This page was made if, for any reason, you decide that you would like to donate to me or somehow allow me to generate some income.

Donation Button:

I'll get the disclaimers out of the way.

This page is not:

  • A fundraiser
  • A charity
  • A means of wasting your time
  • A plea for viewers to give me money
  • An investment into faster production of works
  • A donation for any sort of translation projects

This page is:

  • A medium in which people who are generous enough may be able to return the favor by giving me income
  • An attempt by me to possibly (not definitely) get something in return for my work.

By donating to me, you understand that:

  • It is not compulsory
  • You are doing something you really shouldn't.
  • I am allowed to do with said money as I wish, including (but not limited to) the following:
    • Purchasing consumables
    • Purchasing Coke Zero to satiate my addiction
    • Purchasing games/electronics in order to alleviate my boredom
    • Burning money...(probably won't happen)
    • Storing it in a bank and waiting for it to amass interest
  • Regardless of donations, I will continue to output my works as I always have been.
  • You are investing in me, the entity XCrossJ, and not my works, music, translations, etc.


  1. donation buttons really have come to be used in weird ways lately :P

    I can see why you dedicate not just a post but a whole page to explaining your use of it xD

    less coke lol, Pepsi is better. ;P oh and get the occasional pizza too xD (real Italian not western ;) )

    1. What can I say? I prefer coke to pepsi.
      Also, I'm sick of pizza...I've had too much of it.

  2. u should drink more WATA :)

  3. I added this page in my Donate folder.
    I would like to donate good amount. Please update Index of KnW.
    It is not possibly possible to be Perfect in everything, but at least after you TL you update your Index soon after. Like 5 minutes after TLing ?