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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 80: The Heroes One Month Later

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Chapter 80: The Heroes One Month Later

In the 【Capital City: Victorias】, the festival celebrating the birth of King Rudolf van Strauss Arclaim and his daughter, Lilith, had begun. Coincidentally, the two had been born on the same day of the same month.

Although it was festival, it wasn't a large event that took place across the entire nation. Even though it was referred to as the festival of birth, the reality was akin to a birthday party that took place within the confines of the castle. However, for those taking part in the celebrations were very important people.

Of course, the royalty was a given. The guest list extended to famous writers and musicians, painters and chefs, and even famous adventurers. The line-up was so overwhelming, one could only describe it as amazing. Everyone in attendance was someone whose name was well known throughout the country.

Taishi: 「Congrats, Lilith!」

The one who had called out to Lilith who was visibly exhausted from greeting celebrities was one of the heroes summoned from another world. One of the ones that held the fate of the world on their shoulders, Taishi Aoyama.

Lilith: 「Ah, Taishi-sama(1)!」

Lilith joyfully rushed over towards Taishi while making a blossoming smile, as if her fatigue had been blown away. Although she normally didn't wear makeup, as this was a fairly important occasion, not to mention that she was the subject of the celebration, she had firmly applied it.

Lilith’s makeup was very natural and looked very good on her. Taishi thought she was always cute but she was even more so today, and he had his breath taken away.

Taishi: (Uu(2)… Cute!)

Seeing Lilith’s beaming smile as she ran towards him like a puppy, Taishi had a strong desire to embrace her. However, he couldn't do that. He could tell that if he did, the girl next to him would hound him.


Taishi: 「Gufu!(4)

He suddenly feels an impact in his side. When he looks, he can see the girl’s elbow buried in his side.

Taishi: 「W-What was that for, Chika...」

That’s right. That girl, like him, was also a hero that was summoned, Chika Suzumiya. She had brown, healthy-looking skin and a nice, slender body. Also, the dress that she was currently wearing had a slit in it that resembled a China dress. It suited her very well.

However, that girl was currently wearing a sour look while wedging her elbow into Taishi.

Chika: 「No reason~. It’s just that you were looking at Lilith with a perverted look on your face so I thought I’d just caution you.」

Taishi: 「What do you mean ‘caution’? This is just violence. In the first place, I wasn't looking at her with perverted...」

Chika: 「You weren't looking at her? Nnnn?(5)

Taishi: 「T-That’s...」

Looking at Lilith’s pink dress, which slightly exposed her breasts, Taishi’s face turned red, answering while averting his gaze. Noticing where he was looking, Chika stabbed his eyes with her fingers.

Taishi: 「Gyaa!?(6)

Lilith: 「T-Taishi-sama!?」

Chika: 「F-Fun!(7) He got what he deserves!」

Lilith nervously tried to support Taishi who was causing a commotion while holding his eyes.

There were two people who were looking at those three from a different place. Those two girls were also heroes that were summoned. The one wearing a yellow dress, which did nothing to hide her voluptuous breasts, was Shuri Minamoto. The other, wearing a deep blue dress while holding a plate full of food, was Shinobu Akamori

Shinobu: 「Nyahaha(8), Taishi-chi(9) has it rough~」

She speaks while bringing food to her mouth as if she were a completely unrelated third party.

Shuri: 「Uun(10), but Taishi-kun is also at fault.」

Shinobu:  「You think so~? Well, I bet trying to capture Taishi-chi would be really troublesome」

Shuri: 「T-That’s true」

Shinobu: 「Nn… Are you fine not going over there too, Shuri-chi?」

Shuri: 「Eh? M-Me? N-No, I’m...」

Shuri looked towards the other three as she spoke. It seemed like Taishi was still surrounded by the two while being told something.

Shuri: 「I-I don’t have the courage to join in...」

Shinobu: 「Nyahaha, I’ll bet. You’d need some serious power to jump in there」

Shinobu understood that it’d be impossible for the quiet Shuri to join in on that chaotic spectacle. Shuri, of course, also had feelings towards Taishi. However she couldn't act as forward as Chika or Lilith. Rather than that, if she were asked if she wanted Taishi so much that she would fight with her friends, she wasn't sure how she would answer.

As if understand what that girl was thinking, Shinobu smiled broadly and gave a light laugh.

Shinobu: 「Maaaan, it really is fun, people in love」

Shuri: 「Eh? Did you say something?」

Shinobu: 「Nope! It’s nothing!」

Then, seemingly having finished their conversation, the three walked towards Shuri and Shinobu. Taishi had a dull and tired expression.

