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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 55: That Bird, Again!

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Chapter 55: That Bird, Again!

A perplexed Hiiro folded his arms.

Hiiro: “Uu~n(1)….covering such a broad country on foot is gonna take some time. But if I try flying, I’m gonna attract attention. What should I....”

As he was contemplating, he suddenly thought of an idea. He began focusing his magic power in his fingertip.

Hiiro: “I doubt it will work…?”

Contrary to Hiiro’s expectations, the word was easily written and invoked.


From that location, Hiiro’s figure instantly vanished.

Hiiro appeared to be in a flower field he had seen once before. Hiiro involuntarily clenched his fists as he emitted a beaming smile.

Hiiro: “Oo~(3), it succeeded! This is great!”

Hiiro had written the word [Transfer]. As he wrote, he had an image of a certain location projected in his mind. It was a field of flowers that he had previously been in. It was called the [Doggam Garden].

Indeed, this was the village where Hiiro had first visited ever since he had entered the Gabranth Continent. However, this village was a place that was so far from [Passion], it would take well over 2 weeks of walking to cover the distance between them.

Which means that what Hiiro had accomplished was instantaneous movement. If you were to put it in a more magical context, it was what is referred to as teleportation. Thinking that this would be possible with the word [Transfer], Hiiro half-heartedly attempted to write it. Nevertheless, it seemed that Hiiro was happy to have it succeed.

Succeeding in moving between a large distance in an instant. Hiiro couldn’t help but crack a large grin.

Hiiro: "Yosh. With this, I can return to the Humas Continent whenever I want. This is such a cheat-like ability."

Incidentally, the reason why Hiiro came to this village was to obtain some legs. Last time, he was able to borrow a monster called a Raidpic. Hiiro was able to travel to [Passion] while riding on its back.

As Hiiro was thinking about going to explore more of the Gabranth Continent for a little while, he returned here with the intention of borrowing a Raidpic again.

As Hiiro entered the [Doggam] village with his own feet, he began searching for a particular person. He immediately spotted the person in question. Apparently, they seemed to be discussing something with the other villagers.

Hiiro: "Oi, Kuma no Ossan!"(4)

Max: "Ha? Eh...ah, aren’t you-!?"

The one Hiiro was addressing was Arnold’s good friend, Max. His stout physique made him resemble a pig more than a bear, or so Hiiro thought.

Max: “It was Hiiro...right? What happened? Where’s Arnold?"

Hiiro: “I’m by myself. Ossan(5) is with the Chibi(6) in [Passion] at the moment."

Max: “He? Which means you’re all by yourself? What’d you come all the way here for?"

Hiiro: “I came for the Raidpic you lent me last time. I’ll pay gold. Lend it to me."

Max: “Aa, that guy! That reminds me that I got a report about them coming back last night."

Hiiro thought that this was good timing. Even though a few days have passed since their parting, there was still the possibility that the Raidpic had not returned yet. Although he would have settled on other Raidpics if necessary, it was preferable to borrow one that he has already grown accustomed to.


Some sort of shadow began approaching with tremendous velocity. This shadow maintained this momentum as it ran up to Hiiro, hugging him while using its long tongue to lick his face.

Raidpic: "Kui kui kui kuiiiiiiii!"(8)

Hiiro: "Eei!(9) Cut it out! This fucking drool-bird!"

Hiiro desperately tried to tear himself away from the Raidpic. However, as he was being hugged with a considerable amount of force, it was not easy to remove himself from its grasp.

Max: "Gahahaha! I didn’t think they’d be this attached to you! Yosha(10), I’ll lend it to ya! Actually, there’s also that! If it’s good with you, you can also buy them but it’s up to you?”

Hiiro: “Buy…?

Hiiro replied with his face sticky with drool. As soon as they heard the word ‘buy’, the Raidpic froze, sending Hiiro a heated stare.


They made an expression that almost pleaded Hiiro to buy them. Their eyes were shining as if they were Idol-Beams(12).

Hiiro: (Well, it’s important that I have some ‘legs’. This guy also seems to want to be bought for some reason ...)

While carefully examining the Raidpic, Hiiro gave his answer to Max.

Hiiro: "How much?"

With this, it turned out that Hiiro was obtaining a Raidpic. The Raidpic was so happy that it began to flap its wings that couldn’t fly with *batabata*(13), all while running around in circles.

Hiiro: "Eei, so annoying! If you don’t shut up, I’m gonna fry you into yakitori(14)!"

