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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 109: Hiiro's True Ability

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Ok. Chapter thoughts (I feel that none of you waited for this, though...)

You know that feeling you get when an underdog shows up those who feel they're superior?

...yeah, this has nothing to do with that.

This is basically the 'realisation' chapter for them. <--(You'll find out after you read the chapter).

Chapter Stats:


Translator - XCrossJ
Editor - XCrossJ
Proofreader - Pums
Perspective - Third Person
Tense - Past
Format - XCrossJ
Expressions - Jap
Nicknames - Jap

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Chapter 109: Hiiro’s True Ability

Hiiro: 「Huh?」

As Hiiro heard that voice come from behind him, he turned to face the source. Upon doing so, he was met with the four people who he had captured in his sights earlier.

Taishi: 「Hiiro Okamura…? Okamura Hiiro…?(1) No way, that couldn’t be……that guy’s human……but this voice……」

The one who had murmured was Aoyama Taishi. As the name he had heard had the exact same first and last name with a name he was familiar with, Taishi thought that the individual in front of him was said person. However, the figure before them was one belonging to an 『Evila』.
The person that he was familiar with was a human being, an individual that was summoned to this world alongside them.

Although there was no way he could be an 『Evila』, as his name and voice made Taishi recall such an individual, such a notion could not be so easily dispelled.

Following this, as Hiiro had also stared at the quartet for a while, it had suddenly occurred to him.

Hiiro: (Four people......human......Ah, so that’s how it is!)

Finally, as if he had pulled it out from the remnants of his memory, Hiiro had discovered the answer.

Hiiro: 「You guys are the Riajuu(2) Foursome, right?」

Taishi: 「R-Riajuu? T-then you’re really Okamura……you’re Okamura, right!?」

The term ‘Riajuu’ did not exist in this world. That’s why Taishi was able to determine that the Hiiro that had spoke those words was the same Hiiro that they were familiar with.

Hiiro: (Come to think of it, they were also here, huh~? These guys.)

The person in question narrowed his eyes, as if he were recalling memories of that distant day.

Chika: 「Eh……Okamura? That guy is?」

Suzumiya Chika also held thoughts of disbelief as she looked upon Hiiro with suspicion.

Shuri: 「B-but, that appearance is……」

Minamoto Shuri had also shared the same sentiment.

Shinobu: 「B-but, that voice certainly belongs to Okamura-cchi, and he’s even wearing glasses. On top of that, I think there ain’t many people who have the name Hiiro Okamura.(3)

Including Akamori Shinobu, the one who said thus, the four were clustered together, their eyes open wide.

Towards this group of four, Hiiro simply stared at them coldly. In this situation, Hiiro took notice of the figures of their unblemished armor. Their expressions dyed with despair. Their bodies, still trembling.

Hiiro: 「......I get it. Although it’s fine to have come all the way here as the country’s puppet, upon waking up to reality, you guys have started to crawl along the ground, huh?」

Hiiro said thus, mixing ridicule into his words.

???: 「W-what was that!?」

Although it seemed as if they had the intention to scream, there was no strength embedded in their voice. The tone they had employed resembled one used by a spineless, bullied child when they were trying to speak to a gang of delinquents.

Hiiro: 「……well, I don’t really give two shits about you guys.」

???: 「Wha-……!?」

As Hiiro turned his back towards them, seemingly due to loss of interest, the four were rendered unable to move, almost as if they had been petrified.

Hiiro: 「You’re……a beastman, right? Even for the 『Evila』, I’m slightly surprised to see that one of their Top Class is a beastman.」

Ornoth: 「Certainly, I am a beastman. However, I am also an 『Evila』.」

Hiiro: 「………I see. That must mean that you’re the same as the Doji-Maid(4).」

Ornoth: 「Doji-Meido(Angry Earth of Hades)(5)? That seems to be quite the bizarre place. Yet, you say it is the same kind of existence as me?」

Ornoth had completely misunderstood. However, Hiiro furrowed his brow as he was bewildered by Ornoth’s incomprehensible response.

Hiiro: 「Well, more importantly, is that woman in the middle of the conference right now?」

Ornoth: 「That woman……you say?」

Hiiro: 「The Maou(6), the Demon Lord.」

Ornoth: 「………you, what is the meaning of speaking so lightly of her majesty?」

Although it was quite a quiet objection, Hiiro was clearly subjected to a glare, blurred with suspicion.

Hiiro: 「Even if you ask me what this is all about. All I did was just make a contract with them.」

Ornoth: 「C-contract?」

Hiiro: 「Even so……I wasn’t told that even the 『Gabranth』would attack as well. That woman, always spouting such suitable things-」

As he lightly clicked his tongue, Hiiro pressed his fingers against his temples.

Ornoth: 「P-Please wait a moment. Since a while ago, what sort of things have you been spouting-」

At that moment, several assailants headed towards them from the sky above.

Soldiers: 「Oraaaaa-!」

From what one could see, they were apparently Gabranth Soldiers.

Soldiers: 「『Evila』, prepare yourseeeeeeeeeeeeeelves!」

As Hiiro looked up towards the sky, he conducted himself in a pissed off manner and-

Hiiro: 「Do it, Baka-Deshi(7).」

Nikki: 「Hai(8) desu zo(9)!」

As Nikki cheerfully replied, they dropped their waist and poised themselves before vigorously kicking the ground, launching themselves into the sky.

Nikki: 「Achoooooo(10)!」

Soldier: 「You’re in the way, you braaaat-!」

Facing Nikki, who was approaching from below, a male Gabranth swung their sword downward. However, Nikki was not perturbed as they concentrated magical power into their right fist. As they did so, their fist began to shine with blue light.

Soldier: 「W-what the-!?」

Nikki: 「Killing Blow-! Exploding Fist-!」 | 「Ichigeki Kesatsu-! Bakuken-!」(11)

Nikki’s protruding fist collided with the sword that the man had swung downwards. Normally, one would think that the fist would be split in half. However, the result…


The sword was the object that broke. No, it had been broken.

Soldier: 「Wha-!?」

Following this, Nikki’s fist continued to move unfaltering as it landed an accurate blow towards the man’s belly.


Although miniscule in scale, an explosion had surely occurred. As they were caught up in the shockwave, the other Gabranth had their posture broken by the resulting impact.

As Nikki landed with a *suta-*(14), their eyes sparkled with a *kirakira*(15) as they looked towards Hiiro, exuberating the sentiment of 「I did it!」.

Hiiro: 「There are still others left, aren’t there?」

Although they had really wanted to be praised, Nikki’s shoulders drooped due to the absence of such words of approval. However, it was as Hiiro had indicated. Except for the individual who had directly received the brunt of the explosion, the others were still vigorously lively.

