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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 79: And now, towards the Journey

Been a while(?) since my last trans. Either way, I got another one. And of course, it's another chapter gap.
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Chapter 79: And now, towards the Journey

Liliyn: 「Now, let’s get a move on you lot!」

The following day, Liliyn frolicked as if she were an extremely energetic good girl. She pointed towards the other side of the lake as her back faced the mansion.

As she had indicated, the rain seemed to have stopped during the middle of the night. At the present time, the figure of the 《Forbidden Emperor Cloud》 that loomed over them in the sky was no where to be seen. If one were to compare this day to the previous, the current skies were cloudless, as if the storm had been a lie.

Not only had the weather turned fine after such a long time, but they were also going to be embarking on a journey. In light of this, Liliyn’s mood became ecstatic. Although this was not the first time she had gone on a journey, she did not have a reason to travel until now. In other words, there was nothing that had piqued her interest significantly enough to motivate her to go out on an excursion.

However, at the present time, there was the presence of who Liliyn had declared as an ‘Unusual Visitor’, Hiiro. Hiiro, in and of himself, was the exact definition of unknown. At first, she was determined to learn about Hiiro by any means, even if she had to resort to brute force. However, in light of their exchange the other day, she began to think that drawing out the answers all at once and then have him leave would be such a shame.

As she had never formed such thoughts before, she was bewildered, yet, she also felt comfortable for some reason. It is precisely because of this that, in order for her to continue enjoying this sensation longer, she wanted to discern the answers for herself by observing Hiiro with her own eyes and ears on this journey.

Hiiro: 「It’s fine if you want to go, but what’re you gonna do about the mansion? Well, no matter what you want to do, I guess you can only just leave it be, huh.」

However, Liliyn’s following sentence caused Hiiro to express shock, his eyes widening as far as they could go.

Liliyn: 「What are you saying? Isn’t it obvious that we’re bringing it along with us.」

Hiiro: 「............ha?」

While Hiiro wondered what the hell this girl was saying, he began to doubt his own ears as he assumed that what he had heard was mistaken. Thus, he began to ask for confirmation.

Hiiro: 「O-Oi(1), what did you just say? You’re going to...bring the mansion with you?」

Liliyn: 「Aa(2), it’s my possession. I have no intention of letting anyone do anything to it.」

It seems that his ears were not playing tricks on him. Nevertheless, this time, he began to question her sanity. A mansion was not food, nor was it a commodity. Even if one said that they wanted to bring it along, this task would immediately be deemed impossible.

Hiiro: 「Look, if you express such an extreme level of selfishness, I can only see you as a simpleton.」

Liliyn: 「Fun(3), if you don’t know anything then shut your mouth, boy. Do it, Silva.」

Silva: 「As you command.」

As he said thus, Silva stood in front of the mansion before kneeling and placing both hands onto the ground.

Hiiro: 「What’re you trying to do?」

Liliyn: 「Well, just watch. You’ll get to see something quite interesting.」

Liliyn conducted herself in a suggestive manner as she smirked. Following her proposal, Hiiro began to watch over Silva’s actions.

Silva: 「Now I shall begin. Dark Gate!」

As he cast the spell, a black something began to spread out through the ground underneath both of his hands. Upon a singular glance, it was easy to identify the black something as a shadow.


As the shadow began to grow bigger and bigger, it began to encompass the bottom of the mansion. In the following instance, the mansion began to shake with a *gura*(5).

Hiiro: (Oi, oi. Seriously…?)

As the mansion seemed to tilt slightly, it began to quickly sink. Yes, the mansion began to become swallowed by the shadows. In the blink of an eye, the mansion became buried in the vastly spread shadow, giving birth to a vacant lot.

Liliyn: 「Umu(6). As usual, he’s such a useful fellow.」

As Liliyn folded her arms, she nodded contentedly.

Hiiro: (I see. According to my memory, Silva was a 『Spirit of Darkness』, wasn’t he. I guess that means that what just occurred was the result of his magic. Even so, saying that they’re going to bring it along. I guess they can store whatever they want with them, huh.)