Raidpic: "Kuii-!?"

Responding to the word ‘Yakitori’, the Raidpick froze as it shuddered with a *gatagata*. As expected, it was afraid that it would be burned. It tried to use its eyes to appeal against being burned. Thinking that this was a pain, Hiiro spoke.

Hiiro: “It’s a joke. We’re leaving tomorrow so make sure you rest up for today."

Raidpic: "Kuii-!"

Even though it answered in the affirmative, it did not leave Hiiro’s side.

Hiiro: "Oi, I’m done with you so you can go back now."

However, it did not return an answer. It sent an expectant gaze towards Hiiro, as if it was waiting for something.

Hiiro: "T-the hell’s its problem?"

Max: "Aa(15), it wants you to give it a name."

Hiiro: “Name?”

Max: "Aa, if their new master doesn’t give them a name, these Raidpics won’t budge an inch."

Hiiro: "This bird is kind of a pain in the ass."

Exasperated, Hiiro placed his hand on his chin as he began contemplating.

Hiiro: "Let’s see............isn’t ‘Bird’ fine?"

Raidpic: "Kui kui kui kui kui!"

*Bunbunbunbun*(16) The Raidpic began to shake its head extremely violently. It seemed to be saying that it was utterly displeased with what Hiiro had just said.

Hiiro: "It’s quite a pampered bird."

Max: "Gahaha! It’s cause a name is something that represents the individual. This guy’s hoping that you’ll give it a good name."

Hiiro stared at the Raidpic, as if analysing it. A yellow beak and white feathers. Large dark eyes. Also, for some reason, a mark in the shape of a crescent was present on its forehead.

Hiiro: "What’s this mark?"

Max: "Nn? Aa, that was there when it was born. It’s kind of like a mole if you were to compare it to a person."

Hiiro: "Fu~n.(17)"

As Hiiro observed the mark, he faintly nodded.

Hiiro: "......yosh, you’re now ‘Mikazuki’."

Hiiro simply stated thus. However...

Mikazuki: "Kui kui kui kuuuuuuuuuuuui-!”

It seemed to have taken a liking to its name as it began frolicking about. It’s joy didn’t reach the level of covering Hiiro with its bodily fluids, yet, Mikazuki seemed satisfied as it returned to the bird house.

Max: "Gahaha! Putting your naming sense aside, for a Raidpic to be that head over heels for you,  as expected of someone who defeated a unique monster!"

As he chuckled heartily, Max began firmly patting Hiiro’s shoulder. As Hiiro’s face distorted due to the sudden impact, he began to speak.

Hiiro: "By the way, I kinda want to go to the inn, but...?"

Max: "Oi, don’t say something so cold. Come ‘ver to my place. I’ll even treat you to some [Honey Sweets]"

Hiiro: "Hou~.(18)"

Hiiro’s index finger(19) twitched. Today, for one night, Hiiro decided to crash at Max's house.

As the day became the next, the sky presented itself with weather fit for a journey. Max was at the store’s exit as he was sending-off Hiiro.

Max: "So where’re you headed?"

Hiiro: "Who knows."

Max: "Have you not decided yet?"

Hiiro: "Aa, I’m a guy that follows wherever the wind takes me."

Max: "I see. Watch yourself, got it?"

Hiiro: "Aa, thanks for taking care of me."

Max: "Come again with the other two and eat some [Honey Sweets]."

Max laughed with a huge grin. Hiiro answered him while on top of Mikazuki.

Hiiro: "Only if the chance comes."

Thus, Hiiro departed from the village of [Doggam].

Hiiro: "Well, for the time being let’s just look around."

Mikazuki: "Kuii-!"

After gaining a ‘Reliable Companion?’, Hiiro continued his journey. He wondered what would be his next destination. Wondering what kind of adventure it would bring, Hiiro looked forward as he carried a feeling of expectation.

Hiiro: "Well, go where ever you want. I’m gonna read that book I got from the Kuma no Ossan."

It seemed that Hiiro’s forward gaze only lasted for a fraction of a second. Mikazuki almost fell to the ground in reaction to Hiiro’s attitude, yet, it continued to follow its master’s orders as it began to advance appropriately.

At the [Beast Kingdom Capital: Passion], Leowald, the Gabranth King, had finally returned from the unexpected events that had occurred during the war. Although he was thoroughly displeased, upon learning that his daughter, Mimir’s voice had returned, his attitude had completely flipped as he decided to hold a feast in celebration.