Incidentally, about the man who had received the explosion-

Soldier: 「Ka……ka ha……ga……」

Although he had been scorched to a charred black, it seems that he had not died. It went without saying that he was no longer able to continue fighting in the war.

Ornoth: (That was a tremendous blow. Although it is most likely that they had infused their fist with magic before making it explode, to think that such a small child is capable of applying such magic to their bodies……not to mention, they have yet to utilise their full strength.)

Ornoth calmly began to analyse Nikki. As Ornoth had once again thought that Nikki was no ordinary child, a sentiment that he had predicted earlier.

As it seemed that the other beastmen had thought that they might be subjected to an unexpected ambush, they were overly wary towards Hiiro’s location. Before Hiiro’s eyes, the beastmen were impatiently observing the situation.

Hiiro: (The surroundings are so noisy that it’s making it hard to talk……I guess it can’t be helped.)

Hiiro’s footsteps made a *katsukatsu*(16) sound as he passed through Nikki’s side.

Nikki: 「S-Shishou(17)?」

Not only Nikki, but Ornoth also had his suspicions raised by Hiiro’s actions.

Hiiro: 「Fall back, Baka-Deshi. This is how you take care of the trash.」

As he said thus, Hiiro began to gather magic into his fingertip. Furthermore, magic was gathered into not just one but both hands’ index fingers. Following this, Hiiro began to slowly move both hands.

「Gravitate」|『引力』 and 「Beastmen」|『獣人』.

Words written by pale magic were displayed in the sky. In response to seeing Hiiro’s actions, the beastmen alertness strengthened as they tried to move away from that spot. However-

Hiiro: 「Even if you try to run, it’s pointless. 《Word Magic》 activate.」

In the instant Hiiro’s words ended-

Soldiers: 「U-Uwaaaaaaaaa-!」

As they shouted in this manner, beastmen began to reveal themselves before Hiiro’s eyes, one after another. No, they had been pulled out of hiding. As if they had been sucked by a vacuum cleaner, they had been drawn towards Hiiro.

Following this, Hiiro gently lowered his waist before unsheathing his katana and-

*Bushu bushu bushu bushu-!*(18)

At speeds quicker than the eye could process, Hiiro began to cut down the beastmen flying towards him.

Soldiers: 「「「「Ga-……-!?」」」」

Although the ones that had been flying through the air were four people, these four rolled across the ground, the whites of their eyes being shown.

Nikki: 「Uooooo-! A-As expected of Shishou desu zo! This Nikki is truly impressed~!」

Although Nikki had expressed their delight openly, Ornoth and the heroes who had witnessed such a spectacle held thoughts that rendered their empty mouths unable to close. The heroes in particular had thought it was exceptionally amazing as this was the first time they witnessed such a sight that had filled them with awe.

Taishi: 「Th……that’s Okamura?」

Chika: 「N-no way……」

Shuri: 「A-amazing……」

Shinobu: 「I ain’t ever seen such a thing……」

The four respectively uttered such words unconsciously.

Ornoth: (Fumu(19)……that 『Imp』 boy. Those movements of his should be able to match mine……just who in the world is he?)

Although Ornoth had also made an evaluation of Hiiro, as he caught a glimpse of strength that one would not believe a mere warrior could possibly possess, he was alarmingly startled.

As Hiiro returned his katana to its sheath with a *kachin*(20), he once again looked towards Ornoth.

Hiiro: 「Oi wolf. Continuing from where I left off earlier, the Maou left for the conference, right?」

Ornoth: 「A-aa, about that. Why are you asking about her majesty?」

Hiiro: 「I said it a little while ago, right? I said that I have a contract with them.」

Ornoth: 「Like I said, what sort of contract is this?」

Hiiro began to display his displeasure as he was increasingly feeling that the situation was growing even more bothersome..

Hiiro: 「Haa, why do I have to tell you? More importantly, hurry up and tell me whether she’s at the conference or not.」

Ornoth: 「Mu(21)……I am not one who would obediently inform such a suspicious individual.」

As the two glared at each other, Nikki, for some reason, interceded between them.

Nikki: 「Koree-! Shishou is saying that he wants to hear it so hurry up and-」


Nikki: 「Hauwa!」

Hiiro: 「Whenever you talk, things get complicated so shut up!」

Nikki: 「Uu~ but Shishou~」

Although Nikki was looking up reproachfully while rubbing their pounded head, Hiiro simply ignored them and continued.

Hiiro: 「You have no intention on telling me, right?」

Ornoth: 「Not until you explain to me exactly who you are.」

Hiiro: 「…………fuu(23), I guess I’ve got no choice. It’s a pain in the ass, but I guess I’ll go and ask her directly.」

Ornoth: 「……ha?」

As Ornoth made an expression that seemed to convey the sentiment of ‘what in the world is this guy saying?’, Hiiro once again harboured magic into his fingertips.


  1. ^ TL Note: Hiiro Okamura name is written in Katakana (reminiscent of western culture). Okamura Hiiro is written in Kanji (in Japanese fashion).
  2. ^ TL Note: Riajuu | リア充. Made up of Real | リアル and Fulfilment | 充実. Basically means someone who is fulfilled with their (offline) life.
  3. ^ TL Note: I’m trying to incorporate some sort of accent? I dunno. It’s not very strong.
  4. ^ Doji-Maid: Doji (Clumsy) Maid. Hiiro’s nickname for Shamoe.
  5. ^ TL Note: Ornoth misinterprets Hiiro’s nickname for Shamoe. Do | 怒 is Wrath. Ji | 地 is Earth. Meido | 冥土 is Hades/Netherworld.
  6. ^ Maou: Demon Lord.
  7. ^ Baka Deshi: バカ弟子. Idiot (Baka) Disciple (Deshi). Hiiro’s Nickname for Nikki.
  8. ^ TL Note: Hai = Yes. In this case, used similar to a ‘Roger’ or a ‘Sir! Yes Sir!’ Left in Jap.
  9. ^ Desu zo: Nikki’s quirk.
  10. ^ TL Note: This is a lengthened ‘o’ sound, not an ‘u’ sound. Think Hope, not Hoop.
  11. ^ TL Note: *sigh*...real original there...
  12. ^ *Bakin*: The sound of a sword snapping.
  13. ^ *Dokan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *Boom*. Sound of an explosion.
  14. ^ *Suta-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *land*. Think of the sound one makes when landing onto the ground.
  15. ^ *Kirakira*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *sparkle*.
  16. ^ *Katsukatsu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *Clack*. Sound of footsteps.
  17. ^ Shishou: 師匠. Means Mentor.
  18. ^ *Bushu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *slash*.
  19. ^ Fumu: An expression denoting affirmation/confirmation. Think of ‘I see’.
  20. ^ *Kachin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *clink*. Sound of a sword being sheathed.
  21. ^ Mu: An expression of irritation.
  22. ^ *Pokan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *pow*. Sound of light impact.
  23. ^ Fuu: Exhale. Think of a sigh.

