Monday, 4 May 2015

What happened to KnW? - Update

An update. Because everyone seems to be so patient...

Chapter 98 & Insignia Pierce

I'm sure you guys already know about chapter 98. Insignia Pierce was courteous enough to place disclaimers explaining the situation so I won't go over it again. I'm still waiting for a reply from NB about whether or not they'll join our 'team'. I'll just say that I support them joining us.

New Editor?

We also got a new editor (Yosha!).
Welcome Pork Supreme to the project. They seem to be similar to me, an MATL (Machine Assisted Translator) so I expect great things from them.
(...finally, I can take a break...)

Chapter 96?

I TL'd this mostly because it was available, but because it's shorter than 95 and LoliQ reserved it. Now, 95 has become open trans. (Please don't start criticizing our method of operations again. I know it's coming, but we could really do without it at the moment.)

Chapter 95

We're working on it. It's tough because all of our main TLs seem to be busy (EL, NB, XJ, YK). Expect a delay on this one.
The possible reasons for this coming out within the week are:
  • NetBlazer decides to pour a lot of time into the chapter (unlikely)
  • ELYSION decides to give up Isekai and focus on KnW (unlikely)
  • Yoraikun decides to sacrifice study hours to translate it (unlikely)
  • XCrossJ decides to screw himself over and translate it (unlikely)
  • Some kind outsider decides to TL the whole 20 pages of Jap text (unlikely)
  • A miracle occurs (unlikely)
Basically, don't expect much for a while.

Re Translations?

Apparently, the editors of Re trans had some free time to edit KnW (I have no idea how they have free time with all their projects...but, thanks?). If you want an alternative to read, take these links:

Alt Edit by Re Translations' Editors (Chapters 36-71):

Alt Edit by Re Translations' Editors (Chapters 77-94):

I'll also post this on the KnW page.

KnW Page Overhaul

I'll be overhauling the KnW page. Why? For these reasons:
  • Blogger comments make the page really, really, really long. They will not be allowed on the new page. For inquiries, put them in either FAQ or Progress Report. Comments that do not abide by this will be dealt with in the appropriate manner. (I also received comments complaining about the comments, so...)
  • I hate the url. It was something like 'this-is-the-page-I-link-to'. It really irks me, considering I'm a meticulous person.
There'll be a transition period between changing of pages. I'll also be keeping the old KnW page open in case someone wants to access it. I will not be further updating the old page.

Current Status

We are currently [Crippled] because our main TLs are currently busy, as well as a flow of new TLs coming in (from somewhere or other). Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we are not dead. We are just moving slowly, slowly forward.


  1. Thanks for the work you guys have already put in the knw TL and Editors and any unknown party. And slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the good work.

  2. That last bit looks like our reasons for delays... well good luck .-.

  3. Well, no need to rush. Just take your time...
    We mostly understand, if you got delay, you must be pretty busy IRL. So, take it easy...xD

    Good luck and keep your har work....

  4. From my personal point of view you can take as much time as you want. It is because you do a ton of Job well done. And about continuation of your work you can make it "Never ending Story"

  5. Freetime and trans hehe. where is "like" button?:v

  6. May i ask link for the new KNW Chapter Page?

  7. I cant see any differences on the one re translation edit and yours its just that they change some words but still has same meaning. Oh well still a big thanks for the effort.

    1. Yeah. I guess it's more of a minor edit if anything. Still, they (somehow) did it so I just wanted people to know that an alternative is available if they want to access it.

  8. what's causing the crippled? school or other irl problems?

    1. Well, basically all our main translators are currently busy with real life.
      To my knowledge:
      ELYSION has exams
      Yoraikun has AP
      NetBlazer has work

      Probably better to ask them yourselves. That's all the info I've been able to gather.
      By the way, I'm busy cause I've got 5 assignments due in 2 days.
      So...yeah. Please forgive us for the current 'halt in progress'.

    2. no worry dude, i just like knowing the issue if its ever possible though the big halt comes mid fight... and before that once 114 and 115 were done and i found out the part i have been waiting for is so close yet so far... well, here's hoping everyone's irl problems turn out for the best.

  9. what does post pending and awaiting quality control mean?
    i remember they were explained at some point but cant remember where.
    would these be in a postable state if it was made clear they were rough?
    i was going to wait for 95, but decided that i wanted to read more so i went to the one that seemed like it was post fight so im not missing anything major that i couldn't pick up on from context.

    basically i'm asking if they are readable with less polish than a normal release... i tried to read these with just a google translate in the past... that was an unmitigated mess...

    1. Ok. So someone asked a similar question in the FAQ about quality control but I'll answer the question here as well.
      Quality Control follows several steps:
      Ensuring the Trans is (more or less) accurate with the RAW
      Fixing the clunky English
      Ensuring that the entire trans makes sense (more or less)
      Rephrasing so that certain lines are expressed in a way that pertains more to the original.

      It's a different process from Rei's, although similar. Namely, we go through these as fast as we can, sometimes revising the chapter about 6-7 times (worst case scenario).

      Post pending means that Quality Control is done. All that's left is for the Translator to post the chapter.

