Username/Alias: XCrossJ - XJ

Titles: Guy that does whatever he wants | A Jack of all trades, a Master of None | Hikikomori(Self-Proclaimed) | Otaku(Self-Proclaimed) | Loner | Persona User | Cynic | Selfish | Lazy | Sleepy | Not a Butler | Punintentionally Likes Puns | Someone that should probably get help, but doesn't cause he's too lazy |

Gender: Identifies as Male

Blood Type: C#

Class: Half-Asser

Reddit Account: XCrossJ (For Proof. Posted April 26)

Skills: Musician(Kinda) | Translator(Amateur) | Editor(Amateur) | Programmer(Amateur) | Music Sheet Maker(Amateur) | Composer(To a degree) | Arranger(When I'm bored) | Persona | Can sleep anywhere, anytime | Passive-Aggressive Writing | Apathy | Sarcasm |

Current Projects:
  • Translation
    • Main Project:
      • Konjiki no Word Master (Translator/Editor)
    • Sub Projects:
      • Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de (Translator/Editor)
      • Isekai Mahou Okureteru (Translator)?
  • ProJeX - ???
  • Real Life...


Who are you?

I believe that I am an entity that you, whoever you are, may refer to as XCrossJ.

What is this?

A bunch of digits which are registered by the CPU you are using to view this as a string of characters that forms a question that many of those familiar with the English language may or may not comprehend.

For those viewing this via image rather than device, then these are shapes and squiggly lines that are sent to your eyes via light and imprinted on your retina, where it sends a signal to an organ of the human body called the brain. From there, the brain perceives such information sent and comprehends it as a set of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and the like that hold meaning should they be able to decipher such code.

What is this blog (seriously)?

(For those of you that can't read the blog description.)
A blog made to contain all the stuff that I, XCrossJ, do in my spare time.

What do you do?

I exist. I live. I breathe. I eat. I sleep. I study. I think...therefore, I am.

In my free time, I play music and work (kinda) as a translator/editor. Incidentally, the translation project I'm working on is Konjiki no Word Master.

Where are you?

Somewhere that I do not feel like disclosing. If you're smart, you'd go and compare this blog's clock with your own and find out roughly where I am. (Or, you'd look at the web address and realize that my country's location is blatantly obvious.)

What's your Japanese level?

Don't know. I can speak fluently enough to survive half-a-month in Japan (I haven't really tried past that). I've been told my grammar is on about the same level as a Grade 4 Uni student, while my Kanji reading is Grade 2 Uni student, but...meh. Does that really mean anything? I haven't really taken any tests, so...

Are you a Machine-Assisted Translator?

Yes. As my Kanji reading level is quite low, I have to consult Mr. Google Translate for some help. I use my grammar skills to fix up the mess, though.

How long does it take you to translate?

Depends. Quickest is about 1 chapter = 2 hours. Longest about 6-8 hours. As such, I don't really give prior warnings for my translations as I tend to do it all in one go.

Can I marry you?

While I am currently single, I am not so desperate as to seek help from the internet about any potential romantic partners. At least, not yet...

Can I worship you?

I don't really mind? I don't really care? How should I answer here? Just do it within reason? And don't get yourself hurt, cause I won't be held responsible for any of your actions?

Do you care that you stole the previous question from Yoraikun?

No. Because someone actually asked me this.

When's the next chapter coming out?

...look. If info's not there, then I don't know. If info's somewhere else and not there, then I don't know or probably asleep, or probably too lazy to change it or haven't gotten around to it yet.

How do you feel about reusing content?

If you're here about my sheets, then just use them. It'd be nice if you could give me credit, but otherwise take em and use them. That's what they're made for.

If you're here about my translations, then I don't really mind. In the case that you do, please give credit where credit is due. It would be nice if I was informed about said decisions, but meh. Don't really care. Also, please don't make cash out of it. This is meant to be a free translation.

Can you edit a chapter for me?

