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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 72: The Visiting Red Rain

Assignment done! Now I get to go and translate a chapter...?

Yes, another chapter gap. If you can't tell, this is the latest chapter available so I did it.
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Chapter 72: The Visiting Red Rain

Hiiro: 「...haa, so basically, the Demon Lord’s gathered all the powerful and famous men in the Demon world and gave them a Harem?」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, well that’s about right.」

Hiiro: 「And so the offspring born during this time prospered and are right now living in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】?」

Liliyn: 「You’re a clever boy. That’s precisely it.」

When the Demon Lord position was filled by a woman, men and children of various races across the Demon World became united. As their descendants gradually increased, they slowly began to form what is known as a country. This would certainly explain the circumstances as to how the 『Evila』, who did not believe in coexistence with other races, formed a country.

In other words, that city was filled with many 『Evila』 who had inherited the blood of the Demon Lord.

Hiiro: 「I get it. So the current Demon Lord, actually, not just him. The entire populace have the previous Demon Lord’s blood flowing through their veins, right?」

Liliyn: 「Well, kinda. It’s not unusual to encounter people of other races who have migrated there as the capital accepts anyone, regardless of race. There are no average people there. I mean, there are even some bizarre freaks lurking about. 」

Liliyn stared at Hiiro, as if indicating that he was a prime example of this, yet-

Hiiro: (As opposed to me, this brat is even more eccentric but...there’s also that pervert over there...)

Silva, noticing Hiiro glancing at him, emitted a complacent smile. If put succinctly, Hiiro though it was creepy.

Liliyn: 「Now then, let’s address the main issue. You, who didn’t know anything about the town, er, country that any 『Evila』 should know, are making your way towards it? You do know that the country was involved in a war just a month ago, right?」

Indeed. About a month prior, the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】gathered its martial forces in preparation for the war against the 『Gabranth』. Although war was easily prevented by the Demon Lord’s conduct, it is not difficult to expect that this problem would cause all hell to break loose in the future.

Liliyn: 「Not to mention, I’ve heard that they’ve started up something with the 『Humas』.」

Hiiro: 「What was that?」

This was the first time he heard of such a thing. The reason they destroyed the bridge located on the 『Gabranth』border was so they could avoid war. As such, Hiiro could not comprehend the reason why they had decided to involve themselves with the 『Humas』 this time.

Hiiro: 「Are they planning on warring with the humans now?」

Liliyn: 「Nn(1)? Aa(2), no, you’re mistaken. The way I phrased it was misleading, huh. It seems that they’re trying to form an alliance with the 『Humas』.」

Hiiro: 「...is that true?」

Liliyn slightly raised both arms and shrugged her shoulders as she spoke.

Liliyn: 「Who knows? It’s merely a rumour. I only heard that this was apparently declared during the Demon Lord’s speech. Well, seeing as how the current Demon Lord is as sweet as honey, it seems plausible.」

Hiiro: 「Seems like they’re quite a forgiving.」

Liliyn: 「Not really. There were many who had their friends and family killed by the 『Humas』. In the middle of this despair came the alliance. Also, the one who advocated it was the little girl known as the Demon Lord.」

Hiiro: 「Hey, wait a minute! Is the Demon Lord a female?」

Liliyn: 「Aa, though the previous one was male. The one right now is the little girl Eveam, that guy’s daughter.」

Little girl(3). It couldn’t be helped that Liliyn would call most women as such. However, this was the first time that Hiiro heard about the Demon Lord being a woman. As the Demon Lord was often portrayed as a male in games, Hiiro arbitrarily assumed that was their gender.

Liliyn: 「Currently, the capital might be in a considerable uproar. The 『Evila』 there consider themselves as the supreme power. Even during the war with the 『Gabranth』, there are many that believed they would have won were it not for the Demon Lord’s interference. Also, there’s the proposed alliance. This in itself is enough of a reason for all of their frustrations to explode. In the event that it does detonate, it’s entirely possible that riots will break out in the near future. Are you really planning on going to such a dangerous country, boy?」

Hiiro knew she began the discussion with the intention of not letting him go. However, there was some truth in what Liliyn said. Should Hiiro head to the capital at such a time and find himself caught up in the riots, it was possible that it would become very troublesome. It was also the home turf of the Demon Lord. Furthermore, it was certain that there would be people of greater levels than Hiiro, possessing mountainous strength.

