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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Country

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Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Country

Marione: "What exactly are you trying to do?!"

Slamming the desk in front of him, Marione, the <<Number 2>> of the <<Cruel Brigade>>, revealed his foul mood.

As the [Gedult Bridge] was destroyed by Eveam and Aquinas, a Demon Conference was suddenly initiated in order to ascertain the meaning behind such actions. Being the Demon Lord, Eveam recognized the need to explain their motive and so immediately permitted the meeting.

Marione: “Your majesty…you will give us a satisfactory explanation, yes?”

Seeing Marione’s face turn scarlet with rage, the brigade’s <<Number 5>> Shublars spoke as a she gave a bewitching smile.

Shublars: “Chotto chotto~, don’t get too heated, alright? I’m sure that her majesty will definitely explain it to us.”

Upon hearing those words, Marione redirected his scowl towards Shublars. However, he realized that if he kept talking, the conference would not be able to progress. Thus, Marione reluctantly controlled himself. Sitting down in her seat, she blasted Aquinas who was sitting next to him with a murderous glare. However, Aquinas, who had his eyes closed, did not react to it.

After confirming that silence had completely enveloped the atmosphere, Eveam began to speak.

Eveam: “Firstly, I must apologize to everyone for any misgivings. Especially to Marione, I apologize for not informing you of our actions.”

The reason for their deception was obvious. Anyone could figure out the reason. If Marione knew of their plans, he would undoubtedly object. Therefore, time would need to be spent in order to convince him of their plans. In the worst case scenario, they would not be able to execute their plan in time.

If the knowledge of an outrageous plan to destroy the bridge was spread in advance, even the soldiers would become confused. Also, should the Gabranth catch wind of their plan, they might take measures to prevent it.

It is precisely because of this that Eveam only consulted her aid, Kiria, and Aquinas about her plan.

Greyald: “But don’t you think you overdid it? Your majesty’s ideas were already established in the last meeting. By destroying the bridge, you managed to delay the war while preventing any harm that would befall the Evila.”

Following the [Number Six] Greyald’s statement, Shublars tacked on her own thoughts.

Shublars: “Speaking of which, doesn’t destroying that bridge contradict her majesty’s philosophy?”

Greyald: “Yeah. It’s exactly as Shublars-nee-san says. That bridge was the only thing that tied our two races together. Doesn’t breaking that mean your majesty has given up on the possibility of bringing the two races together?" (TLN: I'm not sure if Greyald says this. I'm making an assumption based on context that it is him. If anyone has any concrete ideas, please feel free to correct me.)

What Eveam desired was a world where everyone would lay down their arms and come together and support each other. She didn’t want to just make peace between continents, but she wanted every individual to live as equals under the same sky.

In a world where the various races loathed each other, the bridge was the last remaining symbol that acted as a connecting thread between the two countries. As long as that bridge existed, there was still hope that the countries could eventually be able to treat each other as if they were friendly neighbours.

However, Eveam had decided to sever that very thread. It was all well and good that the war could be avoided, however, to the Gabranth that had spent so much effort cultivating the stage of war, it would feel as if their pride had been trampled on. Obviously, the chance for successful reconciliation between the two races had decreased dramatically.

In fact, the Gabranth would probably never forgive the Evila from fleeing the so-called stage of combat.

Shublars: “‘Our preparations have been wasted’…this is probably what those Gabranth are thinking. Haa~”

Shublars’ callous words pierced Eveam’s heart. It was without question that Eveam did not choose this method willingly. However, in order to prevent the outbreak of war, she couldn’t think of any other way.

Marione: “Even we Evila had made preparations, you know! And yet, all that work was wasted by her majesty in one fell swoop!”

Marione once again unleashed his pent up complaints.

Eveam: “…I have no words to refute your distress. However, all I want is to protect the Evila!”

Marione: “Protect them!? No matter what kind of power those Gabranth have, us Evila will undoubtedly be victorious!”

Eveam: “That’s not what I mean.”

Marione: “…ha-?”

Eveam: “If we did go to war, we may indeed come out as the victors just as Marione says. We Evila have always prided ourselves with our peerless strength.”

Marione: “Then why!?”

Eveam: “Even with our strength…a lot of blood will still be shed, will it not?”

Marione: “Mu…what naïve things are you spouting! We’re talking about a war, you know! It’s an obvious thing that blood will spill!”

Eveam: “That’s what I don’t want!”

Eveam harshly raised her voice in denial. It was at that precise moment that the scene fell silent.

Eveam: “Not only will there be wounded, piles of corpses will come from both sides. We won’t be able to come out of this battle unscathed!”

Marione: “Y-yes, while that certainly is the case, all that matters is our victory, right?! Everyone wishes to place their lives on the line and fight to the death for the sake of this continent!”

Eveam: “Risking your lives over a war riddled with misunderstandings is completely ridiculous!”

