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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 58: Now, to the Evila Continent!

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Edit 1 (26/3/15): Fixed errors, grammar, and converted to American Spelling. (Credit to commentor: GonZ)

Edit 2 (26/3/15): Altered Mikazuki pronouns in light of new information.

Chapter 58: Now, to the Evila Continent!

Author Note: It’s finally time for the Evila Continent Arc~(1)

As Hiiro had arrived in the town of [Kalent], he parked Mikazuki close near the inn before immediately searching for a general store. Of course, he was looking to buy some MP recovery items.

Incidentally, Hiiro had attempted to write the word [Recovery], thinking that it may possibly recover his MP. Needless to say, this attempt did not go very well. Although his HP was restored, his MP would only drop, stubbornly refusing to recover. Hiiro thought it would be nice if it was possible, however, he didn’t expect his power to be so broken as to allow such a cheat. (2)

Following this, he attempted to increase his stock of Recovery items using [Replication] and [Division]. When he took those items, his MP certainly did increase. Yet, after a minute had passed, the effects of his magic faded along with the corresponding amount of MP restored.

Thinking that the temporary increase in MP was good, however, Hiiro tried to use magic after he took some of the replicated Restoration items when his MP was near 0. Needless to say, he was able to use the MP. However, after a minute had passed, Hiiro had noticed a drastic decrease of his physical condition. As he checked his [Status], he was faced with a horrid sight. His previously full HP had dropped to a measly 1%.

Hiiro determined that this was probably the effect of a [Rebound] caused by trying to forcefully use magic when he had no MP.  However, as it had been demonstrated that he could cut off his Health in exchanged for the use of magic, Hiiro decided to resort to this as a trump card. As it was frightening considering what would happen should he have used magic twice, he placed a rule constraining himself to only using magic once when using HP as fuel.

In the meantime, Hiiro decided that he would spend today packing his pouch with Recovery agents as food would be purchased tomorrow. He stared towards the direction of the inn he was staying at, the place that he would be leaving tomorrow.

Hiiro: "Well then, I guess I’ll buy Mikzuki’s food before heading back."

As a side note, Mikzuki’s favourite food was called [Puryun Fruit], a fruit that looked like an actual pudding. Although it wasn't as soft as a pudding, it held a taste unique to fruit, inducing a sweet and sour flavor which would make one reminiscent of a strawberry.

As Hiiro began walking towards the inn, he spotted a building that suddenly caught his attention.

Hiiro: "Is that...a Library?"

Hiiro’s eyes began shining with a *kirakira*(3). His feet carried him towards the library as if it was a law of nature. As he opened the door and entered, he discovered that, while the space wasn't large, that place was without a doubt, a library.

Hiiro: "......he~, I wonder if this place has a lending and purchasing area."

There were two counters one to the left and one to the right. Both had a sign propped up in front of them, one reading [Lending], the other [Purchase].

The counter installed on the right had books available for Lending only, while the one setup on the left seemed to have books that could be bought.

Hiiro unhesitatingly moved towards the purchasing area. While Hiiro wouldn't have any issues about borrowing books if he was planning on staying long-term, as he was leaving tomorrow, he immediately sought to buy some books for the road.

Hiiro: "......Nn?"(4)

As he was walking, Hiiro glanced a certain title as he began to focus on a particular book. As he wanted to view the cover, he took the book from the shelf.

Hiiro: "As I thought."

Hiiro looked at the book, slightly nodding to himself as he had confirmed his suspicions.

Hiiro: ( [The Adventures of Tyn Cal Weikl]....while the color of the cover’s different than the one I saw before, it looks like its contents are the same. The Author’s name also matches.)

Hiiro recalled one of the books that he had borrowed from Max in [Doggam]. At that time, the cover was tinted livid, however, the title, contents, and author had matched the book that Hiiro currently held in his hands. He observed that, unlike other books, this one was apparently unpopular as there were 5 other copies lying around.

Hiiro: (Well, this is a Humas story. It probably just had poor reception among the Gabranth.)

As he thought this, Hiiro returned to the shelves as he planned to buy any books that seemed noteworthy.