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!

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Chapter Stats:


Translator - XCrossJ
Editor - XCrossJ
Proof Reader - Pummels
Perspective - Third Person
Tense - Past
Format - XCrossJ
Expressions - Jap
Nicknames - Jap

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Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!

On that day, due to reading a book until the break of dawn, Hiiro had been deprived of sleep. Thus, Okamura Hiiro had decided to pass the entire day simply sleeping, telling his colleagues his intentions before heading to his room. Concerning this room in the inn, ever since Hiiro had arrived in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, he had been in its care for quite a while.

Although it could be said that Hiiro had been taken care of quite considerably, it had only been barely a week since Hiiro had arrived in this country. Up until then, however, Hiiro had seen plenty of the sights of the Demon World, going around to many places as he fully enjoyed the experience.

Various 『Evila』 settlements. Mountains and seas. Monster dens that have been specified as danger zones. Hiiro had visited a variety of places in the past 6 months. Of course, Hiiro had not yet explored every inch of the continent. As his travelling companions had told Hiiro that they were heading to the the 【Demon Capital】 in order to take care of some errand, Hiiro had simply ended up in the capital.

If he were to look back on it now, it seemed that Hiiro had single-mindedly been moving about without rest. As his travelling companions had suddenly awakened to monster hunting, they would often offer to go help people, going out whenever they pleased. As such, Hiiro, who had been completely at their mercy, had been sent into an everyday life of performing exhaustive labour.

However, the one thing that Hiiro did not feel was boredom. Delicious food and rare books. Thanks to such hard labour, Hiiro was able to come across many things. Furthermore, during the times where Hiiro had accompanied his companions during monster hunting, his own level had increased quite significantly. His level was now so high that, should one compare it to his level when he was summoned, they would doubt their own eyes in the face of such a growth rate.

Thus, even though Hiiro held thoughts of annoyance due to being forced to follow such companions, as he would stand to gain many things, he was unable to completely deny their requests, causing Hiiro to continue to associate himself with them.

And thus, this time, Hiiro had arrived at the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】 in this manner. As they were already here, for the purpose of Hiiro’s goal of viewing the material in the 《Grand Fortuna Library’s》 《Basement 5》, the floor that required permission from Royalty to enter, Hiiro had asked for entry permission from one of his travelling companions.

As he had arrived here according to his companion’s instructions, it was necessary for them to provide him with the means to enter 《Basement 5》 as originally planned. However, throughout this one week period, he had not received any news from his colleague. As such, it was possible that they were considerably struggling to provide such means.

Although this problem had actually been resolved mid-way, Hiiro had yet to transmit this information to his currently absent companion. ‘Well, it should be fine if we talk about it once she comes back’. Thinking such thoughts, Hiiro did not pay the issue any mind.

Even today, Hiiro contemplated whether or not there would be any news from them as he rested in his bed. Yet, as he did so, he heard something noisy coming from outside. Actually, even from within the inn, the sound of people hurriedly running away with a *batabata*(1) could also be heard. It was as if they were trying to flee from something.

No, this level of volume could not be merely described as noisy. It was a roar. The sounds of buildings collapsing and cutlery being chafed against each other. Sounds of explosions and other noises. Hiiro’s irritation gradually began to accumulate.

Hiiro: (The hell’s going on today… there a festival going on or something?)

As he was still lying in his bed, Hiiro’s pleasant sleepiness had been brutally purged as his displeasure began to increase.

Hiiro: (That bastard……what the hell are they doing?)

As he was continually frustrated, he recalled that, before he had gone to bed, he had left the strict order of 「Don’t you dare wake me up」 to one of his companions. Even though he included the implied message of ‘You know what will happen if you cause a commotion, right?’, Hiiro was still doubtful as to whether they had understood such implications. However, Hiiro also recalled them tensely saluting with a pale face.

Even though that individual was an idiot, as they would abide by Hiiro’s orders, Hiiro had come to more or less trust them. However, it had apparently turned into an uproar that this individual could not control, or so it would seem.

The reason for this assessment was because of a faint but familiar voice that had entered Hiiro’s ears.

???: 「Hey you! Can’t you be a little bit quieter!? Shishou will wake up, you know!?」

It was that bastard’s voice. As they had apparently stepped out in order to try and calm the uproar, Hiiro decided to leave it to them as he closed his eyelids once again, indulging in indolence.

???: 「A~mou(2)! If you make this much noise then-! Do you know how bad it is to disturb Shishou’s sleep!? Before this, even though I had apologized for slightly waking him up, he made me into his magic training partner desu zoo(3)!」

As if Hiiro was saying that bastard’s voice was slightly too tense, his eyebrows moved with a *pikuri*(4) as Hiiro rolled over.

???: 「If Shishou wakes up grumpy, I want you to take responsibility desu zoooooo~!」

Hiiro’s eyebrows once again moved with a *pikuri*. They were screaming so loudly that their voice could be clearly heard even from here. Honestly, Hiiro found it noisy(5).

Although the tone of the voice had soon diminished, one could still hear the sounds of talking. As Hiiro thought ‘do it somewhere else,’ he once again rolled his body over.

???: 「No no no no no desu zoooooo-! That is absolu~tely bad desu zooooooo-!」


This time, a vein appeared on his forehead. Hiiro slowly opened his eyes, silently getting up as he draped his red robe onto his back. Following this, he grabbed a nearby book with one hand, its large magnitude suitable for throwing. His footsteps, teething with rage, headed towards the window with a *Don Don Don Don*(7).


As Hiiro faced the enemy that had fully roused him from his sleep, Hiiro vigorously pelted his book at them. As it had splendidly hit its mark, the enemy suffered from the inflicted damage as they rolled on the ground in agony. In response to such an idiotic enemy, Hiiro displayed his 100% disgruntled face(8) as he spoke thus.


Upon looking, one could see that the outside had been transformed into an illustration of hell. Although Hiiro had involuntarily made a blank expression, he began to ponder as to why the 【Evila Continent】, that had been peaceful up until this morning, had been reduced to such a state.

As he surveyed his surroundings, various scenes had been reflected in Hiiro’s eyes. A large number of 『Gabranth』, as well as 『Humas』 that were thought to be soldiers could be seen. The party that they were attacking, the 『Evila』.

As he scratched his head, Hiiro began to slightly nod several times.

Hiiro: (I see...)