Marione: “…”

Eveam clearly had no intention of fighting. However, the other races wished to put an end to Evila’s Demon Lord as they were under the misunderstanding that the Demon Lord wanted to eradicate them.

Eveam: “The era of the late king has already passed. We are entrusted with the task of creating our own future. Why do the other races not understand? There is no worth in ruling over a world where everything has been laid to waste. Parents; siblings; friends; lovers…why can’t we just live peacefully in this world that already has such wonderful things?”

Marione: “Such ignorance! Your majesty, you’re completely ignorant about this continent’s current state of affairs! I understand that the one who sparked the flame of this feud between the other races was none other than the late king! However, that flame has already transformed into a war. In order to protect the Evila, no, to protect our family, we have no choice but to take up arms and fight!”

Eveam: “If we started the fire, then there must be a way we can put it out!”

Marione: “And I’m saying the only way to erase that flame is with force! This flame is not so weak as to be put out by those thoughtless words that your majesty keeps spouting! If it was, then those guy would have thought the same and come over her to start a conference! Since they didn’t, it can only mean they have turned to battle! Piling up accumulated hatred, the chain of vengeance cannot be severed so easily!

As the two were arguing, Aquinas was the only one who attempted to enter the conversation.

Aquinas: “Knock it off, both of you.”

Eveam: “Aquinas…”

Marione: “Who are you to say anything!? You’re in the same position as her majesty!”

Aquinas: “Don’t say any more than that.”

Marione: “Wha…?”

Aquinas directed a sharp glare towards Marione, overwhelming him.

Aquinas: “If you say any more, it will be regarded as an insult.”

Marione: “Ku…”

Certainly, no matter how hot-headed Marione was, determining that the actions of Eveam was foolish would certainly be regarded as slander towards royalty. Even Aquinas was of a higher position than him. He would certainly not forgive anymore of Marione's ranting.

Shublars: “He’s right, you know~~ Why don’t you go cool your head off for just a little bit, huh Marione?”

Accepting Shublars soothing words, Marione exhaled as he decided to restrain himself.

Shublars: “Well, I think both her majesty’s sentiments and Marione’s ideals have their own merits, you know~. However, the bridge is already gone and, on top of that, the time is running out. With that said, instead of throwing about complaints about things that have already happened, wouldn’t it be more constructive to start thinking about what’s gonna happen from now or something?”

Eveam nor Marione were able to refute her reasoning.

Shublars: “Well then, your majesty? You’ve obviously thought about what to do now, right?”

Eveam: “Of course. It is inevitably that the Gabranth will come up with some other method to try and attack us again. The time we have before then is valuable.”

Shublars: “Yeah~”

Eveam: “Within this time, we have to make the Gabranth think that it is impossible to attack us.”

Indeed, if there was a way to deter the Gabranth from attacking, there will no longer be any offensives launched against the Evila. However, as she made her proposal, everyone in the room scowled at Eveam in doubt.

“Does such a method exist?”

Eveam quietly shut her eyes as she opened her mouth to speak.

Eveam: “We Evila will form an alliance with the Humas.”

At that moment, the atmosphere in the room immediately froze. Everyone in the room doubted their own ears. They couldn’t believe that in such a situation would those words be formed from her mouth.

Marione: “W-what do you think you’re saying your majesty?”

Marione once again failed to restrain himself as he spoke up.

Eveam: “I will repeat myself as many times as necessary. Evila is going to form an alliance with the Humas.”

Marione: “Inconceivable! What do you think you’re saying!? In the span of this meeting, you’ve said many incomprehensible things, but an Alliance with the Humas!? Stop playing around!”

Eveam: “I’m completely serious!”

Marione: “W…wha…”

Eveam: “In light of this war, the Humas who were bystander should have, at the very least, be willing to become the Evilas’ allies.”

Marione: “…what are you trying to say?”

Eveam: “The letter.”

Marione: “Letter? Aa, you mean that peace treaty that was sent so many times, yet never received a reply?”

Although Marione’s words contained some sarcasm, Eveam proceeded to explain without concern.

Eveam: “That’s the one. Due to the events of the previous war, it credibility had considerably wavered. Probably due to the fact that they were betrayed after they believed in it.”

The Humas have experienced being caught in a trap due to the letter so they naturally doubted it. Of course, this happened in the era of the previous king.

Eveam: “However, thanks to our actions, I believe that our intentions of not desiring conflict has been conveyed to them. At the very least, they will have some doubts concerning our motives.”

Certaintly, the Humas’ king Rudolph had devoted his time on the sidelines to properly evaluate the integrity of the peace treaty.

Eveam: “In which case, depending on the circumstances, we should be able to bring about a conference with them.”

Marione: “A conference…you say?”

Eveam: “Aa, of course once the conference has been approved, I plan on travelling to the human world.”

Marione: “Impossible! If you accept such a thing, this time it’ll be us who would be deceived!”

Eveam: “Aa, I am aware that we might be betrayed.”

Marione: “T-then-!?”