It was most likely that they could take it out as well.

Hiiro: (It's certainly convenient. But I was showed some really good magic, huh.)

When using 《Word Magic》, imagination is essential. As he was shown Silva’s magic with his own eyes, it had now become easier for Hiiro to produce the same effect with a corresponding word.

Hiiro: (A ‘storage’ word, huh......I’ll have to try it out later.)

In the meantime, Silva, who had just finished his duty, began to converse with Shamoe who had just returned.

Silva: 「Unfortunately, Shamoe, the garden would be quite…(7)

Certainly, the flowers and crops that were being grown in the garden required care. If left alone, it would be reasonable to expect that, someday, they would wither and become useless. Although Silva’s ability was indeed useful, it appeared to lack any refrigeration or heat insulation functions.

Shamoe: 「T-that’s alright(8). I have already said my farewells to those children.」

She seemed to have already gave her partings to the flowers that she cherished and tenderly cared for.

Silva: 「Is that so? In which case, I am relieved.」

Shamoe: 「Yes!」

Liliyn: 「Oi, you two! If you’re done then hurry it up! Silva, begin preparations for crossing the lake!」

Silva: 「As you command.」

As Silva responded thus, he approached the lake, his shadow once again spreading over the lake. However, instead of storing an item away, something emerged from the shadows. It was a singular vessel, a boat. The boat that had carried Hiiro previously had become ragged and worn out, thanks to the Red Rain, rendering it useless.

Liliyn: 「Now, let’s set off!」

Liliyn, who seemed to be in a good mood, boarded the boat as she was being escorted by Silva. Even though Mikazuki was there, as the boat was quite large, they had just managed to fit everyone onto the boat.

As Silva confirmed that everyone had got on the boat, he began moving the oar in order to make the move forward. Upon inspection, the oar seemed quite heavy and difficult to handle. However, seeing Silva’s unchanging, nonchalant complexion, Hiiro came to the conclusion that Silva was indeed a level 80 『Spirit』.

Inherently, the 『Pheom』 were a race that preferred harmony and tended to avoid conflict. As they were the race that possessed the most affinity with magic, their physical force, that is to say their brute strength tended to be quite poor, even when compared to other races.

However, as he had a level of 80, he should have obtained decent stats corresponding to such level. In addition, to be able to propel the boat forward with an oar in such heavy red water, all the while maintaining a collected composure indicated that such a difficult task was simple to him.

As they had directly crossed the lake without incident, the four people and one animal placed their feet on solid ground.

Liliyn: 「Well then, boy. The destination is the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, however, have you decided on what route you’re going to take?」

Liliyn asked thus.

Hiiro: 「No, I don’t really have a particular route in mind. I just wanted to go explore around the Demon World. Also, it’s not like that’s the final destination. I was just thinking of stopping by should I encounter it by chance.」

Liliyn: 「What, you have no plan huh? Boring.」

Hiiro: 「To begin with, this is just a carefree journey. Things like a plan don’t exist.」

In response to her manner of speaking, Hiiro grew slightly irritated. As Hiiro seemed to have slightly taken offense to her comment, he wanted to respond with an excuse. However, upon seeing her contrasting joy at his panic, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Liliyn: 「Fumu(9)….in other words, you’re in no hurry...as there are a few places that I want to go, should we just go there?」

Hiiro wasn’t particularly going to object. As the Demon World was one which was unknown to him, he would make full use of their knowledge of said world. For Hiiro who wanted to look around the entire Demon World at least once, he was certainly appreciative of the guide supplied to him.

However, once he grew curious and asked as to where she wanted to go, Liliyn simply grinned and laughed as she answered.

Liliyn: 「The 『Imp Race’s』 Village.」

Hiiro: 「............」

‘This brat. How long is she gonna fuck(10) around with me.’ Hiiro began to grow frustrated as he thought thus. Although Hiiro was currently in his 『Imp』 form, he was originally human. Not to mention, the one who had revealed Hiiro was not an 『Imp』 the other day was none other than Liliyn.

