Konjiki no Word Master


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Gluttonous and book-loving "loner" high school student Okamura Hiiro finds himself flying into a different world, along with his happy-go-lucky classmates!

The four classmates are frolicking around after seeing that they all have the title of "Hero", but Hiiro's title was..."Innocent Bystander"?!

Hiiro starts his adventure by himself with his word magic, the power to embody the image of a word and aims for new landsǃ

(Synopsis taken from Baka Tsuki)

Original Title: Konjiki no Word Master | 金色の文字使い

English Title: The Golden Word Master

Subtitle: The Unique Cheat of the Man Dragged in by the Four Heroes

Author: Tomoto Sui | 十本スイ

Website: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n7031bs/

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Translation Team

For those interested, the people who are involved (as far as I know) in this translation project are:
-Yoraikun 4.0 lite (YK) - AKA Worse than Garbage / White Demon
-NetBlazer (NB)
-XCrossJ (XJ) - AKA The Half-Asser
-CapsUsingShift (Caps)
-Night Raccoon (NR)
-Dalmenuis (Dal)
-ELYSION (EL) - AKA Hater's Magnet
-Pummels (Pums) - New Addition
-Loliquent (LQ) - New Addition
-Pork Supreme (Pork) - New Addition (Editor)
-Insignia Pierce (IP) - New Addition
-Kiriko (Kiri) - New Addition
-Nick - New Addition (Translator/Editor)
-Leo - New Addition (Proofreader at the moment...)
-Sachin - New Addition (Editor) (I think?)


So here is where I'm going to host most of the chapters that I do and link to where the other chapters are:

Alt Edit by Re Translations' Editors (Chapters 36-71):

Alt Edit by Re Translations' Editors (Chapters 77-94):

Arc 1: The Wanderer with the Unique Cheat

Unlimited Novel Failures KnW Teaser collection contains:

Chapter 1: Dragged into another World
Chapter 2: Classmates
Chapter 3: Magic and Magic Power
Chapter 4: Word Magic
Chapter 5: As for the Heroes
Chapter 6: The Battle against Demons
Chapter 7: Bon Voyage!
Chapter 8: An average guy that won't work for free
Chapter 9: Sword Encounter
Chapter 10: Evila
Chapter 11: Conference in the Demon Country
Chapter 12: Desire for Meat
Chapter 13: Tasting the Aqua Hound Meat
Chapter 14: First Comrades?
Chapter 15: The Heroes hear Rumours about him
Chapter 16: Raer Festival
Chapter 17: Guild Master
Chapter 18: A Method to pass the Check Point

The following are individual chapters translated by a variety of generous people:

Chapter 19: Encounter: A Unique Monster (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 28: Faerie's Garden (TL: Victor Chen)
Chapter 30: Rumors of War (TL: Victor Chen)
Chapter 36: Demon King's Resolve (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 38: Arnold's Master (TL: NetBlazer)
Chapter 39: The Unstoppable War (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 41: Interruption of War (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Country (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 43: Rarashik's Ability (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 44: Muir's Test Complete (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 45: The Gabranth's Roots (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 46: Hiiro's Decision (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 47: Arnold's Other Objective (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 49: Hiiro and the Girl (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 50: Mimiru and the Boy (TL: NetBlazer)
Chapter 51: Promise between the Two (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 52: Arnold and Company's Suspicions (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 53: Identity of the Ghost and Friends (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 54: A New Journey (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 55: That Bird, Again! (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 57: One Month Later (TL:NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 58: Now, to the Evila Continent! (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 59: The Threat of the Grand Slime (TL:NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 60: Collapsing Butler? (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 61: Insightful Butler - Silva (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 62: New Pervert(Companion)? (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 63: Venom Mountain (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 64: The Fight with the Cactus Man (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 65: Towards the Mansion (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 66: The Chaotic Trio (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 67: The Devious Girl - Liliyn (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 68: The Finesse of a Butler (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)

Arc 2: Into the Demon World

Chapter 69: Majuu Girl - Shamoe (TL: Dalmenuis | XCrossJ)
Chapter 70: Little Girl - Strong? Weak? (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 71: The Little Girl's Invitation (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 72: The Visiting Red Rain (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 73: The SS Ranked Monster (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 74: The Origin of the Red Rain (TL: Open Trans, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 75: The Apologizing Maid (TL: ELYSION, E: NetBlazer)
Chapter 76: Contract with a Demon? (TL: Open Trans, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 77: New Travelling Companions (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 78: The Servant's Worries (TL: ELYSION, E: Dalmenuis)
Chapter 79: And now, towards the Journey (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 80: The Heroes One Month Later (TL: Open Trans, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 81: Various Expectations (TL: Open Trans, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 82: To the First Destination (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 83: Battle in Raohrb Desert (TL: ELYSION)
Chapter 84: The Ashura Tribe (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 85: Liliyn and Sivan (TL: NetBlazer)
Chapter 86: Ashura's Tenacity (TL: Loliquent, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 88: Camus' True Power (TL: ELYSION, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 89: Hiiro vs Camus (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 90: The Conclusion (TL: ELYSION | Loliquent, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 91: Camus' Resolve (TL: NetBlazer)
Chapter 92: United Front (TL: Pummel, E: NB | Dal, P: XJ)
Chapter 93: New Word Magic Ability...and Title (TL: Open Trans, E: XCrossJ | Dalmenuis)
Chapter 94: Confrontation, the Monster of the Desert (TL: Yoraikun, E: Dalmenuis)
Chapter 95: Resolve (TL: Open Trans, E: Dal | Pork | XJ, P: XJ)
Chapter 96: The Conclusion, and Tearful Farewell (TL: Open Trans, E: XJ, P: EL)
Chapter 97: Rebound of Word Magic (TL: Pummel)
Chapter 98: Tasting the Food! Ashura Nabe (TL: Insignia Pierce)
Chapter 99: Intoxicated Comrades (TL: Loliquent)