Sure. I don't really mind. All I can say is that, as I am busy, I may or may not finish the edit with great quality/speed.

What's a 'Rough Edit'?

When I edit, I usually compare the translation with it's Japanese counterpart. As such, I often compare line by line which takes me quite a bit of time. A Rough Edit is where I assume the translation is 100% correct, scan it for any grammatical/spelling errors, and push it out as is.

Chapter Reservations?

Ok. So I'm not at the head of this project. I can run your request by NetBlazer or Yoraikun, but expect a delay of a few hours to a few days, in which time the chapter may or may not be translated.

I don't like your blog's format. Can you change it?


Are you going to change it?



Because I like the format.

But I don't like it...

So? I am not your slave. This blog is not yours. It is mine. Thus, I will format my blog and/or works as I like. If you have an issue with my formatting, I suggest you do one of the following:

  1. Copy and paste whatever work you want to read into text editing software. Then format as you please.
  2. Read the pdf collection of the chapters.
  3. Don't come here...

When is the next chapter coming out?

How should I know? (...really?)

But you're a translator?

Your point? I have already stated quite a few times that I will translate when I translate. It is not a matter of schedule, it is a matter of availability. As for the other translators, we don't really talk to each other unless we are discussing viable translations for certain terms or other topics that concern us. If you're really curious, go ask them.

I found a mistake...

Thank you in advance. Please post a comment on the chapter where the mistake occurred. Also, state the mistake and outline the reason for why it's a mistake. Should I deem it worthy of an edit, I will credit your username for finding such mistake.

Why am I here?

...how should I know?


Alright, after looking at Yoraikun's page, I figured I needed one of these, so...yeah.

Legal Disclaimer

I do not own any of the original material. While I am/was responsible for translations posted on this blog, I am in no shape or form taking ownership of original works.

With that said, I am not making money off of this project. I am doing this for fun, and will keep doing this for fun until somehow prevented. Any form of donations will probably go into something not worth the money so, unless you feel like burning money, you're probably better off paying the actual author of Konjiki no Wordmaster. And no. I will not tell you who it is if you're too lazy to look it up yourself. Just go Google it.

Quality Disclaimer

I am not an authority on the Japanese language. While I have learnt Japanese for several years, I am still learning and pretty much an amateur.

As such, I am unable to guarantee the accuracy, legitimacy, and quality of my translations. While I do have standards that I aim to pass, I am still a beginner translator (that has only been translating since March 2015) so...yeah?

Time Disclaimer

Guess what? I'm a human being. I live in a plane of existence that possesses a large mass made up of a substantial amount of granite that many refer to as the planet Earth, where I spend my time somewhere in the southern hemisphere doing whatever it is I do.

As I am not a person that can afford to spend massive amounts of time on his hobbies, due to restrictions in a game called 'Real Life', I am unable to guarantee a set time of release for my translations. I will try and strive for at least one a week, but don't count on it.

I have a lot of things that I need to do, and frankly, I need to secure my future.


  1. Is it normal to read all of this? Cause well I just did...

  2. i just curious are your blood type is AB? its fun to read it all ^_^ hahaha

  3. Excuse me. rei_hunter has asked me to ask you to read this:


    1. Thanks for the info. I'll see what I can do. Once again, I'm not the head of the project. NetBlazer is. I'll try and see if I can influence some sort of change, but...yeah.

  4. After reading here and there... I'm thinking of worship you... by sharing your work and subscribe you here and there..
    b-but... it's not until a level where I make a small doll of you, or stealing your underwear, then worship it on an altar...
    (maybe I'll do that)

    1. R-right...
      Well, you do you. As I'm sure you've read the above, I don't mind. Just don't hurt yourself.
      ...also, if I'm missing a pair...I'll know who took them...