If Hiiro were to visit a place where the real ones lived, the probability that various problems would arise were exceptionally high. After all, Hiiro was so ignorant of them that he was unaware of the 『Imp Race’s』 weakness. If they were to investigate him, it would become quite troublesome.

Whether she had known this or not. No, as she had clearly known this and voiced such a proposal, Hiiro glared at her. However, upon seeing Hiiro’s scowl, Liliyn happily accepted it as she emitted a large grin.

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(11), I’m joking, I’m joking. It was a small joke of an adorable young maiden.」

Hiiro: 「Where is this young maiden, huh?」

Although Hiiro suppressed his habit of calling her a Baba(12), Liliyn understood what it was the Hiiro tried to convey.

Liliyn: 「Ah? What’d you say, boy?」

*Piki*(13) A blue vein appeared on her forehead.

Silva: 「Well, well you two! How about I make a proposal?」

Hiiro | Liliyn: 「「Nn?(14)」」

The two began to stare at Silva.

Silva: 「First, shall we proceed while aiming to visit settlements near this area. Following this, we shall continue on the the next closest village. Should we continue on as such, we will naturally arrive at 【Xaos】.」

As Hiiro and Liliyn were glaring at each other, they both let out a *fu*(15) as they shrugged.

Hiiro: 「That’s fine. Let’s get moving.」

Liliyn: 「Kora(16)! Don’t go ordering me around, boy! Your master is me, you know.」

Hiiro: 「Stop screwing around, Aka-Loli(17). Who’s my master?」

Liliyn: 「Isn’t it obviously me?」

Hiiro: 「What kind of arrogant things are you saying with such a puny body?」

Liliyn: 「Eei(18)! Don’t call me puny!」

Shamoe: 「Feeeee~(19)!」

Silva: 「Nofofofofo(20)!」

Mikazuki: 「Kui kui kui(21)!」

Looking at the two who were arguing in an uproar were Shamoe, who constantly fretted ‘Awa Awa’, and Silva, who continued to laugh joyously. In addition, Mikazuki, thinking that she was able to continue their journey, was overcome with enthusiasm.

Hiiro, after gaining some new companions, once again began his journey with the aim of ending up in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】. However, Hiiro was not yet aware. In the oncoming tragedy that would soon strike that city, Hiiro would become the greatest determining factor in its conclusion. Hiiro was not yet aware.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Oi: ‘Hey’
  2. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation. Usually used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Kind of like ‘Uh-huh’ or ‘Yeah’.
  3. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph’
  4. ^ *Zuzu*: Japanese onomatopoeia for *sinking*.
  5. ^ *Gura*: Japanese onomatopoeia for *sway*.
  6. ^ Umu: An expression of affirmation. More subtle, like a nod.
  7. ^ TL Note: An incomplete sentence, thus, an incomplete translation...
  8. ^ TL Note: She uses ‘ie’ | いえ which literally means no. Intended meaning is ‘No need to worry’.
  9. ^ Fumu: An expression that displays acknowledgement/agreement/understanding.
  10. ^ TL Note: This is not paraphrasing. This is actually what he uses. The word used is Hame | ハメ which means ‘to fuck’, ‘to screw’...
  11. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s snicker.
  12. ^ Baba: An informal/disrespectful way of addressing an elderly female. Think ‘old woman’ or ‘old hag’.
  13. ^ *Piki*: Japanese onomatopoeia for *twitch*. If you’ve watched anime, you probably know what this sounds like.
  14. ^ Nn: Expression denoting interest or confusion.
  15. ^ *Fu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *sigh*. This is more of a light exhalation as opposed to a deep sigh.
  16. ^ Kora: ‘Hey’.
  17. ^ Aka-Loli: Hiiro’s nickname for Liliyn. Aka is derived from red. Loli is derived from Lolita (I’m fairly certain. Not 100% sure).
  18. ^ Eei: An expression of frustration.
  19. ^ Fe~: Shamoe’s expression of being flustered.
  20. ^ Nofofo: Silva’s laugh.
  21. ^ Kui: Raidpic Language.


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