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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 109: Hiiro's True Ability

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You know that feeling you get when an underdog shows up those who feel they're superior?

...yeah, this has nothing to do with that.

This is basically the 'realisation' chapter for them. <--(You'll find out after you read the chapter).

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Chapter 109: Hiiro’s True Ability

Hiiro: 「Huh?」

As Hiiro heard that voice come from behind him, he turned to face the source. Upon doing so, he was met with the four people who he had captured in his sights earlier.

Taishi: 「Hiiro Okamura…? Okamura Hiiro…?(1) No way, that couldn’t be……that guy’s human……but this voice……」

The one who had murmured was Aoyama Taishi. As the name he had heard had the exact same first and last name with a name he was familiar with, Taishi thought that the individual in front of him was said person. However, the figure before them was one belonging to an 『Evila』.
The person that he was familiar with was a human being, an individual that was summoned to this world alongside them.

Although there was no way he could be an 『Evila』, as his name and voice made Taishi recall such an individual, such a notion could not be so easily dispelled.

Following this, as Hiiro had also stared at the quartet for a while, it had suddenly occurred to him.

Hiiro: (Four people......human......Ah, so that’s how it is!)

Finally, as if he had pulled it out from the remnants of his memory, Hiiro had discovered the answer.

Hiiro: 「You guys are the Riajuu(2) Foursome, right?」

Taishi: 「R-Riajuu? T-then you’re really Okamura……you’re Okamura, right!?」

The term ‘Riajuu’ did not exist in this world. That’s why Taishi was able to determine that the Hiiro that had spoke those words was the same Hiiro that they were familiar with.

Hiiro: (Come to think of it, they were also here, huh~? These guys.)

The person in question narrowed his eyes, as if he were recalling memories of that distant day.

Chika: 「Eh……Okamura? That guy is?」

Suzumiya Chika also held thoughts of disbelief as she looked upon Hiiro with suspicion.

Shuri: 「B-but, that appearance is……」

Minamoto Shuri had also shared the same sentiment.

Shinobu: 「B-but, that voice certainly belongs to Okamura-cchi, and he’s even wearing glasses. On top of that, I think there ain’t many people who have the name Hiiro Okamura.(3)

Including Akamori Shinobu, the one who said thus, the four were clustered together, their eyes open wide.

Towards this group of four, Hiiro simply stared at them coldly. In this situation, Hiiro took notice of the figures of their unblemished armor. Their expressions dyed with despair. Their bodies, still trembling.

Hiiro: 「......I get it. Although it’s fine to have come all the way here as the country’s puppet, upon waking up to reality, you guys have started to crawl along the ground, huh?」

Hiiro said thus, mixing ridicule into his words.

???: 「W-what was that!?」

Although it seemed as if they had the intention to scream, there was no strength embedded in their voice. The tone they had employed resembled one used by a spineless, bullied child when they were trying to speak to a gang of delinquents.

Hiiro: 「……well, I don’t really give two shits about you guys.」

???: 「Wha-……!?」

As Hiiro turned his back towards them, seemingly due to loss of interest, the four were rendered unable to move, almost as if they had been petrified.

Hiiro: 「You’re……a beastman, right? Even for the 『Evila』, I’m slightly surprised to see that one of their Top Class is a beastman.」

Ornoth: 「Certainly, I am a beastman. However, I am also an 『Evila』.」

Hiiro: 「………I see. That must mean that you’re the same as the Doji-Maid(4).」

Ornoth: 「Doji-Meido(Angry Earth of Hades)(5)? That seems to be quite the bizarre place. Yet, you say it is the same kind of existence as me?」

Ornoth had completely misunderstood. However, Hiiro furrowed his brow as he was bewildered by Ornoth’s incomprehensible response.

Hiiro: 「Well, more importantly, is that woman in the middle of the conference right now?」

Ornoth: 「That woman……you say?」

Hiiro: 「The Maou(6), the Demon Lord.」

Ornoth: 「………you, what is the meaning of speaking so lightly of her majesty?」

Although it was quite a quiet objection, Hiiro was clearly subjected to a glare, blurred with suspicion.

Hiiro: 「Even if you ask me what this is all about. All I did was just make a contract with them.」

Ornoth: 「C-contract?」

Hiiro: 「Even so……I wasn’t told that even the 『Gabranth』would attack as well. That woman, always spouting such suitable things-」

As he lightly clicked his tongue, Hiiro pressed his fingers against his temples.

