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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 76: Contract with a Demon?

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Chapter 76: Contract with a Demon?

Three days had passed in the manor. During that time, although Hiiro befriended Silva and Shamoe, he didn’t even catch a glimpse of Liliyn. According to Silva, Liliyn usually stayed in her room, relying on Silva to bring her meals.

Hiiro: (Haa, I don’t really care about the Aka-Loli(1), but it looks like the rain’s not showing any signs of stopping…...)

During the past three days, there was no sign of the rain letting up. As it had rained continuously for such a long time, Hiiro thought that the river might overflow. However, Silva assured him that there was nothing to be concerned about.

The reason for this was that the monsters living in the lake were absorbing the Red Rain. Although it was raining continuously right now, there was a point in the past where there was no rain at all.

Because of that, the monsters shrivelled up and died. Since the rain provided them with energy, they literally regarded it as a blessing.

However, to people, this was one of the most annoying events that could occur. As one could not step outside, even without Liliyn present, all one could do was stay muffled in their rooms as they ate and slept.

Hiiro: (This is a waste of time. I originally wanted to practice my 《Word Magic》, but I can’t use magic right’s like I’m in a prison.)

Hiiro was obviously dissatisfied at first. Yet, in actuality, the mansion was filled with books and literature that Silva had collected, appeasing Hiiro’s boredom. Hiiro deemed the books in Silva’s collection as intriguing, especially the books detailing topics related to the Demon World. Thus, he enjoyed himself as he read through them.

At first, he was handed a book recommended by Silva. However, as it was clearly one of those books that the Perverted Butler often had, Hiiro immediately smacked the pervert over the head with it.

As Hiiro was in the guest room, absorbed in his reading, he heard the sound of a door slowly opening. If the visitor was Silva or Shamoe, then they would definitely knock before hand. Thus, he understood that his visitor was the only other existence that resided in the mansion.

Shifting his gaze towards the opened door, he predictably saw a face that he had not seen in a while.

Liliyn: 「Lend me some of your time.(2)

With her blazing red hair, Liliyn swayed as she spoke in a commanding tone.

Hiiro: 「I refuse.」

He instantly gave his rejection. However, perhaps expecting such an answer from Hiiro, Liliyn did not grow too upset as she continued.

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(3), I see you haven’t changed much. Being able to face me with that kind of attitude, I mean.」

Hiiro: 「I’m reading. Don’t bother me, Hikikomori(4).」

Liliyn: 「Fun(5), forget about that and come. I wanna show you something interesting.」

Hiiro: 「...?」

Hearing the words ‘something interesting,’ Hiiro’s curiosity was piqued.

Hiiro: 「What’s so interesting?」

Liliyn: 「Like I said, if you follow you’ll find out.」

Hiiro: 「......」

The two’s eyes met. As Liliyn averted her eyes soon after, all the while emitting a fearless grin, Hiiro shut the book with a *pata*(6).

Hiiro: 「Where are we going?」

Liliyn: 「Over here.」

Hiiro followed after Liliyn who had left the room. However, he noticed something suddenly drop to his feet as he exited the guest room. As he glanced at Liliyn’s back, he picked up the object at his feet.

Hiiro: (This is...)

Hiiro saw something resembling golden petals.

Hiiro: (The 《Golden Rose》...huh?)

In the fight earlier with the Baron Bone Lizard, Liliyn had consumed the 《Golden Rose》. This piece may have fallen out of her clothing when she had passed this spot. As Hiiro thought thus, for whatever reason, he concealed it in his pocket as he followed after Liliyn who was walking ahead.

They had entered a dimly lit room, a room that Liliyn would refer to as her own.

Hiiro: (This room has really bad taste, huh.)

As he saw several creepy masks and ornaments lined up along the walls, Hiiro shrugged his shoulders. In the center of the room was a large magic circle drawn on the floor, a lone bed sitting on top of it. On top of said bed, Liliyn quietly sat down and stared at Hiiro.

Liliyn: 「I heard that your hobby is reading.」

Hiiro interpreted this as her most likely hearing this from Silva.