He had heard the news from the soldiers first. Of course, he was unable to believe them so he went to ask his wife Blantha, as well as the First Princess Kukklia. Hearing what Kukklia had to say, he headed straight for Mimir’s location.

Following this, as an angelic voice entered his ears, his foul mood was blown away, as if it was a lie. He began screaming as he hugged his beloved daughter.

He was grateful to the [Spirit] that had cured Mimir’s voice. Leowald had stated to everyone that the [Spirits] had always been their only allies.

Following this, after toasting to the city, the feast had begun. Of course, they had also publicly announced the course of the war. Hearing that the [Evila] had retreated from war, there were many Gabranth who expressed anger and frustration. However, due to Mimir’s recovered voice, many had been rejoicing throughout the feast.

Leglos: "Father can’t help but spoil Mimir, huh."

As Lewald had placed Mimir on his large shoulders, he began walking around as if showing off his daughter. Overlooking this spectacle, the First Prince Leglos could only shrug his shoulders.

Lenion: "Fun(20), I’m still hung up about the war, you know."

The Second Prince Lenion began grumbling.

Leglos: "No, it’s not like father isn’t worried about the war. When it’s time fight, we fight. When it’s time to celebrate, we celebrate. This is the law of this country. Even you’re happy about Mimir’s restored voice, right?"

Lenion: "Fun, am I?"

Lenion said as he looked away. However, there was a certain softness in his expression. Even to the sloppy Lenion, Leglos had reaffirmed his thoughts that his little sister was adorable.

Leglos: "It’s fine to start thinking about the war after the feast. Now is a time for celebration. Don’t you agree, Lenion?"

Lenion: " whatever you want."

The two made the glasses they both held touch the other’s before bringing it to the mouths. Everyone rejoiced as they celebrated Mimir’s voice being restored. However, in the midst of the excitement, there was one person that had their gaze transfixed on Mimir. But there was a line of sight to stare at jitter and Mimiru only one person in it.

???: (Fumu......why, whatever could this mean? For something that even I couldn’t cure to seems that a little investigating is needed.)

As a pair of round glasses glimmered, a mouth distorted into the shape of a crescent moon.(21)


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me. I’m not a professional.)

  1. (1) Uun: Japanese equivalent of ‘Hmm’. Sound indicating deep thought.
  2. (2) Pishun: Think of *Flash* or something…(not sure. Consult Mr. Google).
  3. (3) Oo: Not 2 ‘o’ but an elongated O. Expresses surprise/amazement.
  4. (4) Kuma no Ossan: Alternate Translation (‘Bear-Old Man’)
  5. (5) Ossan: An informal way of addressing an elderly male figure. (Affectionate ‘Old-man’ or Rude ‘Old-fart’.)
  6. (6) Chibi: An informal way of addressing a person of short stature. Think ‘midget’.
  7. (7) Dadadada: Onomatopoeia representing loud, rapid footsteps.
  8. (8) Kui: A sound made by Raidpics. (As I don’t speak Raidpic, I am unfortunately unable to translate this. Any persons who are able to translate Raidpic, feel free to offer translations of what they are saying.)
  9. (9) Eei: An expression of irritation.
  10. (10) Yosha: An expression of affirmation that’s often used for psyching up one self. Think ‘Alright!’ or ‘Yeah!’.
  11. (11) Kira: Japanese Onomatopoeia that basically means *sparkle*.
  12. (12) Idol-Beams: I don't even...I think they're referring to this.
  13. (13) Bata: Japanese Onomatopoeia for the sound of wings flapping.
  14. (14) Yakitori: Literally means fried chicken(bird). Go Google it.
  15. (15) Aa: An expression of affirmation. Usually used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Kind of like ‘Uh-huh’ or ‘Yeah’.
  16. (16) Bun: Japanese Onomatopoeia for large air pressure (cause the bird's shaking head causes its feathers to fan a large amount of air).
  17. (17) Fu~n: An expression of scepticism? Basically, think ‘Hmm’ or ‘is that so?’.
  18. (18) Hou: An expression of interest.
  19. (19) TL Note: Kanji used for ‘index finger’ is for food and finger. Play on words, but basically, it means that Hiiro’s ‘food’ switch was triggered.
  20. (20) Fun: Equivalent of 'Hmph'.
  21. (21) TL Note: This is another play on words. The romaji for ‘crescent’ is ‘mikazuki’ which is what Hiiro has named his Raidpic. It may/may not have any meaning here, but I thought I’d mention it.


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