Eveam: “However, if I don’t take the risk, we won’t ever be able to regain their trust.”

Marione: “Uu…”

Seeing Eveam’s sombre eyes, Marione finally understood that Eveam was completely serious.

Eveam: “Of course, I will pay the utmost heed. I will take care to investigate the inner workings of the human world as I make my way to the conference.”

Marione: “B-but even so-!”

Yes, if they were to endeavour to hold a conference, they must in return bear some level of risk. The number of escorts she could bring would most likely be limited. It was also possible that she would be surrounded and ambushed by all of the Humas’ forces. After all, it was their territory.

Honestly, sending their lord to such a dangerous place would be insane.

Marione: “Y-you realize that you’re the Demon Lord, right?”

In an attempt to cast away their dismay, Eveam answered with a small smile.

Eveam: “Yes, I am. That’s why I won’t waver in the face of death.”


Accepting those words, all eyes silently turned to her.

Eveam: “I don’t care how dangerous the place is. I’ll drag myself through the mud. I’ll even crawl on my hands and knees. If it’s for the sake of the Evila, I’ll gladly trek through death valley.”

Marione always thought that Eveam was a naïve girl that had the intelligence of a little girl. An idiot who refused to look at the reality before her eyes, whose head was only full of ideals.

Marione: (An idiot can only advance like an idiot, I guess…)

Eveam’s eyes was devoid of any hesitation. She put into words her serious and unshakable conviction. Her way of thinking was still immature. Her declaration was unlike a King issuing an order. Being immediately chosen as the successor to the late king that died suddenly, one could only say that she was a naïve girl.

Marione: “…I’m sorry, but I cannot give you my approval. You are treating your own life too lightly.”

Eveam: “I know. However, I must go through with this. Because I believe I can change the future. If I don’t do this, I’m certain that I’ll deeply regret it.”

She would never allow a senseless war like this to happen again. She has already rested long enough.

Marione: “In the end, it all depends on the Humas, though.”

Eveam: “Aa, well, until we get the Humas’ approval, please voice anything you’re unsure of. Unless we’re clear about this plan, the Peace Treaty Conference won’t be very useful.”

Shublars: “I see~ Even if we form a truce with the Humas, they won’t necessarily intervene in a war between the Gabranth and Evila, right~?”

Eveam returned a nod towards Shublars’ words.

Greyald: “But even so, I doubt the Gabranth will just remain silent without doing anything. They might do something unexpected, you know? And also, those fellows may know other ways of getting to the Demon World…”

What Greyald said also had merit. Even if they earned some time, it would be unheard of for the Gabranth to sit back and do nothing. Basically, they had a time limit.

Eveam: “It is as Greyald said. Kiria, please prepare the letter post haste. I beg of you.”

Kiria: “As you wish.”

Kiria, who had been silently standing besides Eveam throughout the entire meeting, respectfully lowered her head.

Eveam: “This Conference is done for today. If the situation shifts, then I will immediately convene another conference. Dismissed.”

In response to her words, the [Cruel Brigade] departed from the room. The ones who remained were once again Aquinas and the <Number 4> Ornoth.

Ornoth: “There’s something I want to discuss with you, Aquinas.”

Ornoth wanted to hear his friend Aquinas' thoughts about something other than the destruction of the bridge.

Aquinas: “I feel bad for you. It seems like some of Marione’s subordinates have been snooping around in your affairs.”

Ornoth: “True. Marione-dono seems to have little faith in me.”

Aquinas: “Well, if it gets to be too much of a pain for you, I’ll try and do something about it.”

Ornoth: “No, please spare me from that. If you feel like doing something, then please do it discreetly.”

Ornoth spoke as he chuckled to himself.

Ornoth: “In any case, what do you think of her majesty’s decision?”

Aquinas: “The alliance?”

Ornoth: “Yeah. Don’t you think it’s a bit reckless?”

Aquinas: “Even if it’s reckless, it’s not impossible…apparently.”

Ornoth: “…I see.”

For a moment, Ornoth’s face showed a blank expression. It was true that if you read the meaning of the words, being reckless means that the possibility of success exists.

Ornoth: “But still, an alliance, huh…The Gabranth will surely not remain silent.”

Aquinas: “Aa.”

Ornoth: “And even so, didn’t the Humas wanted to defeat us Evila so badly that they summoned heroes?”

Aquinas: “Aa.”

Ornoth: “Aquinas, my friend, do you think this plan will succeed?”

Aquinas: “…I couldn’t say. However-”

Ornoth: “However?”

Aquinas: “Our duty is to protect the Demon Lord. Even if…we have to eradicate everything else.”

Ornoth: “…I genuinely hope that doesn’t happen. Even I don’t want to recklessly deprive people of life.”

As Aquinas stood up and started to move, he suddenly paused.

Aquinas: “Our majesty makes a lot of mistakes. However, she is still our Lord. We cannot allow her to be killed.”

Ornoth: “Aa.”

Thus, the two men departed from the conference room.


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