Following this, as Hiiro slowly redirected his gaze back down, he could see the idiot, who was struggling with the pain caused by the book Hiiro had thrown earlier, and a Gabranth that was standing to face said idiot. From what Hiiro’s eyes could tell, the individual’s face completely resembled that of a wolf. Thus, Hiiro could determine that his analysis was not mistaken.

Hiiro: (............Nn(9)?)

Following this, what had entered Hiiro’s field of view were a group of four people that were sat on the ground. They seemed to be 『Humas』, yet, for some reason, their faces were devoid of blood, shaded with the the color of fear.

Hiiro: (Huh? I’ve think I’ve seen these guys somewhere…………or not.)

Although Hiiro thought that he had seen those faces somewhere before, no matter how much he searched his memory, he wasn’t able to draw out an immediate answer. As trying to recall it would be too much of a pain, Hiiro simply determined that he didn’t know them.

Hiiro: (More importantly than that, this is............)

Since Hiiro thought that using the stairs every single time he wanted to descend from the second floor was a pain in the ass, he carried his katana that was leaning on the wall nearby and simply leaped out of the window as is.

As Hiiro landed on the ground with a *suta-*(10), he approached the child who was nearby, still crouched down while holding their head. Hiiro poked their head with a *pokan*(11).

???: 「Nowa-!(12) S-Shishou!?」

As the child had finally become aware to Hiiro’s presence, they hastily stood up.

Hiiro: 「Oi(13), Baka-Deshi(14). Today-」

Baka-Deshi: 「A-aaa t-t-t-the thing is, Shishou! No, I(15) also tried to stop them desu zo! I requested them to ‘please don’t make a racket’! P-Please, at least recognize only this effort at the very least-」

The child was once again poked with a *Pokan*.

Baka-Deshi: 「Nowa-! I-it hurts desu zo, Shishou!」

The child looked up at Hiiro while only turning up their watery eyes. However, Hiiro simply spoke with a sullen expression.

Hiiro: 「Listen to me when I talk to you.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Ah, y-yes desu zo!」

They stood upright as this single phrase escaped their lips, concluding their speech. They began to patiently wait for Hiiro’s words.

Hiiro: 「What’s the date today?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Hai(16)! Today is the 10th day of Guviris(17) desu zo!」

Guviris meant that this world was currently in April. In other words, today was April 10. As Hiiro had heard thus, he softly murmured「Shit……I forgot about it, didn’t I?」 as he slightly frowned.

Baka-Deshi: 「S-Shishou?」

As they had their doubts about Hiiro’s current appearance, the child quietly asked thus.

Hiiro: 「Nn? Aa, you remember I talked to you about the fact that a war might break out, right?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Ah, yes. It’s the matter concerning how Shishou had been called out to by a strange woman earlier, yes? 」

Hiiro: 「Aa(18).」

Baka-Deshi: 「That’s……ah, i-it couldn’t be……」

Hiiro: 「That’s exactly right.」

The child’s face began to rapidly twitch.

Hiiro: 「It seems like war’s gonna break out today.」

Baka-Deshi: 「What did you sa~~~~~~~~~~~y-!?」

Hiiro: 「You’re annoying(19)!」

Baka-Deshi: 「Nowa-!」

Hiiro once again smacked the child’s head with a *pokan*, silencing them. However, the child seemed to return the words as if to counter it.

Baka-Deshi: 「B-but Shishou desu zo!? Forgetting such a significant day is normally unthinkable desu zo! 」

Hiiro: 「Shut up. Even though I told you, you also forgot, didn’t you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Uu(20)……t-thats……」

As it was exactly as Hiiro had indicated, they could not refute it. However, at that time, Ornoth, who had been silently observing the duo, opened his mouth.

Ornoth: 「Would you mind if I asked you something?」

Hiiro and the child directed their line of sight towards Ornoth with a *chirari*.

Hiiro: 「What?」

Ornoth: 「Who are you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「B-before asking someone else for their name, isn’t it common sense to give your own first desu zo-!?」

As he looked at the child that was pointing their finger at him with a *bi-*(21), Ornoth was rendered dumbfounded. His breath leaked out with a *fu*(22).

Ornoth: 「That is so, I’ve been quite rude. In which case, I shall give you my name. I am the Cruel’s 《Rank 4》. My name is Ornoth.」

Hiiro: (Hou, this guy’s a part of the 《Cruel Brigade》, huh...)

Hiiro stared at Ornoth as if he were carefully observing him. As he had heard of the existence known as the 《Cruel》 before, he had some knowledge of them.

Hiiro: (So this guy’s one of the fellows that act as that woman’s escort, huh……I see. There’s definitely a certain atmosphere surrounding him.)

Ornoth’s appearance clearly conveyed that he was no ordinary individual. That was something that Hiiro was able to extract due to his sensitivity having been cultivated by the combat experience he had accumulated up until now.

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu~(23) Shishou, this thing called ‘Krual’(24), what do you think it is?」

As they tilted their head to the side with a *kokun*(25), the child posed a question.

Hiiro: 「Are you an idiot? Ah, wait. You’re Baka-Deshi, aren’t you?」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu~-! Treating me like an idiot all the time is terrible desu zo~!」

Hiiro: 「Shut up. That guy said it as well, didn’t they? They’re the convoy that guards the Demon Lord, or so they say.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mu? You mean the woman that Shishou was talking about?」

Hiiro: 「So it seems.」

Expressing the sentiment of ‘I see’, the child nodded several times with an expression of comprehension. Following this, the child directed the front of their body to face Ornoth.

Baka-Deshi: 「Since they gave us their name, common sense dictates that we should also name ourselves! Isn’t that right, Shishou!?」

Hiiro: 「I’ve never heard of such common sense.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Naha-!?(26) B-but Shishou~」

Hiiro: 「Eei!(27) Stop clinging to me, you’re annoying!」

Hiiro forcefully peeled off the child that had suddenly clung onto him with teary eyes.

Hiiro: 「F-fine then. If you’re gonna name yourself then do it already, Baka-Deshi!」

Baka-Deshi: 「Mumu, I see then! *Gohon*(28)! FUHAHAHAHAHA!(29) YOU HAD BETTER LEND ME YOUR EARS DESU ZO! MY NAME IS GOHO-!?(30)

Hiiro: 「What Demon Lord are YOU trying to be!?(31)

The child had their head beaten once again as they were scolded.

Hiiro: 「You were influenced by books again, weren’t you? Although I’m always saying this, it’s fine to read a lot of books. However, stop imitating every little thing about the characters. I’m getting tired of it.」

Baka-Deshi: 「Y-yes desu zo……」

The child slumped over with a *shun*(32). Upon looking at the two, even Ornoth could only scratch his cheek.