Liliyn: 「Right now, I’ve been arranging time to decipher a certain book.」

Hiiro: 「A certain book you say?」

Liliyn: 「That’s right. Well, I give you permission to look.」

As Liliyn said thus, she took a singular book out from under her pillow. The book, wrapped in a pitch black hardcover, appeared to not have anything resembling a title written on it.

Liliyn: 「This was a book that I obtained through several connections but, here. Have a read.」

As she said thus, Liliyn threw the book towards Hiiro. Catching it with both hands, Hiiro first began to check the front and back covers. As he had thought, there was no trace of a title written anywhere. As such, he had no clue as to what the contents of the book were.

For the time being, Hiiro decided to check the contents of the book, his eyes involuntarily widening as he opened the book. Seeing Hiiro’s expression, Liliyn’s gaze sharpened as she stared at him. Of course, Hiiro was oblivious to this.

Hiiro: 「This is...why is such a thing in this world…?」

Hiiro unconsciously muttered in surprise. Of course, this was to be expected. This was because the contents of the book contained words that should not exist in this world.

Hiiro: 「...Japanese.」

Indeed, it was precisely as Hiiro had said. The characters written in the book was undoubtedly the native language of Hiiro’s birth place, Japan.

Liliyn: 「As I thought.」

Upon hearing Liliyn’s words, Hiiro looked towards her. He immediately regretted his actions.

Liliyn: 「Boy, I had thought that you didn’t seem like someone born in the Demon World.’re not even a native of 【Edea】...right?」

As she gave of an eerie smile, a dubious light shone within the depths of her eyes.

Hiiro: (Damn...what the hell did I just say…?)

As he wasn’t paying attention, he did not remember what he had said that was so significantly bad. However, from the current atmosphere, he could grasp that he had spoken something that caused even more problems for him.

Liliyn: 「You can read that, right?」

Hiiro threw back the book as he made his usual poker face.

Hiiro: 「What are you talking about? I was just so instinctively appalled by how messy those words were.」

Certainly, the black book was filled with scribbles. Reading it, one could tell that the characters were quirky. It could easily be called ‘messy writing’. However, seeing through Hiiro’s excuse, Liliyn’s smirk as her amusement was overflowing.

Liliyn: 「Don’t bother, boy.」

Saying thus, she took out a flower from her pouch. It was a charming flower that closely resembled a tulip, yet, its size was so small that it would fit neatly within her hand.

Liliyn: 「This is called a 《Voice Flower》. It’s effect is…」

Liliyn began to pour magic into the flower. Following this-

Voice Flower: 「This is...why is such a thing in this world…? ...Japanese.」

Hiiro clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. He never thought that he would have his voice recorded. What he had heard from the flower was undoubtedly his own voice. It was most likely the words that he had just spoke. If it wasn’t, then it would be impossible for the word 『Japanese』 to appear.

Hiiro: (This brat, she was aiming for this since the beginning…)

Hiiro glared intently at Liliyn, however, she simply dismissed it as if it were a passing breeze as she continued.

Liliyn: 「Well, there’s no need to make such a face. I don’t really care who you are. I have no intention of spreading this either. The only thing that I am interested in is purely you yourself.」

Hiiro: 「...」

Liliyn: 「Because you seem ignorant about the ways of this world, I somehow knew that you were not of this world, that you were of a completely different world, you know? Also, that ‘Jya-pa-nees’(7) word. That’s either this book’s title, or the general term used for the words written in I wrong?」

Hiiro thought that she was an intelligent fellow as he clicked his tongue in his innermost thoughts. If Arnold was here, he would easily be able to deceive her. Yet, it seemed that he was up against the wrong opponent.

Liliyn: 「Those words couldn’t be deciphered by anyone that I’ve met before. In other words, those characters do not belong to this world. There was also a hero summoning in the past. The hero was a savior belonging to another world. Furthermore, I heard that recently, a Hero Summoning took place in the 『Humas』 Continent. You...are you a hero?」

Liliyn asked as her eyes sparkled with a *kirakira*(8), shining with the light of intrigue.

Hiiro: 「I’m pretty sure I have no obligation to answer, you know?」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, certainly you have no obligation to. I just want to know. Then how about this. Name anything you desire. As compensation for fulfilling your wish, tell me about yourself.」

She reached her hand out towards Hiiro. An unpleasant sensation ran throughout his whole body, a sensation that seemed as if he were making a deal with the devil. Even if he thought it was his imagination, it was not entirely false. The girl in front of his eyes was certainly a little girl, no. What held the appearance of a little girl was actually a cunning individual that had lived tens of Hiiro’s life span.

