Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Update: About Isekai, and the future we are again.
Hey there. It's XCrossJ.
I'll make things quick.

First things first, I won't be joining Sky in his efforts to translate Isekai. Because they are deciding to translate the Light Novel, I have been rendered unable to assist them (due to my inability to read kanji without a machine).

Anyway, next up, what am I going to do now that I don't have Isekai?

For the time being, I'll basically be doing teaser translations.

First one on the list is:

Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan
The Otherworldly Tales of a Mythological, Legendary Hero

Well, the title translation is subject to change but, well, this one seemed to be requested once before during my poll.

So, I'm doing it.

For more information about this novel:

Web Novel:

Request Link:

P.S. If anyone else is gonna beat me to the punch on this one, I'm gonna cry. -_-

P.S.S If there are any recommended Web Novels that haven't been taken by another group, please let me know and I'll consider whether or not to do it.


  1. You have this one:

    It's by the author of Grimgar and set in Grimgar. It seems to follow the adventures of one guy from the batch prior to Grimgar's MCs, which failed to enrol in any guild and still makes a living (and seems to have higher chances of scoring girls than Mr. Sleepyeyes).

  2. Then how about Souen no historia
    Been waiting ages for someone to pick this up again

    1. Haha we me too. It was left in a big cliffhanger... I kinda don't want to read it though since I fear he will end up with the spoiled oujou sama instead...

    2. It's true that there's a lot of it to translate, but the one who should pick it up is the author.
      It got a LN adaptation, but the adaptation was more of an spin-off centered on the character of Yoyo (but Souji is still an important character) that, to my knowledge, has gotten just a single volume out.
      The author has stated that "for the time being" he's put on hold the WN in favor of the LN.

    3. Is yoyo the girl from Japan? I forget

    4. The WN is dead.There is a LN for it and I think the author put writing it much importance.

  3. This Novel about legendary hero sounds very good but I hope he remembers everything once he returns to that world...or then what's the point of starting over from scratch? The images look very badass too and my heart thump. I am very curious about it. I can only hope its not another polygamy marriage lol


    A boy, Youki, is reincarnated as a demon mini-boss in a fantasy world, but when the Hero Party comes to kill the Demon Lord, he falls in love with the cute cleric Cecilia. This love at first sight causes a problem as he is no longer a human, but part of the demon enemy she was sent to defeat. What on Earth will happen when he tries confessing to her?

    This is a fun story with short chapters. If you’re wanting a novel with depth…this isn’t what you need. But if you’re looking for a short pick-me-up fantasy romantic reincarnation comedy drama (probably) story, this is the one for you!

    this WB was being translated by haruparytranslation group, but i think they dropped it, since the last chapter was released out three months ago and seems that they will be taken another story for translate

    1. Solistia is translating several novels at a not-so-quick pace (RL matters are unavoidable), but while a couple of the have been dropped, that one has been not.

    2. Solistia is translating the LN.

  5. Hope you can find new good project soon!

    Btw, have you tried to use ocr? If you haven't, maybe you can try it and widen your option with translating ln?

  6. Hope you can find new good project soon!

    Btw, have you tried to use ocr? If you haven't, maybe you can try it and widen your option with translating ln?

  7. I'll add some recommendations but Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan sounds cool too!

    Majin Tenseiki
    Human reincarnated as demon

    When I Returned Home, what I Found is Fantasy!?
    I don't know if Raising the Dead is still translating it

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  9. Can you look into the one that oniichanyamete dropped. It's titled Yomigaeri no Maou. He dropped it like idk half a year ago or more? He stopped at chapter 23. No one has picked it up ever since. I think it's worth looking into it. :D just a suggestion :D

    1. I heard they dropped it for a good reason. Just what was the reason I wonder? I'm scared to find out


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  12. Name: Sono Mugen no Saki e /Over The Infinite
    Raw Link:
    Author: Gorin Futatsugi
    Illustrator: Tera Akai


    this is quite a rough translation of the synopsis so there might be mistakes, honestly it was quite hard to translate

    I don't know when and how i died.
    Reincarnating while bringing the memory of my past life what awaited me was a world with a game-like system and...a too much realistic cruel days.
    There was no use for the memories of my previous life, and the status of us, reincarnated ones is also common. The village i was born into was really out in the sticks. There wasn't any food to eat nor any clothes to wear, even the hope for the future does not exist.
    But then right before me the reality that was just an overwhelming pressure stretching upon me everyday, so that i could only live i spent days like that of a slave for food.
    Even the memories i had in japan too, made me think that everything was just a figment of my imagination but when i was about to give up, the rumours about that town reached my ears.

    On that suspicious rumour, i wager my last wish on it. 「I would at least want to live like a human」holding on the little will, I , the boy went towards the labyrinth city

    Ware ni Cheat wo
    Shield Priest of Error Build ~The case when Healing Class become the Strongest Tank in Another World~
    Koku Gensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku
    Tensei Majutsushi ga Unei suru Tower Dungeon

  13. I believe Toaru Ossan no vrmmo katsudouki doesn't have anyone translating it at the moment

    1. Its here:

  14. Hi, Xcrossj
    You should really try Novel Updates Pick up Forum, It have alot of novels that pretty good or just good, maybe you would find some you like.

  15. So then are you a machine translator or just a machine assisted translator that can't ocr?