Nikki: 「Let me revise! I am the number one disciple of Shishou, whom I have imposed upon greatly! My name is Nikki desu zo! If you want to refer to me affectionately, then Ni-cchan is fine desu zo!」

Ornoth: 「I-I see. I shall remember this.」

The one who was slightly relieved upon finally having heard their self-introduction was Ornoth.

Ornoth: 「And, the one over there?」

Hiiro: 「Why should I tell you? In the first place, just because you’ve named yourself doesn’t mean-」

Nikki: 「Hiiro Okamura-Shishou desu zo!」


The scene involuntarily hardened. Hiiro’s precious point had simply crumbled. And the individual that had caused it was proudly puffing their chest out as if they were gloating. It was the Baka-Deshi right next to Hiiro.


Nikki: 「Nyau-!(34)

This time, Hiiro had dropped his fist with a considerable amount of strength.

Nikki: 「O-Ow-! It hurts desu zo, Shishou!」

Hiiro: 「This fucking Baka-Deshi. Don’t go giving out people’s names without their permission!」

Nikki: 「Uu~ My apologies desu zo~」

Ornoth: 「W-well, in anycase, isn’t it fine since we’ve both established a mutual acquaintanceship?」

For some reason, Ornoth began to string words together, as if he were trying to arbitrate the situation. It was most likely due to feeling pity for Nikki who had been repetitively hit with a *poka poka*(35).

Hiiro had displayed an even more displeased expression as he folded his arms. However, as he did so-

??? 「Okamura…?」

A murmur that appeared to be seeking confirmation could be heard.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ *Batabata*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *clatter*.
  2. ^ TL Note: Japanese equivalent of 「Argh, geez.」.
  3. ^ Desu zo: A speech quirk.
  4. ^ *Pikuri*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *twitch*.
  5. ^ TL Note: RAW is urusai | うるさい. This is usually translated as ‘loud’ but can also mean annoying/bothersome/noisy.
  6. ^ *Piki*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *vein pop*.
  7. ^ *Don*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thud*.
  8. ^ TL Note: This is actually in the RAW. 不愉快面百パーセント. 不愉快 = Unpleasant/Moody/Disgruntled. 面 = Face. 百パーセント = 100%.
  9. ^ Nn: Japanese expression denoting interest/confusion.
  10. ^ *Suta-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *land*. Think of the sound your feet make after you fall to the ground.
  11. ^ *Pokan*: A variant of the Japanese onomatopoeia *Poka* meaning *impact*.
  12. ^ Nowa: A grunt of pain.
  13. ^ Oi: ‘Hey’.
  14. ^ Baka-Deshi: Baka-Deshi | バカ弟子 means Idiot (Baka) Disciple (Deshi).
  15. ^ TL Note: Nikki uses Boku | 僕, a variant of I that is often used by effeminate/passive males or tomboy-ish/aggressive females.
  16. ^ TL Note: Hai | はい = Yes. I’ve left this expression in Japanese because, in this context, the expression is used similarly to how a soldier would respond to their commanding officer. Yes, I’m aware that there are other variants that describe such a response better (eg. Renjya- | レンジャー). However, I believe that this should be expressed with the Jap as it fits the context better than just 「Yes!」.
  17. ^ TL Note: We are following Unlimited Novel Failures’ translation.
  18. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Think ‘yeah’ or ‘uh-huh’.
  19. ^ TL Note: RAW is yakamashii | やかましい. Can be interpreted as loud/annoying/noisy.
  20. ^ Uu: A groan of some sort.
  21. ^ *Bi-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *surprise*? I’m not convinced, but here:
  22. ^ *Fu-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *exhale*.
  23. ^ Mu: A Japanese expression denoting irritation/frustration.
  24. ^ TL Note: The RAW is written in Hiragana. The use of Hiragana instead of Kanji/Katakana often signifies lack of understanding. In this case, I have portrayed this by misspelling ‘Cruel’ as ‘Krual’.
  25. ^ *Kokun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *tilt*.
  26. ^ Naha-: A groan of some sort.
  27. ^ Eei: A Japanese expression denoting irritation.
  28. ^ *Gohon*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *ahem*.
  29. ^ TL Note: Diabolical Laughter.
  30. ^ Goho-: The sound of someone coughing/choking.
  31. ^ TL Note: RAW is お前はどこの魔王だ!. Literally translates to “What place’s Demon Lord are you?”. As this left much to be desired, I was a little bit more liberal with the trans.
  32. ^ *Shun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *droop*.
  33. ^ *Boko-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *bash*.
  34. ^ Nyau: A groan of pain.
  35. ^ *Poka Poka*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *pow pow*.

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What happened to KnW? - Update

An update. Because everyone seems to be so patient...

Chapter 98 & Insignia Pierce

I'm sure you guys already know about chapter 98. Insignia Pierce was courteous enough to place disclaimers explaining the situation so I won't go over it again. I'm still waiting for a reply from NB about whether or not they'll join our 'team'. I'll just say that I support them joining us.

New Editor?

We also got a new editor (Yosha!).
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Chapter 96?

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Chapter 95

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Basically, don't expect much for a while.

Re Translations?

Apparently, the editors of Re trans had some free time to edit KnW (I have no idea how they have free time with all their projects...but, thanks?). If you want an alternative to read, take these links:

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Current Status

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 96: The Conclusion, and Tearful Farewell


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Let me start by thanking LL and LB. Why? Because they did something they probably shouldn't have. (I'm still grateful, btw. Just not sure if it was a good choice...)

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Now, Chapter thoughts. This one made me feel several emotions. I'll sum it up:

  • Thought 1: This is long...
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  • Thought 3: The author's starting to get better at writing...
  • Thought 4: So much kanji...
  • Thought 5: ...I'm halfway to Camus x Hiiro. (I kinda wish Camus was a girl. Not that I'm against homo/yaoi or anything.)
  • Thought 6: ...listening to solemn classical music while TLing this was a bad idea. The feels...
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Chapter Stats

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  • Pummels: 2/16 Pages
  • XCrossJ (Editor)
  • ELYSION (Semi-proof-read)

Perspective: Third
Tense: Past
Format: XCrossJ
Expressions: Jap
Nicknames: Jap

Edit 1 (4/5/2015): Added Annotations/Notes. Fixed Error (Credit to Commentor: Zworden)

Update 1 (12/5/2015):

So apparently, someone thought that we hadn't translated Chapter 96 and decided to do it themselves.
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Regardless, I felt that they should get some credit for their work,
With regards to whether they'll join the team or not, I have no idea. They contacted NB so I have no clue as to their current status or even who they are...

Chapter 96: The Conclusion and Tearful Farewell

Camus: 「Jii-chan(1)…...stand back. The rest…...I’ll take care of it.」

Upon seeing Camus’ expression as he rushed towards Silva, Silva released a 「Hohou(2)」, as if admiring him.

