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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts

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Update 1 (22/4/2015):

So, before you bite my head off, let me explain.

The reason I did this chapter instead of 86 was mainly because I wasn't expecting to finish it today (or yesterday I suppose).

Also, I'm not sure with some of Sivan and Jin-u's dialogue. I haven't had a good grasp of their characters yet so I'll probably edit it if I feel that it needs to be changed.

Also, Jin-u's a terrible name. Any better suggestions? Jap: ジンウ

Edit 1(24/4/2015): Fixed Error (Sarcastically pointed out by Rei Hunter)

Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts

Sivan: 「Recently the barrier has had little effect. The Desert Tortoise turns violent with even the slightest stimuli. Once angered, its violence will not subside until some time has passed. Yet, if we left it alone, there is a possibility of it coming over here. Thus, those of us that can fight attempted to redirect it to another place, but...」

Hiiro: 「There were times where it failed, leading to this result...I guess that about sums it up.」

Upon hearing Sivan’s words, Hiiro spoke as he was somehow convinced. As if the monsters were unaware of their existence, they faced the other direction. Even though the 『Ashura Tribe』 seemed to be drawing the monster’s attention, the monsters that were asleep noticed they were under attack.

Sivan: 「Indeed. Even though I said that there were various reasons, the most important one is that we don’t want to leave Rigund. Everyone thinks as such.」

Hiiro: 「But if you think about the future of your brats, don’t you think this choice is wrong?」

As the man with the topknot(1) grew irritated at Hiiro’s words, he glared at him while clenching his teeth. Appearing in front of such a man, Camus opened his mouth instead.

Camus: 「Yes......it is as you say...I believe. But...dad is family.」

Hiiro: 「...then I’ll ask this. Your father was eaten by that Desert Tortoise, right? Although one of the Desert Tortoise’s characteristics is that it can take the form of your father. Even so, it just looks really similar to him. Can you really say that your father is alive?」

Camus: 「That’s...」

Camus drooped his head with downcast eyes.

Hiiro: 「Furthermore, didn’t your father say it as well? That he’d entrust the tribe to you. Yet, the one who exposed that tribe to such risks was non other than you, Chief of the 『Ashura Tribe』」

Topknot Man: 「What the hell would you know, bastard!?」

The man with the topknot unsheathed his Shamshir(2) as he approached Hiiro with tremendous velocity.

Hiiro: 「Shut up.」

As Hiiro said thus, he pointed his finger tip towards the man as something flew out of it. What had shot out was, of course, a word.

The topknot man’s movements instantly froze. Not knowing what had occurred, he was startled. Even if he poured all of his strength into his body, it remained immobile. It wasn’t paralysis. It was just that his body refused to move, as if it was completely frozen.

「Stop」 | 『止』

By using 《Word Magic》, Hiiro had robbed him of his movement. While the others had a blank expression, unsure of what Hiiro had done, Liliyn stared at him while hummed 「Hohou(3)」 with interest.

Although he would not normally use 《Word Magic》 in such circumstances, Hiiro was currently in a slightly foul mood. This became quite apparent after he had listened to their story. Thus, he took such action with little concern for the potential consequences.

The reason for this may have been because he did not care about the 『Ashura Tribe’s』 current circumstances. Even Hiiro himself was frustrated as he was unsure himself.

Hiiro: 「Oi, Nitouryuu(4).」

Hiiro called out to Camus.

Hiiro: 「Why don’t you quit it with this barren life-style? Unless you, no. Unless you guys can’t comprehend that the 『Ashura Tribe』 is gonna go extinct?」

Topknot Man: 「Y-you’re still saying that, Bastard!?」

As it seemed that only his voice was free, the topknot man screamed. Yet, Hiiro simply pointed to a certain location with his finger. Everyone shifted their gaze in that direction. What was in that direction were...collapsed children.

Hiiro: 「Do you still not understand that you, who was entrusted with the future of the tribe, is leading it to ruin? Or can you not comprehend at all that the children are all going to die?」

As it suddenly occurred to Camus, he looked at the sleeping children, their faces distorted in pain. Within their vicinity, a person that seemed to be a mother was desperately attending to them. As she was tenderly wiping off their sweat, she tried to give them a small amount of food. However, as the children could not eat well, they rejected to drink the soup-like food.