      With regards to its readability, it's certainly less polished in my opinion. I can guess what the original was trying to say, but...well, it needs a lot of work.

      By the way, I used to do the above process all by myself...although it helps with more people, it also takes more time. It used to take me 3-4 hours alone to edit by using this process. takes a lot longer...

    2. Also, I guess it would be postable if indicated as 'Rough'. It depends on the translator.
      Most of them would be similar to 'ELYSION's trans. The English would be clunky, but...readable?
      I notice that Yoraikun and I tend to just shove our translations off in one go so...our translations are usually 'rough' (of course, I edit my translations as I go so I save time).

    3. rough isn't what i would call yours and their translations... at least with tate there were a few chapters somewhere in the 100's that were 10 or so in a row that were just 1 step better than a straight google translate and made me question if i should keep reading if its going to be that bad... those are what i would call rough, at the very least everything that's been associated with this project has not been on that level of wonkey. granted i don't see the early iterations.

  10. Hold on, Re-Translations is alive?
    Like 2 weeks ago I went crazy trying to find an active blog or site for them and found nada, everything is dead
    Got a link?

    1. Not sure about a blog or site.
      I sometimes chat with them on their IRC?
      Not sure if I'm allowed to publish this, but...yeah. They're alive (I think?).

    2. Thanks, found an active googledoc, the other one I found had Historia at like 30, and this one has it at like 60
      And rather than a leecher you should try recommending A Central Blog or something for them if possible, kinda bad when you can search for hours and not find them

    3. Sorry, I'm assuming you're asking me to give some recommendations to Re Trans so I'll answer appropriately.
      To my understanding, ReTrans has several translators working on their projects. They do have a twitter page, a facebook page (I think), an IRC, and a google doc site for news and info? I'm fairly certain that they also post on reddit whenever they finish their translations (I don't really follow them so I'm not sure.)

    4. Hello.

      rei_hunter from re-translations.

      Our twitter is gone (I LOST THE PASSWORD ROFL!)

      We dont have a facebook page.

      We have a Google Docs page, our real project page to

      Our re:Monster is reflected on Wikia (Just not those machine translated crap) or japtem.

      Spirit Migration & TNS are on Tensaiz' Blog...

      Gun-Ota is now being re-hosted on

      Yuusha Party and other solis' works are in her blog.

      Vidar's Heibon and Dragon Life are in omegaharem...

      Also, we post our updates down at

      Yeah we aint dead LOL.

      Peace. Just catch us on @ #re-translations I dont know what GOogle Doc you're staring at, but we update our GDocs when we post.

  11. Bakaupdates links to the twitter page, but it hasnt been used for Like 2 years I think
    Without an actual link, Googledocs is pretty much impossible to find(and theres that old one lying around)
    I cant find the Facebook page
    Thats the first time I've ever managed to get into IRC(Did it get simpler in the past year?)
    I was just thinking that if they want people to read their stuff they'd need an actual site or blog or something where people can find them

    1. Ok. I see. Well, I'll bring it to their attention. I'm not really their affilliates. We just chat sometimes and offer some input about translations and our method of operations.
      Either way, I'll see if I can bring it to their attention.

  12. Hey XJ,
    I'm interesting in editing/proofreading(whichever requires no Japanese skill and had more need, both is fine too) for KnW. Please let me know if its possible :)

    1. Let's see. Editing should be fine for no knowledge in Japanese.
      Mind sending me an email?
      In the email, could you give me some details about your experience with the English language? That should be enough info to pass over to NetBlazer.

  13. Sent you an email :)

  14. just a question im sure many people have thought but i'm not sure if they ever asked.

    is the translation as scattershot as it appears to be? i mean there is 101, than 108, 114 and 115 were done early for a reason i remember, but than there are ??? all around for 110-113 and 121-124

    1. Ok, I'm not sure what you mean by scattershot so I'll just explain how we 'operate'. I have explained this before but I'll try and paint a clearer picture.

      As opposed to Re:Translations who pool together to work on the chapters sequentially (as far as I know. Go ask them if you want more detail), we use the 'baka tsuki' reservation system.

      Basically, we all take our pick of chapters to translate (usually in chronological order). After we've done translating the chapter, we pass it off to an editor to get the chapter edited.

      With regards to chapter 101, 114, and 115, the chapters were translated by outside sources (basically, they were translated by people who were not a part of the 'collab'. Thus, we had no knowledge of them until they translated the chapter).

      With 108, this was a chapter translated by me. As I work as a TL and an Editor for the team, I often cut the middle man and just straight up edit while I'm translating. Thus, it takes me substantially less time for me to complete my translations (In reality, Chapter 108 was done about 4/5 days ago). While I could have waited for the other chapters, I have released the chapter early for those that are severely impatient and hunger for chapter. If you're looking for chronological chapter releases, you should head over to Blazing Translations.

      If you look at the progress report, chapters 100-107 have already been translated. As it will take some time before these chapters have been filled, Kiriko decided to translate chapters that piqued her interest (I'm assuming). While I highly doubt that it should matter whether they decided to jump around as all of it will be released sooner or later.

      I hope this has answered some of your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask and I'll try and get back to you when I can.