Silva: 「Apparently, it seems that there will be no problems should I simply leave it to you, yes?」

Camus: 「Nn(3)… had me worried.」

Silva: 「Nofofofofo(4)! In which case, I shall bring down the other two. You are fine with me leaving you to take care of the main target, yes?」

Camus shook his head at Silva’s proposal.

Camus: 「Uun(5). Everything...I’ll do it. So just a bit…...please move away.」

Silva: 「Nofo?」

As Silva tilted his head to the side, he obediently followed Camus’ directions, falling slightly behind Camus as he stood, gazing at his back.

Camus intently stared at the Desert Monster.

Camus: 「Sorry...I...didn’t know.」

Desert Monster: 「Gururururu(6)!」

Further narrowing its sharp eyes, it raised a growl as it seemed to be targeting Camus.

Camus: 「...taking on such an appearance...the one in most pain is...Tou-chan(7), right? That’s why...I.」

Saying this, Camus proceeded to take out a single katana. As one would wonder what he was thinking, he applied the blade to his arm. Following this-


In that state, Camus moved the blade, wounding his own arm. Of course, after the sound of tearing flesh was heard, red blood flowed out of the wound.

*pota pota pota*...(9)

Obviously, the blood fell onto the sand near Camus’ feet, abiding by the laws of gravity. Camus returned the katana to its original sheath. As Hiiro and Silva were unaware of the reasons behind his conduct,  they simply watched over him with blank expressions. However, as they did so, the part of blood-dampened sand near Camus’ feet began to gradually spread out.

Camus: 「My blood...has infected it.」


The ground began to faintly shake. It was as if an earthquake had just occurred. Following this, the part of the sand that had become red rose, floating in midair. The amount of sand was equivalent to the size of a single car.

Camus: 「The current me...can only wield this amount of sand, but…」

The sand that had been dyed blood red began to move with a *uneune*(11). It gathered above Camus’ right hand, which was extended towards the sky. Following this, the sand soared further up towards the sky, the large mass of sand dividing into finer, smaller parts.

As the split parts were just about the size of marbles, the numbers of the sand marbles were so plentiful it would be rather difficult to count them all. The numerous marble sized parts remained floating in the sky.

Camus: 「... Red Idol. …… Here it comes.」

Camus’ gaze sharply narrowed.

Camus: 「Model-Rain.」


The cluster of small spheres shot forward with tremendous velocity, their path of flight aimed towards the three monsters. It was almost as if it were red rain.

Desert Monster: 「Giiiiiiiiiiiii!?」

While raising clouds of sand, the cluster of sand spheres mercilessly pierced the bodies of the monsters as if they were bullets.

Hiiro: 「Hou(13).」

Seeing the spectacle, Hiiro released a voice of admiration.

Hiiro: (If I remember correctly, blood itself is magic power. When blood is shed onto the sand, one is able to control the sand as they wish, huh…not bad(14), Nitouryuu.(15))

Although the risk of losing blood was present, it seemed that Camus had gained the ability to freely control the sand to his will as compensation.

As the clouds of sand cleared, there were two dead bodies of monsters that had completely been riddled with holes. Furthermore, one more desert monster seemed to have completely guarded the attack with its tail. As such, although its tail had been completely left in tatters, there was not a single scratch present on its body.

Desert Monster: 「Gurururururururu!」

Camus: 「 I thought, it’s hard.」

As Camus appeared to mutter as he said thus, he raised his right arm, directing it towards the sky. As he did so, the red sand that seemed to have sunk into the desert once again gathered towards him.

Camus: 「, the only remaining one is him, uun, it!(16)

Desert Monster: 「Guraaaaaaaaaaaa-!」

Whether or not it was caused by its anger voltage maxing out, the monster immediately charged towards Camus from its location. As it kicked up the sand, the force of propulsion caused grains of sand to fly into the air.

Camus: 「Model-Wall.」

A red wall was immediately formed(17) before Camus’ eyes.


Although the monster simply charged into it-

Camus: 「If it’s only this won’t break.」

It was as Camus’ words had indicated, even though it had received a rush from the monster that seemed to contain incredible amounts of destructive power, the red wall did not budge at all.

Camus: 「Model-Knuckle.」

As the sand(19) had formed into the shape of a large fist, Camus aimed a punch towards the monster.

Desert Monster: 「Gururaa-!?」

As it had received quite the significant impact, the monster’s face distorted as it was launched away. The monster that had charged into the pile of sand staggered to its feet, grinding its teeth with a *girigiri*(20) as the monster’s murderous intent began to swell.

Camus: 「...even this is no good.」

As Hiiro was also observing the situation-

Hiiro: (Even though that should have quite a lot of destructive power, it was unable to destroy the sand Camus was wearing, huh…...I guess that means it must be considerably dense.)

Although the red sand seemed to harbor considerable hardness, Camus was still unable to penetrate the monster’s armor.

Hiiro: (Now then, what’ll you do Nitouryuu?)

Hiiro watched over Camus from a distance. Camus began to once again change the form of his red sand.

As the monster saw this, it also began to similarly manipulate the sand. A large wave of sand assaulted Camus.

Camus: 「’s pointless.」


The red sand began to move while drawing a circle.

Camus: 「Model-Storm(22).」

The sand that began to swirl around like a tornado was directed towards the approaching wave of sand.


Both sides collided, grinding together as if they were blades locked in a competition of close quarters. Then-


The side that lost was the wave. Once again, the sand returned to normal as it dispersed. Upon seeing this, Camus solemnly knitted his eyebrows.

Camus: 「...wrong.」

Desert Monster: 「Guru?」

Camus:「It’s wrong. Tou-chan is…...more amazing…...more skilled….more powerful.」

As if he were glaring, Camus directed his line of sight towards the monster with a *ki-*(25).

Camus: 「You are…...Tou-chan but…’re not Tou-chan!」

The red sand once again changed shaped above Camus’ right hand.

Camus: 「Model-Hammer(26).」

This time, two large sledge hammers were formed. Following this, they headed towards the monster’s location with tremendous velocity. One was positioned below, as if it were trying to lift the monster upwards.

Desert Monster: 「Gurua-!?」

As the monster was sent soaring into the skies, what was waiting for it high above was the second sledge hammer. This time, the hammer was swung towards the ground.


Of course, the defeated monster fell downwards in such a state. However, in front of it was another sledge hammer. This time, the hammer tried to thrust upwards, similar before. 


As the monster was once again launched skyward, in its path of flight, the other sledgehammer, that was facing the ground, was swung downwards. This was repeated many times.