Arc 3: The War Between Races (52%)

Chapter 100: After Half a Year (TL: Loliquent, E: Pork Supreme, PF: NetBlazer)
Chapter 101: Prelude to the Meeting (TL: Insignia Pierce | Yoraikun)
Chapter 102: The Demon Lord, to the Human World (TL: Loliquent | Insignia Pierce, E: Pork Supreme)
Chapter 103: Humas-Evila Alliance Conference (TL: Inignia Pierce, E: NB | LQ, PF XJ | Caps)
Chapter 104: King Rudolf's Motive (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: XCrossJ)
Chapter 105: Beginning of Betrayal (TL: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 106: Beginning of War (TL: Pummels, E: Dalmenuis | XCrossJ, PF: XCrossJ)
Chapter 107: The Heroes who Came to Know Reality (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro! (TL: XCrossJ, PF: Pummels)
Chapter 109: Hiiro's True Ability (TL: XCrossJ, PF: Pummels)
Chapter 110: The Imprisoned Ones (TL: Nick, E: CapsUsingShift)
Chapter 111: Those who are Alive (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: XJ | NB)
Chapter 112: Escape (TL: NetBlazer, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 113: Judom's Countermeasures and a New Betrayal (TL: Loliquent, E: NetBlazer, PF: Leo)
Chapter 114: Out-of-Place Hiiro (TL: Loliquent, E: NetBlazer, PF: Leo)
Chapter 115: Meeting with the Demon Lord (TL: Loliquent, E: NetBlazer)
Chapter 116: Hiiro and Eveam (TL: Loliquent, E: NetBlazer)
Chapter 117: Request of the Demon Lord (TL: Loliqent, E: NetBlazer, PF: XCrossJ)
Chapter 118: Hiiro, at the Holy Oldine (TL: Kiriko, E: NetBlazer, PF: Leo)
Chapter 119: The Top's True Strength (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ)
Chapter 120: The Protagonist that Relieves his Stress (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: Leo)
Chapter 121: The Transformed King (TL: CapsUsingShift, PF: LoliQ | Leo)
Chapter 122: Visitor (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 123: Way to Betrayal (TL: Loliquent, E: Sac)
Chapter 125: The Unparalleled Hiiro (TL: Kiriko, E: NetBlazer | Sac)
Chapter 126: Hiiro vs Crouch (TL: Kiriko, E: Sac, PF: Loliquent)
Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness (TL: Kiriko, E: Dalmenuis | Leo, PF: Loliquent)
Chapter 128: How to deal with Zombies (TL: Pummels, E: Dal | Pork, PF: Sac)
Chapter 129: The Three Cruel Veterans vs Second Prince of Gabranth (TL: NetBlazer, E: Sac, PF: LoliQ)
Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory (TL: Insigina Pierce, E: Sac, LoliQ, PF: LoliQ)
Chapter 131: Ornoth vs the Four Heroes (TL: Insignia Pierce, E: Pork | Sac, PF: Leo)
Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: XCrossJ)
Chapter 133: The Preaching Hiiro (TL: XCrossJ, PF: Leo)
Chapter 134: The Irritated Protagonist (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 135: Start of his Dreams (TL: LoliQ, E: Dal | Sac, PF: LoliQ)
Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: XCrossJ)
Chapter 137: Threat (TL: Yoraikun)
Chapter 138: The Heroes and the Demon Lord, Face-to-face (TL: XCrossJ)
Chapter 139: Hiiro's Coming Out (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: Leo)
Chapter 140: The Two Heroes' Treatment (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: Leo)
Chapter 141: Real Food, Demon Capital Cuisine! (TL: Kiriko, E: XCrossJ, PF: Leo)
Chapter 142: Late Night Conversation (TL: CapsUsingShift, E: Caps | Sac, PF: Caps | Sac)
Chapter 143: Permit Received! (TL: Loliquent, E: Sac, PF: Loliquent)
Chapter 144: The Heroes and Teckil's Meeting (TL: XCrossJ, ED: XCrossJ | NetBlaer, PF: Leo)
Chapter 145: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 146: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 147: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 148: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 149: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 150: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 151: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 152: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 153: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 154: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 155: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 156: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 157: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 158: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 159: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 160: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 161: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 162: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 163: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 164: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 165: ??? (TL: ???) ???
Chapter 166: ??? (TL: ???) ???

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