also, keep in mind that this poll will just be an indication of what the community wants. I will not necessarily pick what the internet chooses (although I will admit that my decision can be swayed).

XCrossJ Translations: What Series should be translated?

Konjiki no Word Master (The Golden Word Master)
Isekai no Mahou wa Okuruteru (The Other World's Magic is Too Far Behind)
Both (Very Optimistic Answer)
Neither (Very Pessimistic Answer)
Please Specify:
Quiz Maker

And with that, I guess all I can say is......

I'm back. (We'll see how long I stay this way.... -_-)

(Note: Give me some time to reorganize everything before I actually produce any translations.)