Desert Monster: 「Gugi-! Gagi-! Ruga-!」

It was almost as if they were playing ping pong. The monster that had just became the ball was violently bounced back and forth between the two hammers. However, because of this-


Fissures began forming throughout the monster’s body, the sand gradually being stripped away. In addition, a green fluid began to scatter from the monster’s body. This fluid was the monster’s blood. The monster’s arms bended, its tail was also crushed and destroyed. The fact that its blood began to flow meant that all of the sand that it was enveloped in began to erode away(30).

The sledgehammer looming over high in the sky finally slammed the monster into the ground. As its face distorted in agony, the monster tried to desperately stand as its body trembled.

As Camus took out a pair of katanas from his back, he breathed deeply.

Camus: 「......I’ll end this…...Tou-chan.」

In doing so, perhaps feeling fear from Camus’ blood thirst, the monster attempted to escape underground. However-


The monster was seeking to dig into the sand with both hands, yet, it stiffened upon seeing the ground. The reason for this was because the land that should have contained heat, due to the current location being a desert, was now, for some reason, adrift with cool air. The ground had been converted to ice.

Hiiro: 「Like I’d let you escape.(32)

As Camus was also surprised, he turned towards Hiiro. As he did so, he saw Hiiro crouched down, writing something onto the ground.

「Frost Conversion」 | 『氷結化』

This was the result of using a Three-Word spell for the first time. The result was being able to transform the surface of the nearby desert into a land of ice within an instant. It’s effective range seemed to be tremendous. From what one could see, even the place where the 『Ashura Tribe』 were fighting further away seemed to have frozen over.

Although it seemed that everyone was puzzled by the abrupt change in the situation, the one who was actually the most bewildered was Hiiro.

Hiiro: ( think that it possessed this amount of effective range. This is certainly a big surprise.)

As expected, the effect did not encompass the entire desert. Even so, compared to the one-word spell’s range of four tatami mats, the effective range was quite frightening. Although he had maintained his poker face, the fact that his mind was racing(33) remained Hiiro’s secret.

Hiiro: 「Now! Finish it, Nitouryuu!」

As it suddenly occurred to him upon hearing Hiiro’s words, Camus once again placed strength into his entire body. Following this, Camus rushed towards the monster from that position at full speed.

Desert Monster: 「Guru!?」

The monster rose to its feet, as if in a panic. In the face of the sudden change in the environment, as well as receiving Camus’ murderous intent straight ahead, the monster fell into a state of confusion, its body rendered rigid and immobile.

Camus: 「Haaaaaaa-!」


Desert Monster: 「Guraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-!?」

The two swords pierced the sphere that was at the monster’s core. Camus’ face stiffened as he clenched his teeth. As he saw blood flowing out of the mouth of the monster who was imitating his father’s face, Camus’ expression darkened as he felt the sensation of taking its life.

As he pulled out the pair of katanas, the monster simply fell on its back with a *dosa*(35), its waist bent.

Camus: 「Haa haa haa haa haa……」(36)

Although it could be said that he had saved everyone from the monster’s terror, Camus’ face was not coloured with a shade of joy. In contrast, his body was trembling, his head was faced downwards, and he wore a melancholic expression.

Desert Monster: 「Gufu-!」

The monster spat out a large amount of blood. The movement of the monster’s core began to calm. At the same time, its sharp, red eyes that was constantly blurred with hostility began to gradually transform into pupils harboring a purple light.

Rigund: 「............Ca…...mus……」

As if it were surprised that Camus was able to take action to such extent(37), it widened its eyes. Following this, Camus stared at the sprawled out monster with a feeling of disbelief. The monster only moved its line of sight towards Camus’ direction.

Rigund: 「......Camus」

This time, there could not be any mistake. That voice and those eyes. Without a doubt, they were something that Camus recognized.

Camus: 「Tou…...-chan……?」

The swords that he held in both hands fell to the ground with a *dosu-*(38). Following this, he rushed towards the monster that had fallen to its knees.

Camus: 「Tou-chan!」
Rigund: 「......Camus…...sorry.」
Camus: 「Uun…...Uun…...Uun!」

Camus shook his head over and over again in denial. From his eyes flowed a large amount of tears.

Rigund: 「But… did good, Camus.」
Camus: 「Tou-chan!」

The two people that were close, Hiiro and Silva, also approached. Following this, although the two’s eyes met and expressed bewilderment, they simply watched over Camus and Rigund silently.

Rigund: 「Sorry…...because of me, you were made to do something this painful……」

Camus: 「Uun…...Uun! Because I’m the chief…...I will protect my comrades…...Tou-chan is the same!(39)

Rigund: 「Hahaha…...I see………….you’ve matured. Huh, Camus.」

Camus: 「T-tou-chan……」

Rigund: 「You’ve become…...chief, huh……ha ha, even in that respect, you are my son……」

While faintly smiling, Rigund stretched his trembling left hand little by little, placing it on top of Camus’ head.

Rigund: 「You’ve…...become strong, huh.」

Camus: 「Higu…...gusu……(40)

As Camus snorted(41), a teardrop fell onto the sand.

Rigund: 「Although…...I was mostly unconscious, I felt it. Your strength.」

Camus: 「......really?」

Rigund: 「Aa, you’ve become stronger but…...even so, in order to reach my level…’ve got a long way to go.」

Camus; 「......sorry. It would have been better…...if I released Tou-chan sooner.」

Rigund: 「............ha ha, I’m really happy(42).」

Camus; 「Tou-chan?」

Rigund: 「Unlike your mother that passed away earlier…...I was able to see your matured figure before my very own eyes.」

Camus’ mother passed away from illness soon after she had given birth to him. Ever since then, Rigund decided in his heart to raise Camus into a respectable person. However, as the desert monster incident occurred, Rigund was ultimately only able to raise Camus with his own hands for a short period of a few years. For him, that was something that he should deeply regret.

However, as he was able to see the figure of Camus having become a splendid person-

Rigund: 「This…...should be a good tale to tell them(43).」

The ‘them’ that Rigund referred to was obviously Camus’ deceased mother. Rigund placed strength in his arm as he began to stroke Camus’ head.

Rigund: 「Listen Camus……」

Camus: 「......w-what is it?」

Rigund: 「The culprit that did this to me was that man……be careful of 《Scar-face》.」

Camus: 「《Scar-face》......」

Camus recalled the individual that had assaulted them while riding on top of the Desert Tortoise’s shell. That person certainly possessed a cross shaped scar on their cheek.

Rigund: 「That guy…...he said he was testing something…….what he was testing, I have no idea but, it can’t be anything good. Yet…...he also said that…...he had no more use for this desert.」

Yet, even so, there was still the possibility that they may come again. Thus, Rigund told Camus to remain cautious.