Attempting to collect information inconspicuously under such circumstances would be quite a challenge. Of course, Hiiro could accomplish it were he to make good use of his 《Word Magic》, however, he understood that it was the way of the world to preserve his use of magic only in particularly irregular situations.

Hiiro somehow vaguely realised that, ever since he was summoned, he seemed to be a presence that often got caught up in problems and turmoil. He could not deny the possibility that he would become involved in something troublesome, should he go towards the capital.

Hiiro: (I wanted to see the country at least once though...)

No matter what one said, it was still the Capital of the Demon Country. He could somehow stipulate that this continent’s size was on a different scale when compared to the human and beast countries. It is precisely because of this that Hiiro wanted to experience it for himself, even if only once.

As it was such a huge continent, Hiiro thought that it would definitely be full of delicious food and valuable books. It was without a doubt a place that he wanted to check out for himself.

Hiiro: (Yeah, especially the books. I’ve heard that they have ‘that’ over there...)

As Hiiro made a contemplative face in silence, he casually glanced outside the window. What appeared before him were mountains and a sky being filled with a white glow. It seemed that day had apparently arrived. It appeared that they had been talking for a long period of time. Yet, in that instance, Hiiro noticed something strange.

Although the bright light of day could be seen from far away, it had yet to enter the vicinity of the mansion. As he began contemplating what on earth this could mean-


The mansion began to suddenly sway significantly. As Hiiro realized what was happening, he began to brace himself in response to the vibrations. Yet, as he saw Liliyn’s nonchalant demeanor, Hiiro gave off a dubious expression as he stared at her in wonder.

Liliyn: 「I see, well, it’s not really a disaster, it’s kind of like an event that occurs often around here, it’s the way of the world.」

Silva: 「Indeed, that is correct.」

It seemed that the two were familiar with the swaying. This could be determined as there was no signs of panic visible from either of them.

After a while, the vibrations slowly decreased before fading away completely. Liliyn folded her arms as she began to converse with Silva.

Liliyn: 「I wonder how long it will be this time?」

Silva: 「I am also curious. As the last time was 3 days, would this time not be even longer?」

Liliyn: 「Reasoning?」

Silva: 「Although the argument supporting this is that the shaking lasted longer than the previous time, it seems that...」

Silva drew close to the window, gazing at the sky while spewing out words.

Silva: 「It seems that the size of the 《Forbidden Emperor Cloud(5)》 is larger than the previous time.」

Hiiro: 「Forbidden Emperor Cloud?」

As Hiiro heard an unfamiliar word, he involuntarily let them leak from his mouth.

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(6), I see. If you don’t know, then I’ll tell you.」

She was a fellow whose way of speaking seemed to always elicit irritation. Yet, as Liliyn joyfully deflected Hiiro’s gaze, she began to speak her answer.

Liliyn: 「The thing referred to as the 《Forbidden Emperor Cloud》 is a red cloud positioned high above this very mansion.」

Hiiro: 「Red cloud?」

Liliyn: 「Instead of words, it’d probably be better for you to see it with your own eyes.」

As she said thus, Hiiro approached the window in a similar fashion to Silva as he looked up towards the sky. In doing so, he literally saw red clouds blanketing the skies. Following this, Red Rain(7), which was considered rare in this world, began to fall.

As Hiiro’s eyes were mesmerized by the Red Rain that he had seen for the first time, he simply stood there, rooted in that singular spot. However, as he had heard the previous exchange between Silva and Liliyn, he realised that this rain was likely the cause of the vibrations. Although the rain was undoubtedly bizarre, the matter of whether it was the cause of the mansion’s shaking was questionable.

And yet, as if preemptively addressing Hiiro’s misgivings, Silva answered.

Silva: 「This Red Rain barely ecompasses the area surrounding this island. That is to say, this rain only falls upon lake.」

Hiiro: 「Why doesn’t it rain on the island?」

Silva: 「The 《Forbidden Emperor Cloud》 seems to be a cloud that consists of evaporated red rain. The evaporated water rises through the air and swirls into a cloud and, after a substantial amount of time passes, falls back down to earth in the form of rain. Well, if I told you to think that it ‘comes and goes’, would it be easier to understand?」

Hiiro: 「I see. While I don’t understand why the rain falls in such a manner, it’s true that, from what I can see, it doesn’t seem to be raining on the island.」

No matter from what angle he looked, Hiiro could not see the sight of the windows and the garden or earth outside being drenched due to the rain. It seemed that it did not rain on the island, as Silva had indicated.