Shinobu:「Good work, Taishi-chi!」

Taishi: 「If you were watching, then help me out a bit...」

Shinobu: 「No way! It was so interesting, why do I have to put a stop to it!?」

Taishi: 「Look here, you...」

As she saw Taishi’s shoulders drooping limply, Shinobu laughed. As she did, someone suddenly knocked into Taishi.

Taishi: 「Owa(11)!?」

Taishi, who was about to tumble forward, desperately endured himself. However, as the one who knocked into him seemed to have dropped something, they had fallen onto their knees as they stared at the ground.

???:「E-excuse me-su(12)! This was completely caused by my carelessness-su!」

Even while they said this, they continued to conduct their search.

Taishi: 「Eh? Ah, no, I’m alright, but...did something happen?」

Taishi said thus while looking down at the person who was desperately searching for something. Said individual seemed to be a male as he wore a tuxedo.

Shinobu: 「Is something the matter?(13)

Shinobu also raised the question.

???: 「Eh, eeh. It seems that I've apparently dropped my glasses-su. I can’t see a thing-su.」

As they thought this was bad, those around the area began to join in the search.

Chika: 「Ah, isn't it this?」

As Chika had found them, she handed it over to the person. Said individual then began to politely bow several times.

???: 「I must offer you my most sincere and gracious appreciation-su. Even though I was the one who had bumped into you, I am most thankful-su.」

Taishi: 「No, no. We must help each other in times of need.」

As Taishi said thus, he began to observe the individual. Blue hair that had been worn behind them had extended to their waist. As their bangs were considerably long, it completely covered their eyes, to the point where they could not be seen. Although they had worn very large, round glasses, this would lead some to wonder whether or not they could actually see. Their age was not significantly different from the group of Heroes.

???: 「Iya~(14), you've really helped me out-su. Are you alright-su?」

The young man bashfully scratched his head. As he had once again lowered his head, the youth inquired into Taishi’s well being. He had asked whether any injuries were sustained due to his collision.

Taishi: 「No, no, I’m fine.」

???: 「Is that so-su. That’s a relief-su.」

Lilith: 「Ano…(15)

What had been inserted between the two’s exchange was Lilith’s voice.

Taishi: 「Nn? What’s wrong, Lilith?」

Lilith: 「N-no, ano...are you, perhaps, Nazaar-san(16)?」

Upon hearing Lilith’s words, Chika pricked up her eyebrows.

Taishi: 「...someone you know?」

As she heard Taishi ask, Lilith faintly pulled her chin.

Lilith: 「Ah, no. I only know about this person because I've heard of them, so...」

Shinobu: 「A celebrity?」

As Shinobu asked thus, Lilith once again slightly nodded.

Lilith: 「Yes. Isn't that the case, Nazaar-san?」

Following this, the young man that had remained silent until now suddenly smiled.

Nazaar: 「Iya~, as I don’t often attend places like this, I didn't think anyone would recognize this face-su.」

He scratched his head as he said thus.

Nazaar: 「Yeah-su. I’m Nazaar-su. Nazaar Skride. Nice to meet ya-su.」

As he said this, Nazaar extended his hand out, offering a handshake. Lilith answered by grasping his hand with both of hers.

Lilith: 「It’s such an honor to be able to meet you.」

Taishi: 「H-hey, Lilith. Would you mind introducing us?」

Lilith: 「Ah, p-please excuse me! Eto(17), this person is Nazaar Skride-san. He is considered one of the most famous artists.」

Nazaar: 「No, no. You say famous, but...I don’t think it’s to that extent!」

As Taishi saw him proudly insist as such, he thought that he was a person was somehow able to display a sense of intimacy.

Lilith: 「Were you perhaps invited by my father for my sake?」

Nazaar: 「Yeah-su. Well, I’ve received an invite before, but I wasn't able to come cause I was busy-su. 」

Lilith: 「Is that so.」

Nazaar: 「Ah, I forgot-su! Congratulations-su!」

As he said thus, he lowered his head. Upon seeing this, Lilith emitted a joyful smile as she grabbed the hem of her skirt and curtsied.

Lilith: 「Thank you for taking the time to congratulate me. Please fully enjoy yourself tonight.」

As her demeanor changed to a princess, she politely produced a string of words.

Nazaar: 「Although I’d really like to, I've got some work left that I have to get finished-su.」

Lilith: 「Will you be leaving so already?」

Nazaar: 「Unfortunately-su.」

LIlith: 「I, I am truly grateful that you were able to visit. I believe the path back home has grown dark. Please take care.」

Nazaar: 「Haha, I’m grateful-su. Then-」

Saying thus, Nazaar departed with a swift pace.