Yet, the mother continued to give them words of encouragement, telling them to not give up. As even the mother was fatigued and was deprived of sleep, the atmosphere was clearly heartbreaking. Yet, she continued to desperately smile in front of the children.

Hiiro: 「If he saw the you right now, what would your father think?」

Camus: 「...」

Hiiro: 「If it was me, I would say this. It was definitely a mistake to entrust the tribe to you.」

Camus: 「Ku-(5)...」

Camus’ expressionless face had distorted due to vexation. As the topknot man heard the children cry painfully, he could only remain silent. Liliyn called out to Hiiro in admiration.

Liliyn: 「I’m surprised, Kozou(6). I would never have thought that you’d be worried about brats that are complete strangers.」

Hiiro: 「Fun(7), that’s not it at all. I’m just annoyed. Annoyed at the degree of these guys’ poverty.」

Liliyn: 「Kukuku(8), don’t say that, Kozou. Now then, that’s what my companion says. What do you think, Sivan?」

Liliyn raised a question to her old friend, Sivan. In doing so, he groaned as if it was difficult to say. He began to open his heavy mouth.

Sivan: 「...no, it is exactly as that young one has said. Yes, we may certainly be poor. However, this is something that everyone desires. This decision was not Camus’ alone.」

Hiiro: 「In that case, the entire 『Ashura Tribe』 are a bunch of fools.」

Topknot Man: 「I-I will no longer forgive you~~!」

As the one minute time limit of the 「Stop」 | 『止』 word’s effect had passed, the topknot man began to move, once again pouncing onto Hiiro with his Shamshir in hand. However-

Topknot Man: 「...what are you trying to do, chief!?」

As Camus inserted himself between Hiiro and the Topknot Man, his attack was interrupted. Hiiro was also suspicious of Camus’ actions as he stared at him.

Camus: 「The Tribe...do not insult them.」

Although it sounded like he spoke indifferently, Camus clearly wore a grim expression. Even though Hiiro’s words were irrefutably sound and logical, even Camus had things that he would not yield to. He displayed his intention that he would not allow his comrades to be mocked.

Hiiro: 「You can do whatever you want, but those that purposely take actions that will lead themselves to ruin, there is nothing more foolish than them. Even if you guys claim to have your reasons for doing such things, I can only see it as absolutely ridiculous.」

Camus: 「I will not...allow you to say more.」

His hands turned towards his back, pulling out a pair of katanas.

Hiiro: 「So you want to have a go? How about redirecting that enthusiasm to subduing monsters?」

Camus: 「...shut up.」

Hiiro: 「I guess I’ll just say it then? You guys simply don’t want to fight that monster.」

Camus: 「Shut up.」

Hiiro: 「Because it’s appearance is similar to your father...the original chief. That’s why you’re just hesitating.」

Camus: 「Shut up...」

Hiiro: 「Thinking that he will eventually be restored, that the chief will come back. While relying on such unfounded wishful thinking, you’ve been avoiding fights while pointlessly getting yourselves hurt.」

Camus: 「I’m telling you to...shut up.」

Hiiro: 「You guys are laying waste to the intentions of those that have put their lives on the line.」

Camus: 「Shut the fuck up!」

Disappearing instantly from that spot, Camus suddenly appeared in front of Hiiro’s eyes before he noticed. Holding a katanas in each hand, Camus held them in a cross as he tried to slash Hiiro.


Hiiro once again tried to parry the attack, unsheathing his 『Thorn Sword - Piercer』 as he met Camus’ blades.

Hiiro: (Ku-......what power! Although I was able to defend against it cause I saw it before hand, this guy’s way too fast!?)

Even though Hiiro was able to read his angered opponent’s simplistic attack, he had barely managed to defend against it. The only reason for this was that was just how swift Camus’ movements were.

Sivan: 「Wait, Camus.」

Upon hearing those words, Camus created distance between him and Hiiro. Following this, he looked towards the owner of the voice, Sivan.

Sivan: 「Camus, are those the actions of a chief?」

Camus: 「......I will not...let you be insulted.」

Seeing Camus vexingly gritting his teeth as he answered, Sivan could only spit out a deep sigh.

Sivan: 「......it can not be helped. They are guests.」

Camus: 「What?」

Sivan: 「You will not revise your thoughts, yes?」

Hiiro: 「Of course.」

Sivan: 「Fumu(10). Camus is the same, no?」

Camus: 「Un(11).」

Sivan once again spat out a sigh as he shrugged his shoulders.