Liliyn: 「But you know, the color is not the only thing about the Red Rain that is different than normal. There is one other unique trait that it possesses.」

Hiiro: 「Trait?」

Liliyn: 「It makes magic ineffective. Basically, it has the power of a magic seal.」

The one who had answered was Liliyn. As Hiiro shifted his gaze towards her, Liliyn began to move her mouth.

Liliyn: 「It seems that when this rain begins pouring, magic cannot be used within the vicinity. Although the reason for this is still unknown, during my time on this island, there have been no exceptions to this, including us. I dare you to try.」

Being told thus, Hiiro attempted to concentrate magic into his fingertips as per usual.

Hiiro: (...Nn?)

His fingertips became slightly warm as they glowed with a pale light as normal, yet, no matter how much Hiiro concentrated, nothing happened. He tried to write a word in the air, yet, nothing was projected.

In addition, it had suddenly occurred to him that he could no longer ascertain Mikazuki’s location. As Hiiro had previously installed words onto Mikazuki, he could grasp her general location by sensing his magic. However, at the moment, he could not feel a thing.

Hiiro: (It...it’s been canceled? Moreover, it was by force?)

Hiiro’s thoughts were on the mark. From what Silva had said, this rain was called 《Magic Canceller》. It seemed to possess the effect of forcibly shutting down magic. As such, those who were near the rain were deprived of the use of magic.

In this situation, it was not possible for Hiiro to write and install words on his body for protection. As he couldn’t believe that such a strange rain existed, Hiiro instinctively clicked his tongue.

Hiiro: (No,......isn’t that wrong?)

It was there that Hiiro suddenly had an epiphany. The reason he felt the installed words disappeared was due to the risk associated with writing two words with 《Word Magic》 which he had done earlier. If he wrote two words, all one word spells installed would disappear. He had forgotten about it.

Hiiro: (However, even if I didn’t use the 《Two-Word Chain(8)》 skill, does this mean that they would still disappear even in this rain…...ah, wait a sec!)

While making sure his concern did not appear on his face, he peered at his own body, exhaling in relief as he took note of his skin tone. This alleviation was due to the 「Change」 | 『化』word’s effect had not disappeared. Therefore, he felt secure as his appearance remained one belonging to the 『Imp Race』. If he were to return to being human now, he would not be able to make up an excuse.

Hiiro: (But even so, what the hell does this mean...?)

It was at this point that Hiiro began to contemplate the differences between his installed words and Liliyn’s barrier magic with the spell 「Change」 | 『化』. While the fact that both groups are magic remain unchanged, the former continued to maintain its effects by using magic as fuel while the latter has already produced its results, meaning that the spell has already been cast.

Hiiro: (So magic effects that are fixed seem to be unaffected. It seems that the scratches from the maid have been cured as well.)

If indeed all magic that had been cast was canceled indiscriminately, then his shoulder, wounded by Shamoe’s assault last night, should have scratches re-appearing as the 「Heal」 | 『治』 word’s effect would disappear..

In other words, rather than sealing magic itself, it suppresses the emission of magic. In other words, magic itself.

Hiiro: (Apparently, instead of sealing magic, it seems to seal the use of magic power.)

However, this consequentially benefited Hiiro. It was obviously for the better that Hiiro had not returned to his human appearance. Even so, he was amazed at the existence of such an environment.

Hiiro: (The demon world….it’s really a place where you can’t get bored, huh.)

Although the demon world’s environment was just that, to Hiiro, it was completely different to what he had experienced before. He couldn’t possibly imagine that an environment would render him unable to use magic. As this became a matter of life and death for Hiiro, he sincerely thought from the bottom of his heart that it was good for him to find out about the red rain.

If he fought a monster without knowing this and this rain began to fall in the vicinity, he would be left confused as to why his magic was suddenly rendered ineffective, that confusion possibly allowing a monster to deprive Hiiro of his life. It is precisely because of this that Hiiro genuinely welcomed this experience.