Taishi; 「Is he really a celebrity, that guy?」

Lilith: 「Yes, Taishi-sama. All of his works are wonderfully exquisite. Look, that is one of his paintings.」

Saying thus, Lilith pointed towards a decoration of the party venue. It was a painting that contained a large picture.

It depicted a goddess being surrounded by fluttering angels. Animals and humans were etched into the background. Everyone seemed to be joyously dancing.

Lilith: 「It’s a painting referred to as 《Eden》(18). As my father took a liking to it at a glance, he apparently obtained it from an acquaintance who didn't want it anymore.」

Taishi: 「Hee~(19), this painting certainly as a feeling of warmth, huh. As everyone looks so happy, viewing it kinda makes you feel the same.」

Lilith: 「Indeed. In addition, he is a multi-talented individual. He also writes picture books.」

Taishi: 「Really?」

Lilith: 「When I was a child, I often read the picture book 《The Star’s Gift》(20). To this day, I still keep it safely stored.」

Shinobu: 「What’s it about?」

Perhaps as her interest had been piqued, Shinobu inquired.

Lilith: 「It’s an absolutely wonderful story.」

Following this, they had heard the story from Lilith.

In the night sky contained many stars. The stars were always looking over various worlds. Among them, a singular star was overlooking a particular world. In that world, an abundance of people were living there.

However, the world was absent of green, being mostly covered with wild deserts. As food did not grow well in such an environment, everyone had always carried out their lives in hunger. As the star felt pity for this planet, one day, they landed onto the world in the appearance of a person.

Following this, for the sake of the people suffering from starvation, it planted something known as the 《Star Seed》(21). Then, although the reason for this was unknown, the ground around the planted seed began to grow a variety of crops and vegetation.

In the blink of an eye, the desert transformed into a blanket of lush greenery. That world’s inhabitants that saw this were incredibly grateful to the star. As they would now be able to eat until their stomachs were full, everyone emitted an enveloping smile.

However, the thing known as the 《Star Seed》 was also the star’s life. In exchange for such abundant life, the star decided to give up its life.

The people’s gratitude brought them to create an statue of the star. Following this, the world pledged to ensure that their world prospered, thus, everyone made a wonderful world where everyone joined their hands together.

Shinobu: 「That star was such a good child~. No, I’m not really sure whether they’re a kid though.」

Although she had tsukkomi(ed)(22) herself, she seemed to be genuinely impressed by the story itself. She felt a feeling of warmth spreading throughout her chest.

Lilith: 「Yes. I also love this story so much, that even to this day I sometimes go back and re-read it.」

Taishi: 「That book was from that Nazaar, huh.」

Taishi spoke in admiration.

Chika: 「Well, if we’re talking about Taishi, then even a handstand is impossible for him.」

Taishi: 「Ever since earlier, what’s gotten into you, Chika?」

Chika: 「B-but you’re...that...even though I tried so hard with this dress...」

Taishi: 「Hah? What’d you say?」

Chika: 「Nothing at all! This insensitive Taishi!」

Taishi: 「Ita-!(23)

As his foot was stomped on, Taishi raised a groan of pain.

Taishi: 「W-what the hell, Chika!?」

Chika: 「I don’t care anymore!?」

Taishi: 「I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean!」

Watching the two, Shinobu sighed with half-opened(24) eyes.

Shinobu: (That’s no good, Chika-chi. Complimenting someone’s dress is a high grade technique. There’s no way that Taishi-chi who lacks resourcefulness could ever pull it off.)

Chika only wanted Taishi’s impressions of her figure in a dress. However, not only was he completely oblivious to her appearance, he was completely enamored with Lilith. Seeing this, Chika grew irritated, to the point of breaking into an outburst of anger.

Perhaps empathizing with Chika, Lilith remained silent as expected, producing a wry smile. Shuri also sighed again as she felt sympathy for Chika.(25)
Staring at the heartwarming mood created by the heroes was a person in the shade of a row of pillars. This individual was none other than Nazaar, the one who was conversing with them all previously.

Nazaar: (So those are the heroes-su… I was finally able to see them with my own eyes-su)

Nazaar’s glasses glinted as he stared at them, but then he noticed someone’s eyes on himself. After realizing who was looking at him, instead of running away he looked right back.

Nazaar: (It’s alright-su. I won’t do anything as long as nothing happens-su)

After making eye contact, it seems like the individual understood his meaning and looked away.