Ornoth: 「P-Please wait a moment. Since a while ago, what sort of things have you been spouting-」

At that moment, several assailants headed towards them from the sky above.

Soldiers: 「Oraaaaa-!」

From what one could see, they were apparently Gabranth Soldiers.

Soldiers: 「『Evila』, prepare yourseeeeeeeeeeeeeelves!」

As Hiiro looked up towards the sky, he conducted himself in a pissed off manner and-

Hiiro: 「Do it, Baka-Deshi(7).」

Nikki: 「Hai(8) desu zo(9)!」

As Nikki cheerfully replied, they dropped their waist and poised themselves before vigorously kicking the ground, launching themselves into the sky.

Nikki: 「Achoooooo(10)!」

Soldier: 「You’re in the way, you braaaat-!」

Facing Nikki, who was approaching from below, a male Gabranth swung their sword downward. However, Nikki was not perturbed as they concentrated magical power into their right fist. As they did so, their fist began to shine with blue light.

Soldier: 「W-what the-!?」

Nikki: 「Killing Blow-! Exploding Fist-!」 | 「Ichigeki Kesatsu-! Bakuken-!」(11)

Nikki’s protruding fist collided with the sword that the man had swung downwards. Normally, one would think that the fist would be split in half. However, the result…


The sword was the object that broke. No, it had been broken.

Soldier: 「Wha-!?」

Following this, Nikki’s fist continued to move unfaltering as it landed an accurate blow towards the man’s belly.


Although miniscule in scale, an explosion had surely occurred. As they were caught up in the shockwave, the other Gabranth had their posture broken by the resulting impact.

As Nikki landed with a *suta-*(14), their eyes sparkled with a *kirakira*(15) as they looked towards Hiiro, exuberating the sentiment of 「I did it!」.

Hiiro: 「There are still others left, aren’t there?」

Although they had really wanted to be praised, Nikki’s shoulders drooped due to the absence of such words of approval. However, it was as Hiiro had indicated. Except for the individual who had directly received the brunt of the explosion, the others were still vigorously lively.

Incidentally, about the man who had received the explosion-

Soldier: 「Ka……ka ha……ga……」

Although he had been scorched to a charred black, it seems that he had not died. It went without saying that he was no longer able to continue fighting in the war.

Ornoth: (That was a tremendous blow. Although it is most likely that they had infused their fist with magic before making it explode, to think that such a small child is capable of applying such magic to their bodies……not to mention, they have yet to utilise their full strength.)

Ornoth calmly began to analyse Nikki. As Ornoth had once again thought that Nikki was no ordinary child, a sentiment that he had predicted earlier.

As it seemed that the other beastmen had thought that they might be subjected to an unexpected ambush, they were overly wary towards Hiiro’s location. Before Hiiro’s eyes, the beastmen were impatiently observing the situation.

Hiiro: (The surroundings are so noisy that it’s making it hard to talk……I guess it can’t be helped.)

Hiiro’s footsteps made a *katsukatsu*(16) sound as he passed through Nikki’s side.

Nikki: 「S-Shishou(17)?」

Not only Nikki, but Ornoth also had his suspicions raised by Hiiro’s actions.

Hiiro: 「Fall back, Baka-Deshi. This is how you take care of the trash.」

As he said thus, Hiiro began to gather magic into his fingertip. Furthermore, magic was gathered into not just one but both hands’ index fingers. Following this, Hiiro began to slowly move both hands.

「Gravitate」|『引力』 and 「Beastmen」|『獣人』.

Words written by pale magic were displayed in the sky. In response to seeing Hiiro’s actions, the beastmen alertness strengthened as they tried to move away from that spot. However-

Hiiro: 「Even if you try to run, it’s pointless. 《Word Magic》 activate.」

In the instant Hiiro’s words ended-

Soldiers: 「U-Uwaaaaaaaaa-!」

As they shouted in this manner, beastmen began to reveal themselves before Hiiro’s eyes, one after another. No, they had been pulled out of hiding. As if they had been sucked by a vacuum cleaner, they had been drawn towards Hiiro.

Following this, Hiiro gently lowered his waist before unsheathing his katana and-

*Bushu bushu bushu bushu-!*(18)

At speeds quicker than the eye could process, Hiiro began to cut down the beastmen flying towards him.

Soldiers: 「「「「Ga-……-!?」」」」

Although the ones that had been flying through the air were four people, these four rolled across the ground, the whites of their eyes being shown.