Hiiro: 「I understand that I can’t use magic when this rain is nearby. So what happens if I touch it?」

When near such rain, magic becomes unusable. If he should touch it, it was possible that something of corresponding side-effects could assault his body. Concerned, Hiiro posed such a question, yet, Silva’s answer was surprising.

Silva: 「What Hiiro-sama(9) is concerned about will not occur.」

Hiiro: 「So if I touch it, I won’t get a curse or anything similar?」

Although Hiiro thought he had a little bit of a ‘game brain’, in this world, it’s better to be err on the side of caution.

Silva: 「There is no such thing. If you were only to touch, then no problem should arise.」

The way he phrased his answer caught Hiiro’s attention. While Hiiro was sceptical as to whether there was something else to be wary of, he stared at Silva.

Silva: 「It is true that Red Rain certainly possesses characteristics similar to water. However, unlike normal water, Red Rain possesses considerable weight.」

Hiiro: 「Weight? You mean, it’s heavy?」

Silva: 「You are correct. In addition, it pelts down from high above in the sky. If one were to be rained upon, the shock received would be quite significant. Therefore, I believe that trying to pass through that rain would prove….quite traumatizing, yes?」

Hiiro: 「......」

He felt that the trauma one would experience would not be to the extent where it could be expressed with the word ‘painful’. However, it was undeniable that, from what Hiiro could see, the rain did not seem to torrent down with a *zaza*(10). And yet, the sound of the rain was as large as the Guerrilla Rainstorm(11). Evidently, every single droplet seemed to carry an immense impact.

Hiiro: 「Come to think of it, you didn’t answer my question earlier. What was that shaking a little while ago?」

Silva: 「Aa, that was the aftermath of the barrier that the lady prepared being dissolved.」

Hiiro: 「Barrier? Now that you mention it, you guys did say something about that earlier.」

Silva: 「Indeed. During the night, the surroundings are full of Rank S monsters as a large amount of them make inhabit this area. Although if we were to be attacked, Ojou-sama(12) would undoubtedly have no problems however, as she dislikes having her sleep disturbed, she set up the barrier in order to repel those monsters from entering the premises.」

It was true that disturbing someone’s sleep could not be forgiven. Hiiro could completely understand this sentiment.

Silva: 「The barrier is also made up of magic. Thus, as the Red Rain forcibly canceled the barrier, the mansion shook in recoil. There is no need for concern. However...」

Silva abruptly narrowed his eyes as he shifted his line-of-sight towards the outside of the window.


A deafening howl could be heard. As tension Involuntarily ran throughout his entire body, Hiiro peered out the window in a similar fashion to Silva. Liliyn, the only one who had her arms folded and eyes closed, exhaustingly spat out a sigh as she slowly opened her eyes.

Liliyn: 「As I thought, he came...Baron Bone Lizard(14).」


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Nn: Expression denoting interest or confusion.
  2. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation. Usually used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Kind of like ‘Uh-huh’ or ‘Yeah’.
  3. ^ TL Note: Little girl = 小娘. Kind of demeaning. GT pushed out alternate translations such as ‘lass’ or ‘puss’. I think you can see why I opted for little girl.
  4. ^ *guragura*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *wobble*.
  5. ^ TL Note: Not sure how to literally translate. The kanji reads as Forbidden Emperor Cloud | 禁帝雲. The furigana suggests to read it as Kin Tei Un.
  6. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s snicker.
  7. ^ TL Note: Furigana literally indicates to read this as ‘Red Rain’. Thus, you’ll be seeing it a lot in the chapter with no variants.
  8. ^ TL Note: The skill name was not explicitly stated. However, I felt it needed to be included in order to preserve grammatical quality.
  9. ^ -sama: A suffix used to show respect to the one addressed. Very formal and used to address someone of higher position (eg. A maid addressing her Master).
  10. ^ *zaza*: Japanese onomatopoeia signifying heavy rain. Like *pitter patter* except multiply effect by a large amount.
  11. ^ Guerilla Rainstorms: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_rainstorm
  12. ^ Ojou-sama: A term used to refer to a female of high status. Alt Trans: ‘My Lady’ | ‘Mistress’.
  13. ^ Gugya: I don’t know. Some sort of cry/howl?
  14. ^ TL Note: Like Yoraikun, I’m really beginning to question the author’s naming sense...


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