Nazaar: 「Haha, even when he’s past his prime, he’s still plenty scary-su. That Judom-san」

Yes, the one who he made eye contact with was the guild master of this country, Judom Lankars. He was also invited to this celebration.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ -sama: A suffix used to show respect to the one addressed. Very formal and used to address someone of higher position (eg. A maid addressing her Master).
  2. ^ Uu: A groan of some sort.
  3. ^ *dosu*:
    • TL XJ: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thud*.
    • TL Caps: sound of dull impact; getting hit.
  4. ^ Gufu: Groan of pain.
  5. ^ Nnnn: ‘Hmm’.
  6. ^ Gyaa: Groan of pain (how many groans are you gonna cycle through?).
  7. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph’.
  8. ^ Nyahaha: Shinobu’s laugh. 'Nya' makes the laugh seem more feline.
  9. ^ -chi: A suffix used to denote familiarity with the subject. It also usually infers that the speaker has a playful, childish personality.
    • TL Caps: -chi: suffix similar to -chan, but… not exactly. I get the impression this denotes the speaker as being more playful/childish.
    • TL XJ: Suffix used to denote familiarity with the subject. Also denotes the speaker being more playful/childish. A variant of chan/kun as it can be used for either gender.
    • TL Caps: Can’t say I’ve ever heard someone use it in real life lol.
    • TL XJ: Yeah. Only really heard it in anime and, even then, it was quite scarce. Most recent example would be a character from SNAFU (Either Komachi or Yui. Can’t remember which.). Seems to be a quirk often given to people with Kansai-ben?
  10. ^ Uun: An expression displaying negation, denial. Different from and opposite of ‘un’.
  11. ^ Owa: Groan of pain (Groan Variety Count: 4).
  12. ^ -su: A suffix used to indicate a quirky style of speech. Used similarly to ‘-yo’, ‘-zo’, or ‘-nano’.
    • Side Note: We are using this suffix to indicate this quirky style of speech. We are not necessarily using it as the Japanese would.
    • Side Note: No. We are not translating it as 'dood'.
  13. ^ TL Note: Shift to polite speech indicates that she stops talking in Kansai-ben.
  14. ^ Iya: In this context, means ‘Ma~n’.
  15. ^ Ano: ‘Um’ or ‘Excuse me’. Difference with Eto is that ‘Ano’ is used to try and grab someones attention.
  16. ^ -san: A suffix used to show respect or distance to the one addressed. Less formal than '-sama' and can be used to address anyone of any position.
  17. ^ Eto: ‘Um’. Difference with Ano is that ‘Eto’ is used when collecting one’s thoughts.
  18. ^ TL Note: Eden of Grisaia | Grisaia no Rakuen.
  19. ^ He: Not male pronoun ‘he’. The ‘e’ is pronounced the same as in egg. A Japanese expression denoting admiration or sarcasm.
  20. ^ TL Note: Written in Hiragana (AKA no Kanji). Indicates it’s meant to be read by children who do not know how to read Kanji. Although, doesn’t really make sense as Ranalyth is a different language but...meh. It’s Japanese context is as such.
  21. ^ TL Note: Refer to Note 20.
  22. ^ Tsukkomi:
  23. ^ Ita: An expression denoting pain. Literally derives from the japanese word for pain, Itami | 痛み. Think ‘ouch’ or ‘ow’. (Groan Variety Count: 5).
  24. ^ TL Note: Something like this: or bottom left
  25. ^ TL Note: It’s not that I have an aversion to insensitive/oblivious protagonists/characters, I just feel that it’s execution is usually sloppy, to the point that it becomes very unnatural. Especially in this case.


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    1. She applied the makeup, but yeah. I'll fix it. Also, are the foot notes really necessary? If you're gonna point that out, then you forgot foot note no. 5, 6, 22, 23...Anyway, I'll edit it. Thanks.

  21. Hi there! Thanks for the translation!
    Here a few things to fix:
    "Although it it was festival" to "Although it was festival"
    "she was the subject of the celebration, she had applied" to something like "she had applied some."

  22. Thanks for translating !! It's awesome how you do the translation as your hobby perhaps? haha

  23. an abundant of people were living there
    >> Abundance

    Also, the part about the star keeps switching between singular and plural. Is there only one star?

    1. Didn't expect to see you here, but thanks. I'll edit it.
      Also, there are several stars in the sky, but the one that descends onto the planet is singular one. I used 'they' as singular because no gender was indicated. I've changed it to 'it' to make it a bit more clearer though.

  24. I wonder what motives Nazaar has

  25. Juz noticed it. Ain't the name for shuri and shinobu switched here?

  26. Juz noticed it. Ain't the name for shuri and shinobu switched here?

  27. Juz noticed it. Ain't the name for shuri and shinobu switched here?

    1. My mistake. No prob at all. False alarm!!!

  28. ''Taishi: 「Hee~(19), this painting certainly as a feeling of warmth, huh. As everyone looks so happy, viewing it kinda makes you feel the same.」''

    Should it be: ''certainly HAS a feeling...''