However, as the situation was so one-sided, Hiiro felt uneasy. He had an idea to pierce the current silence, however, he was drawn by the words promising to fulfill his desire. He began to think of how to take maximum advantage of her proposal.

From what he had gathered from Silva and Shamoe, Hiiro understood that she was certainly not the type of person who would willingly spread information about others. Because of this, he particularly thought that her ideas were very exaggerated.

Hiiro: 「...I got it. Then first, listen to my request.」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, very well.」

Hearing Hiiro’s words, her face brightened as she returned a slight nod.

Liliyn: 「State anything you desire. Even if you were to say you desired my body, I wouldn’t mind, you know?」

Seeing Liliyn jokingly declare thus, Hiiro glared at her with half-opened eyes.

Hiiro: 「As if I would be interested in such a flat(9) body.」

She was cut down and disposed of in a single strike.

Liliyn: 「 say…」(10)

As if she had received a considerable amount of shock, her body trembled with a *furufuru*(11).

Liliyn: 「T-this...even though he’s just a lowly boy...I’ll pulverise your brain into mush…」

Although Liliyn’s words were drenched with murderous intent, Hiiro was unconcerned as he opened his mouth.

Hiiro: 「I want the admission permit to the 【Fortuna Grand Library】.」

Liliyn: 「I won’t be satiated just by simply killing him...I’ll keep him alive as I show him hell...wait, what’d you say?」(12)

Hiiro: 「Like I said, I want the admission permit to the 【Fortuna Grand Library】. Not just that, but the highest level clearance.」

Liliyn: 「...when you say the highest level, are you saying that you want to view the literature in 《Basement 5》 which requires certificates issued by the royal family?」

Hiiro: 「That’s right. Prohibited books and archaic manuscripts, there seems to be lots of interesting things there, doesn’t it?」

Liliyn: 「...hey, boy. I don’t know whether you’re aware of this, but those that are allowed to view the literature in 《Basement 5》 mostly comprise of only royalty. Even if they gave permits to the public, the chances of obtaining one would be extremely slim.」

Hiiro: 「Aa(13), it’s precisely because of this that I’m saying I want to obtain such a permit.」

Liliyn: 「 Have you ever been told before that you’re very bossy?」

Hiiro: 「I’ll return those words straight back to you.」

Although they maintained a deadlock with their eyes for a while, the first to break it was Liliyn.

Liliyn: 「...haa. Why are you going that far? What’s your goal?」

Hiiro: 「The hell’re you saying? Books are things that are meant to be read. It’s not something made to be stored away in a dark place. I’m travelling all around the world trying to read all the books I can.」

Liliyn: 「Hou(14), so it’s just simple curiosity, huh?」

Hiiro: 「Got a problem?」

Liliyn: 「No…」

She grinned happily as she continued to speak.

Liliyn: 「However, it’d be good if that curiosity didn’t destroy you someday.」

Hiiro: 「I won’t die. Therefore, it’s fine.」

Liliyn: 「Wha...pu-! Kuhahahahahahaha(15)! As I thought, you’re definitely interesting! How about it, do you really have no intention of becoming mine!?」

Hiiro: 「You’re so repetitive. I have no intention of becoming yours.」

LIliyn: 「Kukuku, well, that’ll probably change in due time. People change. I’ll bring you to your knees someday with my charm.」

Hiiro: 「That day will definitely not come.」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku, we’ll see about that.」

Saying thus, Liliyn opened the drawer of a shelf that had vials placed on top of it. Taking out something from the drawer, she threw it over to Hiiro with a *hyoi*(16). Luckily, Hiiro caught it as he confirmed what it was.

It was a singular piece of card that had her name written on it. Upon closer inspection, the words 【Fortuna】 were written, with a golden mark pressed onto it.

Liliyn: 「That’s the admission permit. Furthermore, it’s the one you requested, the one with the highest level clearance.」

Hiiro: 「This is...huh.」

Although he told his request half-heartedly, knowing that it was a desire that was unlikely to be fulfilled, as he unceremoniously obtained the permit, he was obviously surprised. Because of this, he began to wonder even more as to the identity of the person before his eyes.