Camus: 「It’s ok…...I will protect…...everyone.」

Upon seeing Camus’ expression filled with resolve, Rigund blissfully slackened his cheeks.

Rigund: 「Ha ha, you’ve still got a long way to go. Your sand manipulation is still -gufu-!(44)

Camus: 「Tou-chan!」

Rigund once again vomited blood as his agony began to show. As his breathing grew rough, his feet began to crumble as if it were made of sand.

Camus: 「Tou-chan! Your feet!?」

Rigund: 「Haa haa haa haa…...listen…...Camus.」

Camus: 「Tou-chan!」

Rigund: 「Listen up……*goho goho*(45)! Haa haa haa haa…...become stronger…...go…...surpass me.」

Camus: 「Tou-chan…...un…...un! Un un! I vill…...ged stronger…...I vill, zo…..」(46)

As he discharge a large amount of tears and snot, it was hard to make out what Camus was saying. Yet, Rigund was simply smiling.

Camus: 「I von’t loze…...tu anywan…...I von’t lose-! Dat’z wai...dat’z waii-!」(47)

The area around Rigund’s neck had already turned to sand, dancing in the breeze.

Rigund: 「I’ll be watching over you… most cherished son.」

Following this, Rigund’s entire body returned to the sand.

Camus: 「Dat’z waiiii-! Don’t worriiiiiiiiiiii-!」(48)

In this moment, the struggle against the monster of the desert had truly come to an end. Even though it was a conclusion filled with sorrow, Camus had obtained many things from the incident.

As Camus gazed up at the sand dancing in the sky, he strongly tightened his mouth. Although he possessed androgynous features, the expression he was wearing clearly belonged to the face of a man. As he was shouldering what had been entrusted to him by his father, it was the face of a slightly larger individual.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Jii-chan: An informal/rude way of addressing an elderly male. Alt Trans: Gramps.
  2. ^ Hohou: An expression of intrigue.
  3. ^ Nn: An expression denoting puzzlement (I think).
  4. ^ Nofofo: Silva's laugh.
  5. ^ Uun: Different from Un. An expression of denial. Alt Trans: No.
  6. ^ TL Note: I’m not gonna bother describing every single noise that comes out of the monster’s mouth. I’m fairly certain that you guys are smart enough to figure out what they mean.
  7. ^ Tou-chan: An informal (and rather cute) way of addressing a fatherly figure. Alt Trans: 'Daddy'.
  8. ^ *Tsu-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *slice* (I think?). Think of an appropriate sfx that fits the context.
  9. ^ *Pota*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *drip*.
  10. ^ *Gogogo*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *rumble*.
  11. ^ *Uneune*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *meandering* (what the?). Here:
  12. ^ *Hyun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *woosh* (man, this is corny…). Here:
  13. ^  Hou: A variant of Hohou. An expression of intrigue.
  14. ^ TL Note: The phrase used here is yaruna | やるな which essentially is ‘way to go’. It can also be interpreted as ‘not bad’, thus, I opted for the later as I feel it fits Hiiro’s character.
  15. ^ Nitouryuu: Hiiro's nickname for Camus. Nitouryuu | 二刀流 literally means 2 blade style.
  16. ^ TL Note: Phrases used here are Hitori | 一人 and Ippiki | 一匹. The difference is between the differentiation. Hitori is used exclusively for humans. Ippiki is used for non-humans (objects/things/stuff). Not 100% sure about what ippiki is used for, but the main point is that Camus differentiates the monster from human.
  17. ^ TL Note: RAW is Dekiagaru | 出来上がる. Used formed as ‘completed’ didn’t really fit context.
  18. ^ *Dogo*: Japanese onomatopoeia for Light Impact
  19. ^ TL Notes
    • XJ: Sand is not mentioned in the RAW. Making assumptions.
    • EL: What can Camus use besides sand? \o/
    • XJ: Just making a note of it.
  20. ^ *Girigiri*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *grind*.
  21. ^ *Byun*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *zoom*.
  22. ^ TL Note: Kanji is tatsumaki | 竜巻 meaning 'tornado'. Furigana states 'storm' ストーム.
  23. ^ *Gigi*: Japanese onomatopoeia describing the sound of swords grinding together.
  24. ^ *Busha*: Japanese onomatopoeia describing the sound of sand dispersing (not sure).
  25. ^ *Ki-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *glare*.
  26. ^ TL Note: Kanji is outsuchi | 大槌 meaning sledge hammer. Furigana is ハンマー meaning Hammer.
  27. ^ *Baki-*: Sound of impact.
  28. ^ *Boki-*: Similar to *Baki-*.
  29. ^ TL Note: Cracking sounds.
  30. ^ TL Note: RAW is hageta | 剥げた. Used ‘erode away’ instead of ‘peel off’ as it fits Eng better.
  31. ^ *Pishi*: Hard to explain, depending on which context you use. Here:
  32. ^ TL Note: The RAW is 潜らせるかよ. I’m using ‘escape’ to make it flow better in English.
  33. ^ TL Note: RAW is 内心ではドキドキしていた. It literally translates to ‘mind is thumping’. I chose racing, because...well...a thumping brain?
  34. ^ *Bushu-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *slash*. Here:
  35. ^ *Dosa*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thud*. Here:
  36. ^ TL Note: Camus panting. Interpret anyway you wish.
  37. ^ TL Note: I’m sorry. I’m not too sure about this line. Any who have better interpretations are welcome to suggest them to me.
    • RAW: カミュはこれでもかと言わんばかりに目を見開く。
  38. ^ *Dosu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *drop*. Here:
  39. ^ TL Note: RAW is 父ちゃんと同じだよ!This can be interpreted in the following ways:
    • Camus will protect his comrades like his father did.
    • His father is a comrade that Camus will protect.
  40. ^ TL Note: Camus crying. I can’t be bothered trying to explain it now...
  41. ^ TL Note: …*cringes at the word snort*
  42. ^ TL Note: RAW is 俺は幸せ者だな. Literally means ‘I'm a happy person’. Left much to be desired, thus, the liberal trans.
  43. ^ TL Note: RAW is 良い土産話ができたな. Reworked to make it flow better. 
  44. ^ TL Note: Rigund coughed mid sentence.
  45. ^ *Goho*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *cough*.
  46. ^ TL Note: Camus’ speech becomes garbled. Here’s the proper English:
    • 「I will…...get stronger…...I will, so……」
  47. ^ TL Note: Camus’ speech becomes garbled. Here’s the proper English:
    • 「I won’t lose… anyone…...I won’t lose-! That’s why…...that’s why~-!」
  48. ^ TL Note: Camus’ speech becomes garbled. Here’s the proper English:
    • 「That’s why~~~-! Don’t worry~~~~~-!」