After returning to the inn, he fed Mikazuki before heading to his room. He collapsed onto the bed as he heaved a large sigh.

Hiiro: "Looks like I’m heading over there tomorrow. About time."

As he thought this, Hiiro closed his eyes.

The next day, Hiiro, who had left [Kalent], had stopped after walking for a short while.

Hiiro: "Yosh(5), this should be far enough."

Mikazuki: "Kui!"(6)

Hiiro poured magic power into his fingertip as he began writing. What he had written was the word [Transfer]. He was trying to teleport to a certain location.

Hiiro: "Shall we go?"

Mikazuki: "Kui!"

Hiiro touched Mikazuki with empty hands as he invoked the word.


The two’s figures instantly disappeared.

A vast sea of blue spread itself before Hiiro upon his arrival. However, as the floor that Hiiro was standing on had became the edge of a cliff, the shape he was overseeing was the ocean Looking further ahead was a continent so huge, it appeared as if it was covering the sea.

Hiiro: "It hasn't changed from before, huh."

In actuality, Hiiro had visited this place before. As soon as he had parted from Arnold and Co., he came here. At that time, since the war had just ended, the place was littered with Gabranth. Hiiro had determined that they were soldiers based on their attire.

There were several reasons for Hiiro’s visit to this location. It was the place where the distance between the two continents was at its smallest. He had wanted to see the place where the Gabranth had wanted to go to war with his own eyes. Also, he needed to visit this area once for a certain, specific purpose.

The [Gedult Bridge Site]. Previously, there had been a huge bridge built here.

It was the one and only bridge that connected the [Evila] and [Gabranth] Continents together. About one month ago, it had existed here. However, the [Demon Lord] literally wiped it off the map. However, as of now, it was no longer here. All that could be seen was the great, expansive ocean.

Hiiro, after surveying his surroundings, confirmed that no one was present and began to write a word. However, this time, he began to write on himself.

As he invoked it, Hiiro’s Kemonomimi(8) and tail began to fade away. In place of this, his ears began to grow pointed and a small horn grew from his forehead. His undeniably pale skin also changed, growing even paler as it began to appear discolored. Furthermore, his silver-hair darkened as it turned into a thin shade of purple.

Hiiro: "Yosh, it looks like it succeeded."

Noticing his skin tone change, Hiiro alone nodded. What Hiiro had wrote was the word [Change](9). Initially, upon his arrival to this continent, Hiiro realized that having a Humas appearance would be unfavourable, disguising himself to look like a Gabranth. As such, this time...

Hiiro: "No matter what angle you look at this, doesn't this look an [Evila]?"

Indeed, Hiiro’s purpose for coming here was so that he could travel to the [Evila Continent] that he could see off in the distance. In the past month, he had searched for and found a book about the [Evila], learning about all their different races and their appearances.

The [Evila] appearance he had taken on seemed to be the form belonging to a common race that was bountiful in numbers. As he had an ‘image’ of them, he was able to disguise himself.

Mikazuki: "Kui kui!"

Mikazuki returned Hiiro’s question with a nod as she swung her head up and down with a *kokukoku*(10). Seeing this, Hiiro climbed on Mikazuki as he began to write the word [Flight] on its back.
As Mikazuki felt power swelling up inside of her, her body began convulsing with a *buruburu*(11).

Hiiro: "Yosh, let’s move!"

Mikazuki: "Kuiiiii-!"

Responding to Hiiro’s voice, Mikazuki spread her wings wide.

*basabasa* (12)

As she moved her large wings, Mikzuki’s body loftily ascended. Should any outsiders witness this spectacle, they would surely be surprised.

Raidpics are inherently incapable of flight due to a defect in their wings. And yet, were it perhaps made known that one could fly, it would probably attract attention.

However, as a result of Hiiro’s investigation, it seemed that Raidpics that could fly like Mikazuki was were present within the [Evila Continent]. It appeared that depending on the environment, different parts of the Raipic evolved and/or degenerated.

It seems that Raidpics like Mikazuki, who were born in the [Gabranth Continent], have had their leg strength abnormally developed as they can run for long periods of time while maintaining a considerable speed.

