Monday, 27 April 2015

XJAM: Shirushi (Test)

Q: What happens when you don't touch a saxophone for 3 weeks?

A: Your fingers get stiff, your embouchure gets slack, you start squeaking, and you can't play in tune...

...I want to punch myself...
Anyway, let me give some context.

I have a gig coming up and I decided to play the song Shirushi for it(yes, I know. SAO song again. Lay off me. I haven't had the chance to look up other songs cause I'm busy.).
Instead of playing it as a rock ballad, I chose to perform it in a jazz/funk/ballad fusion style.

Honestly, this is more of a 'proof of concept' if anything...(thus, 'test')
Why do I say this? Cause it's shoddy...very shoddy...

I'll probably post it again once I've finalized it...

Sheet Music: Shirushi - Standard Sheet

XJAM Stats:

Arrangement Time: 10 Minutes (on the train ride home)
Record Time: 4 Hours
Edit Time: 1 Hour
Upload Time: ...>10 Hours

Time Wasted Re-learning the Saxophone: 3 Hours...(it was more. Too embarassed to post actual time taken...)


  1. this is a very enjoyable rendition to listen to, thank you for posting it, and you have +1 subscriber on youtube.

    1. Ah, yes. I saw. I don't know if you subscribing to me was the best choice, but I'll try and make it worth your while.

  2. May I suggest Moanin' from Sakamichi no Apollon ( Kids On The Slope ) ?

    1. Ah yes. Good song. I actually have the standard sheet. I've avoided it because the sheet music is already available in plentiful quantites, but...maybe I'll give it a shot.

  3. Seriously, the song was really nice. Love it <3

    1. In my opinion, it could use a lot of polishing. Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed it.