Nikki: 「Uooooo-! A-As expected of Shishou desu zo! This Nikki is truly impressed~!」

Although Nikki had expressed their delight openly, Ornoth and the heroes who had witnessed such a spectacle held thoughts that rendered their empty mouths unable to close. The heroes in particular had thought it was exceptionally amazing as this was the first time they witnessed such a sight that had filled them with awe.

Taishi: 「Th……that’s Okamura?」

Chika: 「N-no way……」

Shuri: 「A-amazing……」

Shinobu: 「I ain’t ever seen such a thing……」

The four respectively uttered such words unconsciously.

Ornoth: (Fumu(19)……that 『Imp』 boy. Those movements of his should be able to match mine……just who in the world is he?)

Although Ornoth had also made an evaluation of Hiiro, as he caught a glimpse of strength that one would not believe a mere warrior could possibly possess, he was alarmingly startled.

As Hiiro returned his katana to its sheath with a *kachin*(20), he once again looked towards Ornoth.

Hiiro: 「Oi wolf. Continuing from where I left off earlier, the Maou left for the conference, right?」

Ornoth: 「A-aa, about that. Why are you asking about her majesty?」

Hiiro: 「I said it a little while ago, right? I said that I have a contract with them.」

Ornoth: 「Like I said, what sort of contract is this?」

Hiiro began to display his displeasure as he was increasingly feeling that the situation was growing even more bothersome..

Hiiro: 「Haa, why do I have to tell you? More importantly, hurry up and tell me whether she’s at the conference or not.」

Ornoth: 「Mu(21)……I am not one who would obediently inform such a suspicious individual.」

As the two glared at each other, Nikki, for some reason, interceded between them.

Nikki: 「Koree-! Shishou is saying that he wants to hear it so hurry up and-」


Nikki: 「Hauwa!」

Hiiro: 「Whenever you talk, things get complicated so shut up!」

Nikki: 「Uu~ but Shishou~」

Although Nikki was looking up reproachfully while rubbing their pounded head, Hiiro simply ignored them and continued.

Hiiro: 「You have no intention on telling me, right?」

Ornoth: 「Not until you explain to me exactly who you are.」

Hiiro: 「…………fuu(23), I guess I’ve got no choice. It’s a pain in the ass, but I guess I’ll go and ask her directly.」

Ornoth: 「……ha?」

As Ornoth made an expression that seemed to convey the sentiment of ‘what in the world is this guy saying?’, Hiiro once again harboured magic into his fingertips.


  1. ^ TL Note: Hiiro Okamura name is written in Katakana (reminiscent of western culture). Okamura Hiiro is written in Kanji (in Japanese fashion).
  2. ^ TL Note: Riajuu | リア充. Made up of Real | リアル and Fulfilment | 充実. Basically means someone who is fulfilled with their (offline) life.
  3. ^ TL Note: I’m trying to incorporate some sort of accent? I dunno. It’s not very strong.
  4. ^ Doji-Maid: Doji (Clumsy) Maid. Hiiro’s nickname for Shamoe.
  5. ^ TL Note: Ornoth misinterprets Hiiro’s nickname for Shamoe. Do | 怒 is Wrath. Ji | 地 is Earth. Meido | 冥土 is Hades/Netherworld.
  6. ^ Maou: Demon Lord.
  7. ^ Baka Deshi: バカ弟子. Idiot (Baka) Disciple (Deshi). Hiiro’s Nickname for Nikki.
  8. ^ TL Note: Hai = Yes. In this case, used similar to a ‘Roger’ or a ‘Sir! Yes Sir!’ Left in Jap.
  9. ^ Desu zo: Nikki’s quirk.
  10. ^ TL Note: This is a lengthened ‘o’ sound, not an ‘u’ sound. Think Hope, not Hoop.
  11. ^ TL Note: *sigh*...real original there...
  12. ^ *Bakin*: The sound of a sword snapping.
  13. ^ *Dokan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *Boom*. Sound of an explosion.
  14. ^ *Suta-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *land*. Think of the sound one makes when landing onto the ground.
  15. ^ *Kirakira*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *sparkle*.
  16. ^ *Katsukatsu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *Clack*. Sound of footsteps.
  17. ^ Shishou: 師匠. Means Mentor.
  18. ^ *Bushu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *slash*.
  19. ^ Fumu: An expression denoting affirmation/confirmation. Think of ‘I see’.
  20. ^ *Kachin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *clink*. Sound of a sword being sheathed.
  21. ^ Mu: An expression of irritation.
  22. ^ *Pokan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *pow*. Sound of light impact.
  23. ^ Fuu: Exhale. Think of a sigh.


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