  5. Hum... i just want to ask, what mean '' (Awaiting Quality Control...) '' on the chapters page ? .-.
    I really want to know *__________________*
    And if somebody will make the quality control, who is this person ? xD

    1. Ok. So there appears to be some demand from the community about some sort of quality control being implemented. Basically, we review the translation to make sure it is of sufficient quality.
      The quality control process involves comparing RAW with TL, editing, proof reading English, etc.
      As for who, if you look in Progress Report, it usually states who is apart of the quality control process. (It's called progress report for a reason...)

  6. I have question about translations of first 18 chapters. In first chapter in status window of Hiiro he have 23 INT and in fourth chapter he hace 17 INT. Both are for lvl 1. Can you tell me wchich is correct? I make my private edirion of KNW translations and i would like to have it right. Thank you for the help.

    1. I had never noticed this before. From what I can tell by looking at the RAWs, it is exactly as you have said. Now, since I'm not the author, I unfortunately cannot tell you which one is truly correct. Sorry.

  7. Looking at how weird this can be calculated (I think author makes it totally random) on 2 lvl he have 25 more MP (145 total) and 25 INT (chapter 6 status window) and on 7 lvl he have total 250 MP and 37 INT the correct value of his 1 lvl INT should be 17.
    And it is not only based on calculations but on my assumption that author thought "Hmm lvl 2 status window have 25 INT so lets make his 1 lvl INT lower cause 23 feels too high". While thinking that and correcting the script he forgot to change it in chapter 1.
    These are my thoughts on that.

    1. Yeah, what you say seems logical. Like I said, I don't really have authority to say one or the other so just decide which one you believe is best.

  8. First of all I love how you have answered the "who are you?" and "what is this?". They are very intelligent, witty and make me laugh. I first found this WN on yoraikuns website after i started reading the manga and realized that he was translationg it. I eventually found my way here and have been using this site ever since to read this Wonderful story. Thank you guys for all of your wonderful translations and hard work. I find it funny how you have more transla5or than quality checkers. I can see that the chapter are so close to release but so many still need just a little proofreading before you do so. Thanks again for all that you guys do. I love you "WordMaster translation". Possible group name

    1. Thanks for the comment. It really lifts my spirits to see people appreciating this sort of literature (as well as not bugging me over when the next release will be).
      I'm glad that you've enjoyed yourself.
      I also find it quite peculiar that we've got more translators than quality checkers. Almost ironic(?) considering that there are a lot more who have the skills for editing yet don't volunteer.
      Thanks for the group name suggestion. I'll ask NB about it.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hard to say. Depends on the Translator.
      My Unedited Chapters often take me about 2-10 minutes to finish editing it.
      Others can take 2-3 hours.

    2. I wans't talking about the time, but how rough is the translation? Makes no sense google translate, or it makes sense, but really need to be changed to something better to read.

    3. Well, does ELYSION's unedited trans give you an idea of the quality? That's one of the better ones?

  10. Hey I was wondering if you were looking for editors?

    1. We're not looking for them but you can join if you want?
      Contact me here: xcrossj.mayonakasignal@gmail.com

  11. well. xcross i want to ask something ( maybe sound stupid )
    is KnW you and co translate is from WN or LN ? i just want to know because when i look at wiki i found one character that didn't exist.
    thanks for translating this by the way.

    1. We translate the Web Novel. The character that I think you are talking about appears later on in the Web Novel yet makes an early appearance in the Light Novel.

  12. Chapter 130 isn't on the KnW chapter list.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. http://xcrossj.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/my-circumstances.html
      I'm a bit busy so I'll update it when I can.

    2. No problem. I was just letting you know.

  13. This is some cool stuff xD

  14. Umm...Where can I (if possible at all) apply to be an editor or proof reader for KnW?

  15. Here:


  16. Help I think someone killed, kidnaped ,blackmailed or other ways of having a person MIA. Someone help this loli god.

  17. Hi, xcrossJ. I noticed many chapters were missing from Konjiki no mojo Takai etc, chapter 100, 102.. The link towards the site was removed. Can you advice me where I may be able to find them?

  18. Is there another way to read chapter 135 or will loliquent be put back up? Thank you.