Those who were born in the [Evila Continent] seemed to have been spared from their wings degenerating, as they were capable of flying around freely in the sky. Therefore, even if they were spotted flying around, Hiiro determined that they would be dismissed as a common sight, thus, he chose this method.

Hiiro and Mikazuki began rising up towards the sky. Hiiro began overlooking the [Gabranth Continent] from the sky.

Hiiro: "It was an interesting country, but perhaps another time."

As he muttered, Hiiro brought his sight forward, staring at the [Evila Continent]. As the smell of a new adventure drifted towards his nose, Hiiro couldn't help but grin.

Mikazuki advanced through the sky with substantial velocity. Although a Raidpic could not fly originally, thanks to Hiiro’s magic, she was able to soar through the skies. This made Mikazuki very happy as a pleasant feeling spread through her. With her lord(13) on her back, being able to take to the skies made Mikazuki overjoyed.

She was truly glad that she had met her lord, Hiiro. Although his mouth and attitude were awful, Mikazuki felt that she would be able to experience fun and thrilling things that one would not normally be able to. She thought that no matter where or how far they traveled, she would like to remain carrying Hiiro on his journey.

Hiiro: "Oi(14), if you don’t watch it, you’ll wear yourself out, you know?"

Even though Mikazuki could fly with Hiiro’s word [Flight], they had already conducted an experiment that proved that they could move faster by flapping her wings. However, this would end up being very exhausting.

However, Mikazuki replied to Hiiro’s words with cries that were constantly saying 'I’m fine'.

Hiiro: (Well, even if I don’t worry about it, we’ll arrive quickly at this pace...)

As he contemplated, Hiiro stared at the steadily approaching [Evila Continent]. If anything, the landscape was as naturally formed as the [Gabranth Continent].

He confirmed that vast forests and lakes were spread across the land. However, Hiiro noticed that the forests and lakes took upon strange hues.

Crimson Lakes and Obsidian Forests. Although a strange sight, a desert could also be found further away. However, unlike the [Gabranth] or [Humas] continents, there were barely any signs of buildings. The lack of them was so significant, it made one wonder whether they had any towns or villages.

As several mountains were blocking his view, Hiiro couldn't help but tilt his neck, wondering if there were any towns beyond them.

While thinking that he should prioritize gathering information, Hiiro began searching for a town or village. However, after restlessly surveying the landscape, he was unable to find one.

Hiiro: (Now what…...should I just keep flying around while sight seeing? No, this guy doesn't have an infinite source of strength and energy. I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s stop off somewhere nearby and then use the word [Search].")

Thinking thus, Hiiro indicated to Mikazuki that they would stop at a coast nearby.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me. I’m not a professional.)

  1. (1) TL Note: About bloody time.
  2. (2) TL Note: If only, Hiiro. If only...
  3. (3) *kirakira* : Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *sparkle*
  4. (4) Nn: Expression denoting interest or confusion.
  5. (5) Yosh: An expression of affirmation that’s often used for psyching up one self. Think ‘Alright!’ or ‘Yeah!’.
  6. (6) Kui: A sound made by Raidpics.
  7. (7) *Pishun*: Think of *Flash* or something…(not sure. Consult Mr. Google).
  8. (8) Kenomimi: A word literally meaning Beast (kemono) Ears (mimi). If you look at Yoraikun’s KnW page, he should have an image that describes it quite well.
  9. (9) TL Note: I’m aware that previous translators have used [Copy]. However, the kanji used here(『化』) denotes change or transformation and not specific to ‘copying’. As such, I have chosen to use [Change] as my translation.
  10. (10) *kokukoku*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *nod*.
  11. (11) *buruburu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *tremble* or *shake*.
  12. (12) *basabasa*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *flap*.
  13. (13) TL Note: In the previous chapter that I translated, the author used the kanji (主人) for master/owner. In this chapter, he uses the kanji (主) for lord/owner (basically the same, but without the ‘person’/人 character). While I don’t know why he changed, I have followed suit.
  14. (14) Oi: Do I really need to explain this? It’s basically like ‘Hey!’.


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