Sivan: 「In which case, it’d be better if you went at it until you’re satisfied. However, let’s step outside.」

Hiiro: 「That’s fine with me.」

Camus: 「...I will win.」

Hiiro and Camus glared at each other. Yet, Jin-u made an appalled expression as they cried out.

Jin-u: 「Sivan-sama(12), is this acceptable!?」

Sivan: 「It cannot be helped. Not to mention, in times of dispute, it is better for them to clash with each other.」

Jin-u: 「B-but...」

Sivan: 「There are some things that can only be learned by colliding with fists. Is that not so, Liliyn?」

Liliyn: 「Fun, more importantly, if you’re gonna do it then do it already.」

Liliyn could not help but smirk as she was looking forward to it. Undoubtedly, she was happy that she could observe Hiiro’s battle. Looking at her, Sivan could only shake his head in grief.

Sivan: 「Jin-u, you’ll be the judge.」

Jin-u: 「Y-yes!」

As the topknot man, Jin-u, gave his reply, brought the two with him as they walked to the desert.

Sivan spoke to Liliyn who was nearby.

Sivan: 「That young one is just like you. Holding on to his own ideas and carrying them out, not to mention his brazen attitude. He wouldn’t happen to be your child, is he?」

Liliyn: 「Hohou, that’s quite a funny joke. It seems as if you want the remaining years of your short life to be scattered right here, yes?」

As she unpleasantly scowled, Liliyn’s thirst for blood strengthened. Sivan began to fret.

Sivan: 「It’s a joke!」

Liliyn: 「Fun, exactly how am I similar to that Kozou?」

Sivan: 「I-is that so...」

As sweat unpleasantly flowed down his forehead, Sivan spat out a sigh.

Liliyn: 「Now that you mention it, even that 『Ashura』 Kozou resembled you when you were young. That honesty and straightforwardness. Even the way that you both cherish your comrades is idiotic.」

Sivan: 「Hoh hoh hoh(13), well, he is still immature.」

Liliyn: 「Certainly, I’ve heard that those of the 『Ashura Tribe』 require 40 years before they become an adult. I see. So he’s basically still a brat.」

When those of the 『Ashura Tribe』 reach the age of 40, their appearances becomes the figure of humans in their twenties. Even though Camus has been alive for more than 3 decades, his appearance and mentality was still immature.

Sivan: 「Seeing as you have the figure of a brat, I don’t think you’re qualified to say that, though?」

Liliyn: 「Shut up! As if you can say that when you can’t see, you fucking straight-laced old man!(14)

Sivan: 「Like I’ve said countless times, even if I don’t see it, I can still feel it. You loli-baba bastard.(15)

As the two glared at each other with sparks flying through the air, Silva was simply amazed. Shamoe could only watch them as she was constantly flustered.


(Disclaimer: I am describing the terms used above as best as I can describe them. You’re probably better off checking with Google. With that said, please don’t quote me as I am not a professional.)

  1. ^ Topknot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topknot
  2. ^ Shamshir: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shamshir
  3. ^ Hohou: An expression denoting intrigue.
  4. ^ Nitouryuu: Literally Two Sword Style (If you’ve watched/read SAO, you know what this is).
  5. ^ Ku-: A grunt expressing frustration
  6. ^ Kozou: ‘Boy’. Often demeaning and sort of an archaic speech (I think).
  7. ^ Fun: ‘Hmph’.
  8. ^ Kukuku: Liliyn’s snicker.
  9. ^ *Kiiin*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *plink*. Think of the sound swords will make when they clash.
  10. ^ Fumu: An expression of affirmation/agreement.
  11. ^ Un: An expression of affirmation/agreement.
  12. ^ -sama: A suffix used to show respect to the one addressed. Very formal and used to address someone of higher position (eg. A maid addressing her Master).
  13. ^ Hoh hoh hoh: Sivan’s laugh.
  14. ^ TL Note: Jap is Kuso Majime Jijii Me | くそ真面目ジジイめ. Kuso (Fucking/damn) |  Majime (Serious/straight-laced) | Jijii (Old man) | Me (bastard).
  15. ^ TL Note: Jap is Loli babaa me | ロリババアめ. Loli (Lolita) | Babaa (Hag) | Me (bastard).


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