As she had indicated earlier, those that possess the permit for 《Basement 5》 mainly consisted of royalty. And yet, she had one such permit in her possession. Knowing that this fact alone should be enough to startle anyone, Liliyn boasted as she puffed her chest out in pride, wearing a merry smile.

Hiiro: (Even though she said to state any desire, I had no expectations as I told her. Talk about a stroke of good luck.)

In regards to favours, Hiiro had another one in stock. If that one was unable to be granted then Hiiro would have determined that negotiations had broke down, causing him to immediately depart from this place. However, as he had been disappointed in a good way, the fact that Hiiro was puzzled was undeniably true.

This proved the extent of how difficult it was for a normal person to be able to obtain the 【Fortuna Grand Library’s】 highest level permit.

The 【Fortuna Grand Library】 was a library that’s located in the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】. It’s collection of literature was unparalleled in this world. It was also known as the 《Fountain of Knowledge》. It’s said that no matter what problem you have, the answer would be slumbering within its walls.

『Humas』, 『Gabranth』, 『Evila』, 『Pheom』. The library has achieved the gathering and collection of literature from all the continents. However, the library works on a permit system. In order to gain entry, one must obtain permission from both the library director, and the country.

The library has two upper levels and four basements. As one goes lower, the books housed become more important, thus, it becomes even harder to gain access to them.

Basically, 『Evila』 usually apply for a permit for 《Basement 1》, a descending floor that often holds books that are commonly sold elsewhere. Floors even lower than 《Basement 2》 and 《Basement 3》 require not just permission from the head librarian, but the country as well. In other words, there are floors that require permission from the Royal Family to access.

One of which was the floor known as 《Basement 5》, a floor where books that were never revealed to the general populace are stored. Hiiro definitely wanted to read such books.

However, upon hearing this story, Hiiro began worrying about how he would obtain access to such a place. Although he could use 《Word Magic》 to attempt to sneak in like a shinobi, if possible, he wanted to peacefully gain access to such a location. Thus, he took up Liliyn’s offer without giving it much thought.

It was a happy miscalculation that she happened to have a permit. Furthermore, it was a permit of the highest level. He had slightly viewed her as the goddess of luck, however, he decided not to voice this out.

Hiiro: (This brat….no, she’s a hag, huh. Really, who in the world is she…)

Quite unlike himself, Hiiro slightly felt curious about Liliyn herself. Oblivious to such thoughts of his, Liliyn began to speak.

Liliyn: 「According to the contract, I’ve given you a means of entering 【Fortuna】. That’s why, next, listen to my demands.」

Hiiro stared at Liliyn as he placed his hand on his chin. Silence shortly followed.

Hiiro: (I better make use of what I can...huh.)

Thinking as such, Hiiro quietly opened his mouth.

Hiiro: 「...if it’s just hearing you out then I’ll listen.」

Upon hearing Hiiro’s words, Liliyn once again showed a broad smile.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Aka-Loli: Hiiro’s nickname for Liliyn. Aka = Red. Loli = Lolita.
  2. ^ TL Note: Literally translates to ‘Let me borrow your face’. I’m assuming it means she wants to borrow him for a bit.
  3. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s smirk.
  4. ^ Hikikomori:
  5. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph’.
  6. ^ *Pata*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *close*.
  7. ^ TL Note: Japanese was written with Katakana, not the Kanji. This indicates that she doesn’t know that meaning of the word, just the pronunciation.
  8. ^ *kirakira*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *sparkle*.
  9. ^ TL Note: The Jap used here is のっぺら.
  10. ^ TL Note: Oh boy. Here we go...
  11. ^ *furufuru*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *tremble*.
  12. ^ TL Note: Is this yandere?
  13. ^ Aa: An expression of affirmation. Usually used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Kind of like ‘Uh-huh’ or ‘Yeah’.
  14. ^ Hou: An expression of acknowledgement/understanding. Think ‘I see’, or ‘I get it’. Can be sarcastic.
  15. ^ Kuhaha: Liliyn’s laugh.
  16. ^ *hyoi*: Hard to explain in this context. Here:


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